Log’s phots 1985-2014 -  280614 update - many thanks your contributions

Northampton, 230985

230985850141718enr.jpg “Cobblers!” 85014 at Northampton after working 1B07 1718 Euston-Northampton with the usual local haulage suspects also covering 86432, 85010 and 81012 on “Cobblers” that evening

Marylebone, 080389 thanks to “GJ”

080389475131751maayr.jpg From a time when few of us bothered with Marylebone, “GJ” is rewarded with 47513 on the 1751 to Aylesbury..

Milton Keynes, 180797 thanks to Mark Beal

18098758022r.jpg With 58022 having been extricated from Crewe Diesel Depot after many years of storage, she is seen in happier times at MK on 18 July 1997 with the Willesden - Mossend “Enterprise” working.

Berkswell, 020606 thanks to “Red Cow”

02060687006r.jpg A nice image of 87006 with 5Z80 Bir Int’l - Euston crew refresher prior to last great WCML wheeze…Hauled services between started between New ST and Euston 10 days later for 6 months of unforgettable loco hauled action, the last months of the “real” WCML was upon us.

Rowsley, Peak Rail, 240514 thanks to MIB

24051444008r.jpg Looking the part, if not being dragged idling by some K on this working, is D8 at Peak Rail

Carnforth, 060614 thanks to “TC”

060614401451Z28r.jpg Good to see her back, 40145 at Carnforth prior to working 1Z28 special tour to Bury via Leeds

Risborough, 170614

17061467010r.jpg 67010 powers out of Risboro with the 0609 Kidderminster - Marylebone after making an additional stop with the 0609 ex Kidder after the “Bone” cable fire disruption of the 2 previous days

Bradwell, 210614 thanks to Andrew Chambers

21061460079r.jpg 60079 is a welcome sight with 6B10 Peak Forest - Bletchley stone

Cheddington, 210614 thanks to Andrew Royle

21061457302n90020r.jpg “Ronnie” to the rescue, 57302 dragging a heavily delayed 1M16 sleepers after 90020 had expired in the Rugeley area. M16 was caped at Watford Jn.

Leighton Station, 220614

22061447841r.jpg Loads of heat haze, thrash and noise as 47841 chattering “big Sulzer” style with 5Z58 Euston-Crewe “emcars” with 37605 and 602 dor

Soulbury Road, 220614 thanks to Mark Beal

21061437602n605r.jpg And heres the same train a few miles further North, with 37602 and 37605 looking good at the rear of the 5Z58

Old Linslade, 240614

24061490047r.jpg 90047 on 4M81 is looking a bit tired livery wise pounding the rails day and night 6 days a week from Coatbridge to Ipswich

240614377702r.jpg Wait for it…!limited 5 car 377 service train operation commenced on 2306, 377202 is seen here on 2M37 1207 S.Croydon-M.Keynes

Saunderton, 240614 thanks to Trev Rolfe

24061466115r.jpg A light load to pull up Saunderton Bank for 66115 with the Didcot-Bicester COD service with its long term diversion via Acton and Wycombe due rebuilding of the Bicester - Oxford line.

Luton, 260614 thanks to RM

26061443014r.jpg Recently named 43014 with 43 062 at the London end ran a special St Pancras - Luton-Cricklewood-St Pancras trip Thursday (26th) conveying amongst other the Secretary of State for Transport. The new measurement train reversing in Platform two at Luton, confusing the locals waiting for a Sutton Loop service!

Leighton Station South, 280614

28061447773r.jpg Big crowds at Leighton station to see royalty in 47773 tailing a Tyesley - Euston “kettlex”. 47773 was the former 47541 “The Queen Mother” of IS fame.

Local gen snippets

Bedford overnight gen..26/270614

26th p.m. Thu
6Z46 66044 nb at 23.25 with Ripple lane to Peak forest empties
6M97 66620 nb at 23.51 with W.thurrock to Earles empty cement
27th a.m. Fri
6V91 70010 sb at 02.16 with Earles to Theale cement
6O59 66618 sb at 02.26 with Bardon to Angerstein stone
6D33 66170 sb at 02.2? with Radlett to Mountsorrel empties
6Z76 66112 sb at 02.57 with Mountsorrel to Marks Tey tarmac stone
6M28 66615 sb at 03.11 with Bardon to Neasden stone
6V70 60017 sb at 04.24 with Lindsey to Colnbrook tanks
6M85 66077 sb at 04.42 with Ketton to St.Pancras cement
6V76 66150 sb at 04.57 with Stud Farm to Hayes & Harlington stone
6C75 66616 sb at 05.07 with Mountsorrel to Luton Crescent rd stone
6C32 66177 sb at 05.19 with Mountsorrel to Elstow stone

Many thanks to “Syphon200”@yahoo groups..

