Log’s phots, 310514 update featuring 1984 - 2014

Many thanks your recent contributions.

Hatfield, 310514

310514313122r.jpg Late May snow as 313122 and 313046 leave with a Letchworth - Moorgate service. “Tree pollen” I’m told by locals and with Kings X as good as closed and most services diverted to Moorgate said locals had a 313 gala day!

Leighton Station, 290514

29051444932r.jpg Rush hour kettle in 44932 plodding through “top shack” with a Rugby - Salisbury tour

29051447237r.jpg The tour’s tail power is probably of more interest to log’s readers, in ex xos Canton monster 47237 passing the protracted station lift construction works. The ole stantion the 47 is under will be moved South to accommodate the new lift tower footsteps.  Probably a weeks blockade for this job!

Old Linslade, 280514

28051437402n5.jpg Soggy Tractors!, 37402 and 37405 coast through Old Linslade with the Compass Tour Crewe-Canterbury outing

“Princess” Risborough, 270514

27051467013r.jpg 67013 approaches Risboro down the bank from Saunderton with the 0845 Marylebone - Birmingham. Chiltern 67 diagrams have been available

on the logs here."PB's" deliberate “Princess” Risborough  spelling  error  coincidently crops up in magazines and other web sites class 67 diagrams…!


Old Linslade, 230514


23051486612n607r.jpg 4M54 can usually be heard well before the screaming “cans” make an appearance, 86612 and 86607 produce here

Aylesbury, 220514

220514960014r.jpg Bubble 960014 (the former W55022) is depot bound after a crew training run. This unit retains its sandite hoppers and route learning seating sections

High Wycombe, 220514

220514dvtr.jpg Chiltern DVT in the storm, wild Wycombe weather greets the 1312 Birmingham Snow Hill-Marylebone

Milton Keynes, 210514  thanks to “Robin Morel”

21051447832r.jpg 47832 makes a gentle departure with the Northern Belle as late breakfasts are consumed aboard

Bradwell, 210514 thanks to Andrew Chambers

21051460059r.jpg “My lords”, 60059 makes a change on 6M34 Acton-Peak Forest


Milton Keynes, 090514 thanks to Mark Beal 

09051437706n47580r.jpg 37706 and 47580 pause briefly with the 1247 Kilmarnock - Old Oak composed of refurbished HST stock

Ledburn Jn, 050603

05060387017r.jpg A very different Ledburn in 2003. 87017 “Iron Duke” crosses US-UF past the “shanty town” that sprung up during the protracted relocation and upgrading of these crossovers.

Bletchley parcels dock, August 86 thanks to Steve Kesterton

03088647626r.jpg 47626 awaits departure time with a parcels train for Northampton. Demolition of the parcels shed and platforms is currently underway. More Bletchley dock views here

Wolverhampton, 051085      

051085850341620bnsprr.jpg Classic “roaring” action in 85034 on the 1620 Birmingham New St - Preston.   An interesting Saturday afternoon this proved to be  as 81010 was on a footex, 81006 on the 1440 Euston - Wolves and 1727 return, plus 85009 on the 1245 Glasgow - Cardiff.      

Sheffield, 220884 thanks to “GJ”

22088425201n40028r.jpg Classic pairing 25201 and 40028 with the Ditton - Broughton BOC. Our popular local Wembley-Ditton “BOC” featured here.

Local gen snippets

“Saturday bins” return after a long absence. See our diagram section for MK-Etn 321 turns on Saturday

Franchise front - appears Scotrail are to loose the Sleeper contract, grim news indeed.

On this day in history - 020668

“Tippie” 5403 (later 27204) rumbled down the Dunstable branch with a freight.

Local gen snippets

Tuesday 6 May - additional

60079 6H10 Bletchley-Peak Forest

 Friday 9 May-additonal

37706/47580 5Z00 Kilmarnock-Old Oak Common FGW HST set

 Saturday 10 May - additional

66567 4M20 Felixstowe-Lawley St with 70015 dit

 Saturday 17 May

60010 6H10 Bletchley-Peak Forest

 Monday 19 May

86605/607 4M54 Tilbury-Crewe

86622/609 4M45 Felixstowe-Ditton/4L71 Ditton-Felixstowe

37425 0Z?? Derby-Euston

37425 tnt 67027 1Z19 Euston - Derby (last Friday's failed train)

