Logs phots 240814 update featuring 1987-2014

Thanks yr recent contributions, much appreciated

Old Linslade, 210814

21081431601r.jpg  Good to see the former “Bletchley Park” 31601 return to local haunts with 5Z34 Eastleigh - Crewe ECS. Link to our 31601 naming feature from Mar 99 here.

Kings Sutton, 200814 thanks to “TC”

20081467018r.jpg 67018 looking good with 1R65 1847 Marylebone - Kidderminster. Also out on Chiltern passenger turns that evening were 67010, 67013 and 67023.

Watford Jn, 190814 thanks to Andrew Royle

19081457008n90002r.jpg 57008 drags 90002 North on a Crewe IEMD Norwich CP loco move


Kingswear, 160814

16081425185dr.jpg 25185 with the stock to form the 2300 to Paignton. See our 25185 out West feature for more phots of this excellent day of class 25 thrash

Chesham, 160814 thanks to Trev Rolfe

160814MetNo1r.jpg Met No 1 with the original Chesham set from the Bluebell Railway seeing the sets first visit since 1961…

By Pass bridge, 140814 thanks to Andrew Chambers

14081490034r.jpg Nice light for 90034 with 1G40 1903 Euston - Birmingham

Ledburn, 140814

14081487002br.jpg 87002 passes old haunts with a Carlisle-WN l/e move, good to see the old girl back in action locally

Chinnor, 130814

13081408011r.jpg  08011 gives Ruston Industrial “Iris” some assistance up the bank with a reopening centenary special

Leighton Station, 120814 thanks to “PB”

12081492031n47501r.jpg 47501 unfortunately failed at Leighton with the Norwich - Wolverton emcars turn. 92031 provided assistance to Wolverton CS. Perhaps a sign of the changes coming, the stock move on 2008 got 68004. On a more positive note 47501 put in a storming run from Peterboro and Dundee on the Compass tour on 2208.


Leighton Station, 110814


11081459203r.jpg One of the most interesting current service is 0Z25 Crewe -Wembley light engine turn which usually passes Leighton around 1600. Views here of 90026 with 92036 in between plus 59203 tailing.

090814350374r.jpg They pop up everwhere! LM’s 350374 on loan to TP prior to working the 1600 to Edinburgh. Unit seats are set out as 350’1’s but with the rancid green seat livery as in 350 “slims”.

Rugby, 081290

08129031307r.jpg Winter’s coming….!! 31307 (not confirmed) waits for the thaw with an engineers train. The severity of the snow had closed all lines North of Rugby that bitter morning

 Northampton, 130387

13038781011r.jpg 81011 brings the short lived 1B01 0925 Euston - Northampton “daytime Cobbler” into Northampton. This and 40 more roarer and many other phots at our new “Leighton logs to the blocks”  Flikr site

On this date on history..240883

25278 worked the Northfleet - Houghton Regis Cement in 3 portions forward from Luton Bute St. 25278 famously carried BY Bletchley TMD stickers until painted over in green livery at the NYMR in the late 80’s .

120674dunstablelabelr.jpg Our “PE” morning run took us close to the cement works detailed above Back in 1974, such nostalgia like this wagon label could be found in the cement work sidings. With route deviations to find these I never made the “PE” front runners!!

Top tour coming…ta to “RS”

After the success of our event in July, we're pleased to be able to announce another Charity Enthusiasts Special running ONE WAY from Crewe to Basingstoke on Sunday 7th September 2014.

Outline itinerary (approximate times);

Crewe d 1145
Stoke d 1215
Tamworth d 1300
Rugby d 1330
(via Northampton)
Milton Keynes Central d 1415
Watford Jcn d 1450
Clapham Jcn d 1615
(via Twickenham)
Feltham d 1645
Woking d 1715
(via Chertsey)
Basingstoke a 1735

Don't forget this is a ONE WAY trip, there is no return working.

1 x Class 92 (hopefully 92028) Crewe - Willesden Relief Lines
2 x 73 Willesden Relief Lines - Basingstoke

We emphasise that whilst all attempts will be made to use the traction specified, we cannot guarantee the locos above, operational issues on the day may lead to alternative traction.

Bletchley TMD to reopen for class 387 unit testing, more gen soon.

User gen request - as anyone any idea why there was a FCC 319 in Platform 1 at Victoria with St Albans City on the destination blind at 1620 on 20/8/14?

The weeks that were local gen  

Due to the four week closure of Ipswich yard, Freightliner electric activity in the area has been limited to the Tilbury liners.  Hire of Freightliner Heavy Haul 66s and 66848/70803 from Colas continues.