Langley flyer! -Fast line safety checks led to a strange sservice pattern on 260614. 1153 ex LB normally non-stop to Euston, called at Apsley and Kings Langley! Is this the first time KL has had a nonstop train to Euston?-thanks to JW

Bedford - Bley on a Sunday -- In connection with Bedford River Festival (sorry NO accompanying Open Day in Bedford Yard!) Sunday service over the Branch to Bedford on 20th July.
http://www.marstonvalecommunityrail.org.uk/all-aboard-for-the-river-festival-special-services/ - thanks to RM

DEMU on WCML 120714 - The Hastings DEMU has recently been fitted with GSMR radio to allow further mainline use, DEMU due down the WCML though the week before (Sat 12th) now fully booked  http://www.hastingsdiesels.co.uk/railtours/2014crewe.pdf thanks to RM

319 farewell - 57306 went North from Bletchley via Wolverton early on 200614 with 5X19 Bedford-Allerton with 319361 in tow, destined Liverpool Allerton depot for Northern Rail training, its career (since 1990)with Thameslink now over. Other units expected to move under own power once depot modifications completed at Allerton. 319’s being cascaded as they are replaced by new 377’s(and 3rd rail shoegear removed) thanks to RM

Farce of the fortnight, 260614 - A suspected track defect in Watford tunnel closed the fast lines for much of the morning. Then with the fast lines reopened 70020 on 4M56 Thames Gateway - Crewe then failed around 1710 near Apsley. Rescue power was unusual in that 90018/90020 in multi (both pans up) came from Wembley, not long after working South in the 0A06 convoy from Crewe. The stricken 4M56 was on the move about 2 hours after first stopping closing the DS for the evening rush hour. The 90’s worked the failure only to Bletchley goods loop for 66416 forward.. 

Didcot towers - These iconic landmarks just visible from the WCML nr Chedd in Winter are long closed. The power station’s South towers are claimed to be being blown up on July 27th  

On this day in history - July 2nd 1983 - 25120/25032 worked 1L20 2330 M.Keynes - CCrewe “Bowiex” Relief Train after the Bowls event finished…Congratulations to the “Axeman” (still out and about) and our “Buzzard” (now back “ome” again in Cornwall),  raking in this immensely rare local working.. 

The weeks that were -local gen


Report two weeks ended 14 June referred to 4M93 Felixstowe-Hams Hall, should have been to Lawley St.


Thursday 12 June additional

57004/007 0Z70 Crewe-Willesden (0Z69 on to Eastleigh)

57004 6Z69 Willesden-Crewe (6Z68 from Eastleigh) with flask wagons


Monday 16 June

86605/627 4M54 Tilbury-Crewe

86628/609 4L92 Ditton-Felixstowe

37607/610 0Z37 Hither Green-Crewe

57007/47818/47841 5Z07 Norwich-Wolverton with 11082/0Z57 Wolverton-Crewe

1M11 failed in the Hanslope area, train rescued by 57308, forward as 5M11 to Wembley from Milton Keynes

70018 4M56 London Gateway-Crewe

70015 4M93 Felixstowe- Lawley St


Tuesday 17 June

86607/610 4L89 Crewe-Felixstowe/4M87 Felixstowe Trafford Park

86628/609 4L92 Ditton-Felixstowe

60010 6B10 Peak Forest-Bletchley/6H10 Bletchley-Peak Forest

70017 4M56 London Gateway-Crewe

70020 4M93 Felixstowe- Lawley St

37602/610 Sizewell flasks


Wednesday 18 June

86609/628 4M87 Felixstowe Trafford Park

86632/638 4M54 Tilbury-Crewe

70013 4L92 Ditton-Felixstowe

70018 4M56 London Gateway-Crewe

70015 4M93 Felixstowe- Lawley St

92039 1S26 Euston-Edin/Glasgow sleeper

37218/607 Dungeness flasks


Thursday 19 June

86607/610 4L89 Crewe-Felixstowe/4M87 Felixstowe Trafford Park

86614/637 4M54 Tilbury-Crewe

57309 tnt 37602/605 5Z51 Crewe-Euston Three Peaks ecs

57306 0A16 Crewe-Acton Lane 

37605/602 tnt 57309 1Z51 Euston-Bangor Three Peaks

70018 4M56 London Gateway-Crewe (terminated Northampton due to derailment at BasfordHall)