47841 5Z70 Norwich-Wolverton 12015, 11093/0Z70 Wolverton-Willesden

57316 tnt 57313 5V42 Tyseley-Southall Statesman ecs

57004/007 6Z77 Crewe-Willesden

70019 4M56 London Gateway-Crewe

70020 4M93 Felixstowe-Lawley St

 Tuesday 20 May

86610/614 4L89 Coatbridge-Felixstowe/4M87 Felixstowe-Trafford Pk

86637/638 4M54 Tilbury-Crewe

86622/609 4L92 Ditton-Felixstowe

60074 6H10 Bletchley-Peak Forest

47828 tnt 47832 1Z88 Chester-Kensington Olympia/1Z89 return Northern Belle

70009 4M93 Felixstowe-Lawley St

37423/608 Sizewell flasks

Wednesday 21 May

86612/632 4L89 Coatbridge-Felixstowe/4M87 Felixstowe-Trafford Park

86628/613 4M54 Tilbury-Crewe

86622/609 4L92 Ditton-Felixstowe

47832 tnt 47828 1Z58 Manchester Victoria-Kensington Olympia/1Z59 return Northern Belle

57007/004 6Z76 Willesden-Crewe

60059 6M34 Acton-Peak Forest

67016/92015/90035/90029/90036 0Z23 Wembley-Crewe

70007 4L93 Lawley St-Felixstowe

70020 4M93 Felixstowe-Lawley St

37606/612 Dungeness flasks

 Thursday 22 May

86638/637 4L89 Coatbridge-Felixstowe/4M87 Felixstowe-Trafford Pk

90047 4M88 Felixstowe-Crewe with 86628 dit

86622/609 4L92 Ditton-Felixstowe

47727 5Z32 Rugby-Wolverton/5Z56 Wolverton-Wimbledon with 456019/017

70013 4M56 London Gateway-Crewe

70007 4M93 Felixstowe-Lawley St

90034 WB64 1G40 Euston-New St/1B94 New St-Euston

 Friday 23 May

86612/607 4M54 Tilbury-Crewe

60044 6H10 Bletchley-Peak Forest

47805 tnt 47853 5Z80 Crewe-Euston

67016 5Z49 Crewe-Wembley

47237/60009 Union of South Africa 5Z64 Southall-Kiddermister

70009 4M93 Felixstowe-Lawley St

90034 WB64 1G40 Euston-New St/1B94 New St-Euston

20302/37606 Sizewell flasks

Saturday 24 May

37601 0z38 Crewe-North Wembley

60054 tnt 66059 6R04 Crewe-Willesden

Sunday 25 May

66059 tnt 60054 6R04 North Wembley - Crewe

67016 5Z55 Wembley-Crewe

47805/853 5Z84 Old Oak Common-Crewe

 Tuesday 27 May

86607/612 4L89 Coatbridge-Felixstowe/4S88 Felixstowe-Coatbridge

86609/622 4M54 Tilbury-Crewe

86632/627 4L92 Ditton-Felixstowe

47727 5Z47 Old Oak Common-Rugby (4 ex FGW motorail vans)

70001 4M56 London Gateway-Crewe

70009 4M93 Felixstowe-Lawley St

37610/688 Sizewell flasks

 Wednesday 28 May

86610/614 4M54 Tilbury-Crewe

86632/627 4L92 Ditton-Felixstowe

37402/405 1Z81 Crewe-Canterbury West/1Z82 return (via Bedford/Bletchley)

90029 0A06 Crewe-Wembley with 92041/ECR66052

70019 4M88 Felixstowe-Crewe

70018 4M56 London Gateway-Crewe

Hire in 70808 4M93 Felixstowe-Lawley St

20304/37612 Dungeness flasks

 Thursday 29 May

86639/607 4L89 Coatbridge-Felixstowe/4M87 Felixstowe-Trafford Pk

86613/605 4M54 Tilbury-Crewe

86627/632 4L92 Ditton-Felixstowe

66109 1F00 Willesden-Warrington mail with 3x325's

90034 WB64 5Z90 Wembley-Birmingham-Wembley turning move

47501 0Z56 Willesden-Wolverton/ 5Z56 Wolverton-Norwich

44932 tnt 47237 1Z86 Rugby-Salisbury Catherdrals Express

47245 tnt 47237 1Z87 Salisbury-Rugby Cathedrals Express (47 replaced Black 5 at Acton Lane)

56312 0Z56 Washwood Heath-Willesden

70019 4M45 Felixstowe-Ditton

Hire in 70805 4M88 Felixstowe-Crewe

70001 4M56 London Gateway-Crewe

70009 4M93 Felixstowe-Lawley St

Hire in 70808 4M92 Felixstowe-Lawley St

90034 WB64 1G40 Euston-New St/1B94 New St-Euston

 Friday 30 May

86610/614 4M54 Tilbury-Crewe

57313 TnT 57316 5M43 Southall-Crewe

70014 4M88 Felixstowe-Crewe

70018 4M56 London Gateway-Crewe

70019 4M93 Felixstowe-Lawley St

90034 WB64 1G40 Euston-New St/1B94 New St-Euston

37608/688 Sizewell flasks

 Saturday 31 May

47245 5Z50 Southall-Birmingham International

Wolverton works moves include

Arrivals 156412, Mk3s 12015/11093

Departures 456017/19, Mk3s 11075/uid




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