Monday 11 August

86259 0Z07 Carnforth - Willesden

319009 5M80 Bedford-Wolverton

319004 5M81 Wolverton-Bletchley (only reached Bletchley - shoe damage, returned to Wolverton)

92036 1S26 Euston-Glasgow sleeper

90026 0A06 Crewe-Wembley with 92036/59203

70803 4L90 Trafford Pk-Felixstowe (delayed 4 hrs at Rugby)

70807 working 4Z47 Wimbledon/Willesden-Doncaster barriers (re-pathed off the MML)

70008 4M56 London Gateway-Crewe

70015 4M93 Felixstowe-Lawley St


Tuesday 12 August

34067 5Z42 Carnforth - Southall

47501 5Z55 Norwich-Wolverton with 12150/11067 (failed at Leighton Buzzard, rescued by 92031 which ran light from Daventry off 4M25 Mossend-Daventry

57304 0Z55 Rugby-Wolverton/0Z55 Wolverton-Crewe with failed 47501

70008 4L97 Trafford Pk-Felixstowe

70014 4M94 Felixstowe-Lawley St with 66569 dit

Hire In 70803 4M81 Felixstowe-Crewe

70001 4L90 Crewe-Felixstowe

70009 4M56 London Gateway-Crewe

70007 4M93 Felixstowe-Lawley St


Wednesday 13 August

86627/639 4M54 Tilbury-Crewe

47804 tnt 37516 5Z77 Craigentinny-Southall Royal Scotsman ecs

70001 4L90 Crewe-Felixstowe

Hire In 70803 4M56 London Gateway-Crewe

70007 4M93 Felixstowe-Lawley St

Note 67020 tnt 67003 1Q29 Derby-Euston-Derby cancelled at Crewe on outward run.


Thursday 14 August

86628/638 4M54 Tilbury-Crewe with 90042 dit

87002 0Z87 Stafford-Willesden (0Z87 Doncaster-Carlisle 13/8, 0Z87 Carlisle-Stafford 14/8)

66096 5Z23 Crewe - Southall ecs

321411 5R00 Euston - Rugby

70001 4M45 Felixstowe-Ditton

73138 tnt 37688 1Q69 Hither Green-Derby

70008 4M56 London Gateway-Crewe

70015 4M93 Felixstowe-Lawley St

90034 WB64 5Z90 Wembley-Wembley via Birmingham turning move

90034 WB64 1G40 Euston-New St/1B94 New St-Euston

37608/610 Dungeness flasks


Friday 15 August

86637/610 4M54 Tilbury-Crewe with 70008 dit

68002 0Z68 Wembley LMD-Crewe

70001 4M94 Felixstowe-Lawley St

70020 4M56 London Gateway-Crewe

70015 4M93 Felixstowe-Lawley St

90034 WB64 1G40 Euston-New St/1B94 New St-Euston


Monday 18 August

Hire in 66848 4M87 Felixstowe-Trafford Pk

90035 5A06 Crewe-Wembley with 2x325

56303 tnt 56312 6N00 Washwood Heath-Bletchley Railvac

70020 4M56 London Gateway-Crewe

70015 4M93 Felixstowe-Lawley St


Tuesday 19 August

86627/632 4M54 Tilbury-Crewe

67008 tnt 67004 5Z27 Kings Cross-Crewe

56312 tnt 56303 6N00 Bletchley-Washwood Heath Railvac

Hire in 66848 4L89 Crewe-Felixstowe

57008 0Z60 Crewe-Norwich with 90002

90035 0A06 Crewe-Wembley with 59205

70016 4M56 London Gateway-Crewe

70009 4M93 Felixstowe-Lawley St


Wednesday 20 August

86605/604 4M54 Tilbury-Crewe

68004 0Z55 Willesden-Wolverton/5Z55 Wolverton-Norwich with 12118

57008 0Z45 Norwich-Crewe with 90011

67020 tnt 67003 1Q29 Derby-Euston-Derby

90018 0A06 Crewe-Wembley with 67014/008/004

70016 4L90 Crewe-Felixstowe with 66591 dit

70020 4M56 London Gateway-Crewe

70018 4M93 Felixstowe-Lawley St


Thursday 21 August

86613/614 4M54 Tilbury-Crewe

319004/011 5M81 Wolverton-Bedford

31601 5Z34 Eastleigh-Crewe

70008 4M88 Felixstowe-Crewe

70020 4L90 Crewe-Felixstowe

70014 4M56 London Gateway-Crewe

70018 4M93 Felixstowe-Lawley St

90034 WB64 1G40 Euston-New St/1B94 New St-Euston

37608/610 Dungeness Flasks


Friday 22 August

86627/639 4M54 Tilbury-Crewe

47739 5Z47 Rugby-Wolverton barriers/5Z56 Wolverton-Willesden with 456004 (refurbished) + 456018 (unrefurbished)

70007 4L90 Crewe-Felixstowe

70014 4M56 London Gateway-Crewe

70020 4M93 Felixstowe-Lawley St

90034 WB64 1G40 Euston-New St/1B94 New St-Euston


Wolverton works movements include:

Arrivals: Anglia Mk3s 12150/11067

Departures: 319004/011, 456004 (refurbished), 456018 (unrefurbished), Anglia MK3 12118


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