70013 4M93 Felixstowe- Lawley St

90039 1F00 Willesden-Warrington mail with 3 x 325s

90035 1S96 Willesden-Shieldmuir mail with 3 x 325s

90034 WB64 1G40 Euston-New St/1B94 New St-Euston

37218/601 Sizewell flasks


Friday 20 June

86627 0M56 Tilbury-Daventry to work 4Z88 to Coatbridge

57306 5Z19 Bedford-Allerton with 319361

66128 7Z71 Bescot-Wembley with 377707

70015 4L97 Trafford Park-Felixstowe

70001 4M93 Felixstowe- Lawley St

70017 4L96 Trafford Park-Felixstowe

90034 WB64 1G40 Euston-New St/1B94 New St-Euston

Liners disrupted after derailment at Crewe Basford Hall yesterday evening.


Saturday 21 June

86628/609 4L89 Crewe-Felixstowe

47786 tnt 47245 1Z15 Hereford-Weymouth (47237 replaced 47245 at Southall)

47237 tnt 47786 1Z16 Weymouth-Hereford

57302/90020 1M16 Inverness-Euston sleeper (90020 failed Rugeley)

56312 0Z57 Barrow Hill-Willesden

37602/605 tnt 47841 1Z57 Fort William-Euston Three Peaks

60079 6B10 Peak Forest-Bletchley/6H10 Bletchley-Peak Forest

70020 4L97 Trafford Park-Felixstowe

70001 4M41 Ipswich-Crewe


Sunday 22 June

47841 tnt 37605/602 5Z58 Euston-Crewe


Monday 23 June

86605 4M54 Tilbury-Crewe, hauled from Rugby by 66501

86638/613 4L92 Ditton-Felixstowe

86609/628 4S88 Felixstowe-Coatbridge

70008 4M56 London Gateway-Crewe

70020 4M93 Felixstowe- Lawley St

31601 tnt 31190 6N00 Washwood Hth-Bletchley Railvac


Tuesday 24 June

86637/614 4L89 Crewe-Felixstowe

86638/613 4L92 Ditton-Felixstowe

92044 6X53 Dollands Moor-Northampton with 350374

70018 4M56 London Gateway-Crewe

70017 4M93 Felixstowe- Lawley St

31190 tnt 31601 6N00 Bletchley-Washwood Hth Railvac

37402/604 Sizewell flasks


Wednesday 25 June

86610/627 4L89 Crewe-Felixstowe/4S88 Felixstowe-Coatbridge

66592 4M54 Tilbury-Crewe with 86609/628 dit

86613/638 4L92 Ditton-Felixstowe

66012 7Z71 Bescot-Wembley with 377708

47237/33029 0Z47 Carnforth-Southall

56312 6Z56 Willesden-Chaddesden

70018 4M56 London Gateway-Crewe

70013 4M93 Felixstowe- Lawley St

70006 6Y27 Crewe-Bourne End engineers

37603/612 Dungeness flasks


Thursday 26 June

86607/637 4L89 Crewe-Felixstowe/4S88 Felixstowe-Coatbridge

86638/613 4L92 Ditton-Felixstowe

37402/604 6L70 Crewe-Willesden (6Z70 on to Eastleigh with two flask wagons)

47501 0Z47 Crewe-Wolverton/5Z47 Wolverton-Norwich with 12154

70006 6Y27 Kings Langley-Crewe engineers

70020 4M56 London Gateway-Crewe failed at Kings Langley, reported rescued by 90020/18 on 0K06 to Bletchley with 66416 forward to Crewe

70017 4M93 Felixstowe- Lawley St

90034 WB64 1G40 Euston-New St/1B94 New St-Euston


Friday 27 June

86639/605 4M54 Tilbury-Crewe, hauled from Rugby by 66501

60100 6B10 Peak Forest-Bletchley/6H10 Bletchley-Peak Forest

57313 tnt 57316 5Z29 Southall-Holyhead

70015 4M88 Felixstowe-Crewe

70018 4M56 London Gateway-Crewe

70013 4M93 Felixstowe- Lawley St

90034 WB64 1G40 Euston-New St/1B94 New St-Euston

37603/612 Sizewell flasks


Saturday 28 June

86628/609 4L89 Crewe-Felixstowe

46233 Duchess of Sutherland tnt 47773 1Z86 Tyseley-Euston/1Z87 return

70008 4M87 Felixstowe-Crewe


Wolverton Works movements include

Arrivals 150276, 319373 (14/6), Anglia Mk3 11082

Departures 456003*, Anglia Mk3 12154

*456003 taken to Wimbledon by road, due to return to Wolverton


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