Logs phots 140614 update featuring 1983-2014

Many thanks your recent contributions and gen

Glasgow Central, 060683 thanks to “GJ”

06088325210r.jpg 25210 prior to departure with the 1350 Glasgow- Carlisle via the GSW

Nottingham Midland, 310885

31088556005r.jpg Romanian built 56005 on Colwick bound oils? complete with barrier wagon up front

Saltley, January 2001

070137694syfirer.jpg Roast “seagulls”! 37694 has hurriedly pulled a classmate and a few sheds out of Saltley depot due to fire in the adjoining scrapyard

Rotherham 081207 thanks to Trev Rolfe

08120747784cr.jpg A grim scrapyard final hours scene for 47784 but as in our 47784 feature there is a positive from this view

Hitchin, 090514 thanks to Mark Beal

09051420142n189r.jpg Balfour Beatty pair 20142 + 20189 pass Hitchin on 9 May working the 6Z20 1300 Stapleford & Sandiacre - Langley

Aln Valley Railway, Alnwick 250514 thanks to Robin Morel

25061412088r.jpg 1951 (June) Vintage -allegedly a Bletchley machine from Jan-Nov 1969 (prior alloc Rugby from Dec 1964 then Wigan Springs Branch from Nov 1969)
class 11 12088 as pictured at Alnwick in Northumberland
website link   just off the A1  Alnwick turn this new preservation centre has a small demonstration track but exciting plans to extend. More famous for being at the nearby Widdrington coal processing site operated by Johnsons (chopwell) ltd  also in Northumberland.

Paddington, 020614 thanks to “PB”

02061408826r.jpg Paddington lost her pilot turn years ago, but good to see “PB” catch the regular trundle with “down midnight” emcars from OOC with 08826 at the blocks

Ledburn, 040614

040614321413r.jpg 321413 is viewed from Grove Lane on a down MK local

04061447828r.jpg  47828 heads South past the sight of the 1972 built Ledburn Jn on a Crewe-Norwich light engine move

“Princess” Risborough 050614

05061467013r.jpg  67013 heads South on the through line with the 1H69 1555 Moor St - Marylebone. Our very popular 67 diagrams here- 67 diagrams link

Ledburn, 060614 thanks to Andrew Chambers

06061490034rl.jpg Nice evening light for 90034 on 1G40 1903 Euston - Birmingham

Leighton Buzzard South 070614 , thanks to Dave J

070614wharfr.jpg Rare track! A surviving remnant of NGR 2 ft guage track once used for offloading sand into barges survives..

Bristol Parkway East 100614 thanks to “85039”

10061437608n612r.jpg 37608 and 37612 power out of Parkway with Bridgewater - Crewe flasks

Chelmscote Canalside, 120614

12061490036r.jpg Almost still canal waters for 90036 heading South on M16 up “Royal Highlander”

Leighton Station, 140614

14051486259r.jpg “Les” looking good, 86259 takes 1Z86 North on some 0709 Euston - Carlisle kettlex

Tring Station, 140614

14061473213N138r.jpg With distinctive “thumper” like thrash 73213 dragging 73138 takes the unusual turnback road up route at Tring on a Derby-Hither Green move. 73138 was also on rare track at Tring back in October 2013 when it was dumped in the siding after failing!

Continental Corner, Hildesheim, Germany thanks to Ian Saunders

030614218474r.jpg 218474 arriving at Hildesheim Ost, with RE14079 13.44 Hildesheim Hbf - Goslar on 03.06.14.

There are four diagrams for 218's on this line, between Hannover & Bad Harzburg, and this extra working which is basically a school special!


Local gen Snippets


090614 - 350236 fireworks….350236 whilst with 3500251 on the 1924 Euston - M.Keynes had issues approaching Chedd. Reported “bangs” and “showers of sparks” from the pantograph of 236 saw the train coast into Chedd. The pan apparently was still smouldering briefly after arrival here, where a train cape scenario was actioned. 310/321’s of course never had such problems!


110614 “the list”--37 different locos, 40 plus loco hauled moves 0600-2100, full local WCML gen and 7 phots here


Grid failure-56303 (tbc) failed in the Beaconsfield area mid afternoon with the Willesden-Calvert spoil. This rendered the Down line blocked until the shed borrowed from Aylesbury off the Calvert-Didcot military freight rescued the failure almost 3 hours later.


On this day in history ..-170682 83012 did 1B09 1815 Euston - Northampton “Cobbler”


The weeks that were - local gen


Monday 2 June

86607/604 4M54 Tilbury-Crewe

86628/637 4L92 Ditton-Felixstowe

47501 5Z55 Norwich-Wolverton with /0Z55 Wolverton-Willesden

319001/440 5Z19 Bedford-Wolverton

319454 5Z20 Wolverton-Bedford

70001 4M56 London Gateway-Crewe

70019 4M93 Felixstowe-Hams Hall

70018 4L73 Lawley St-Felixstowe

Tuesday 3 June

86632/627 4M54 Tilbury-Crewe

86628/637 4L92 Ditton-Felixstowe

92032 6X53 Dollands Moor-Northampton with 350372/373

70014 4M56 London Gateway-Crewe

70018 4M93 Felixstowe-Hams Hall

37419/607 Sizewell flasks


Wednesday 4 June

86609/622 4M54 Tilbury-Crewe

86628/637 4L92 Ditton-Felixstowe

66139 0Z50 Didcot-Wolverton/5Z50 Wolverton-Crewe (5 coaches Royal Test run)/5Z52 return/0Zxx Wolverton-Toton

70001 4M56 London Gateway-Crewe

70019 4M93 Felixstowe-Hams Hall (failed at Castlethorpe, rescued by 66570)

37608/612 Dungeness flasks


Thursday 5 June

86614/638 4L89 Crewe-Felixstowe/4M87 Felixstowe Trafford Park

86605/639 4M54 Tilbury-Crewe

86628/637 4L92 Ditton-Felixstowe

33029 5Z34 Southall-Carnforth with 34067 Tangmere and support coach

70014 4M56 London Gateway-Crewe

70018 4M93 Felixstowe-Hams Hall

90034 WB64 1G40 Euston-New St/1B94 New St-Euston

20302/37688 Sizewell flasks


Friday 6 June

86612/613 4L89 Crewe-Felixstowe/4M87 Felixstowe Trafford Park

86609/622 4M54 Tilbury-Crewe

70013 4M56 London Gateway-Crewe

70009 4M93 Felixstowe-Hams Hall

90029 5M16 Rugby-Wembley with stock off 1M16 which terminated at Crewe.

90034 WB64 1G40 Euston-New St/1B94 New St-Euston


Saturday 7 June

86614/610 4L89 Crewe-Felixstowe

66082 7M01 Willesden-Derby with 378201


Monday 9 June

86605/639 4M54 Tilbury-Crewe

950001 2Q08 Derby-Bletchley (via Bedford, Swanbourne, Milton Keynes)

70014 4M56 London Gateway-Crewe

70018 4M93 Felixstowe-Hams Hall


Tuesday 10 June

66610 4L89 Crewe-Felixstowe/4M87 Felixstowe Trafford Park (very rare for 60mph 66/6)

86622/609 4M54 Tilbury-Crewe

90016 4M88 Felixstowe-Crewe with 86614 DIT

950001 2Q08 Bletchley-Derby (via Milton Keynes, Swanbourne, Bedford)

47805 0Z47 Crewe-Willesden

66124 7Z71 Bescot-Wembley with 377701 and 66212 dit

67030 5K06 Wembley-Crewe with 67014/90035/66171/325015

70014 4M56 London Gateway-Crewe


Wednesday 11 June

86628/637 4L89 Crewe-Felixstowe/4M87 Felixstowe Trafford Park

86605/639 4M54 Tilbury-Crewe

92037 0A06 Crewe-Wembley with 59204/67014

70014 4M56 London Gateway-Crewe

70018 4M93 Felixstowe-Hams Hall

37602/603 Dungeness flasks

Full gen of all local loco moves on 110614 and 7 phots here


Thursday 12 June

86622/632 4L89 Coatbridge-Felixstowe/4M87 Felixstowe Trafford Park

86607/610 4M54 Tilbury-Crewe

90028 0B41 Wembley-Daventry/6A42 Daventry-Wembley vans

70014 4M56 London Gateway-Crewe

70020 4M93 Felixstowe-Hams Hall

90034 WB64 1G40 Euston-New St/1B94 New St-Euston


Friday 13 June

86622/632 4L89 Crewe-Felixstowe/4M87 Felixstowe Trafford Park

47854/804 5Z00 Kilmarnock-Old Oak Common (FGW HST trailers)

70017 4M56 London Gateway-Crewe

70015 4M93 Felixstowe-Hams Hall

57007 0Z47 Willesden-Wolverton/5Z47 Wolverton-Norwich with 10203/12040/82127

90034 WB64 1G40 Euston-New St/1B94 New St-Euston


Saturday 14 June

86259 1Z86 Euston-Carlisle/1Z87 Carlisle-Euston (to/from Carnforth)

73213/138 0Z73 Derby-Hither Green via Bedford/Bletchley

47804/854 5Z00 Old Oak Common-Kilmarnock (FGW HST trailers)

319010 5Z20 Wolverton-Bedford


Wolverton works moves include:

Arrivals: 153359, 156422, 319001/319440, Anglia MK3s 12019/10228

Departures: 156422, 319010, 319454, MK3s 10596/12142 to Springburn, Anglia MK3s 10203/12040 and DVT 82127 (fatality repair)


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