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Ledburn, 280415

28041586627n605r.jpg Classic “trio”, 86627 and 86605 whining South on 4L89 whilst a mighty Red Kite “Olympian” decker crosses “By pass bridge” to the rear on a school run

Old Linslade "dip" 270415

27041570020r.jpg Much noise, 70020 with 4M56 London gateway - Crewe

Chelmscote Canalside, 240415

24041590047r.jpg Still canal waters greet 90047 with 4L89 Crewe - Felixstowe

Soulbury Road, 230415 thanks to Andrew Chambers

23041537605n059r.jpg 37605 and 37059 thrash North with 5Z58 Eastleigh - Crewe ECS

Rowsley, 220415

22041544008r.jpg A class rarely featured on the logs, 44008 "Penyghent" after working the 1145 from Matlock. With Matlock having no run round most services are "Diesel and steam" with the 44 on the North end.

Liverpool St, 220415 thanks to "PB"

220415321426r.jpg Old Silverlink machine 321426 at the Street now tastefully refurbished inside and out...

Chesterfield, 210415

21041537603r.jpg 37603 on the still busy freight lines returning a test train from Tees Yard to Derby

Princes Risborough 210415, thanks to Andrew Royale

21041567008r.jpg 67008 powers through Risborough with the 1647 Marylebone-Birmingham MS. 67008 and 67014 have been working Chiltern turns all week, catch em why you can

London Euston, 210415 thanks to "PB"

21041587002r.jpg 87002 has remained on S25/M16 all week! 87002 is captured at the blocks with M16 on 210415.

Quainton Road, 170415

17041566101r.jpg The Cricklewood bins once served Forders twice daily. The current Cricklewood - Calvert flow has recently switched from Freightliner to DB operation. 66101 passes Quainton with what is now a short "Green bins" consist

Ledburn, 150415

15041592038r.jpg Running at reduced speed due severe wheelflat 92038 heads for Bletchley DGL. The 92 was eventually reported as being roaded from Nuneaton to Brush

Bletchley, 140415

14041560074r.jpg 60074 prior to running round a very late stone train from Peak Forest. the empties via WCML early afternoon

14041566003r.jpg Lurking amongst the veg is 66003 on a trip over Bletchley flyover. Been increased test activity on the normally very quiet Bletchley flyover this week

Stonehenge (LBNGR) , 120415

120415feanorr.jpg The stuff of legends, "Feanor" rests outside the TMD at Stonehenge

Euston, 111187

11118782008r.jpg 82008 at Euston with one of her dedicated ECS moves from Willesden CS

St Pancras. 100587 thanks to Jason Hall

10058745110r.jpg Peak power, 45110 at the Pancras blocks after working the last peak diagrammed 1C22 1215 ex Derby.

The weeks that were, local gen (rest to follow shortly)

Sunday 12 April

68011 0Z68 Crewe - Wembley

68008 0Z69 Wembley - Crewe


Monday 13 April

86637/610 4M54 Tilbury - Crewe

86613/612 4L92 Ditton - Felixstowe

66186 0Z78 Wembley - Wembley route learner via Milton Keynes and Swanbourne

70016 4M56 London Gateway - Crewe

70009 4M93 Felixstowe - Lawley St 

70004 4L73 Lawley St - Felixstowe


Tuesday 14 April

87002 1S25 Euston- Inverness (from Wembley)

86613/612 4L92 Ditton - Felixstowe

47813 0Z47 Willesden - Daventry/4Z47 Daventry - Stowmarket

60074 6B10 Peak Forest - Bletchley/6H10 Bletchley - Peak Forest (inbound very late, afternoon return via WCML)

70013 4M56 London Gateway - Crewe

70004 4M93 Felixstowe - Lawley St 


Wednesday 15 April

92028 1M11 Glasgow - Euston failed, rescued by 92032 5M11 Milton Keynes - Wembley

86613/612 4L92 Ditton - Felixstowe

70003 4M56 London Gateway - Crewe

70016 4M93 Felixstowe - Lawley St 


Thursday 16 April

87002 1M16 Inverness - Euston/ 1S25 Euston- Inverness

86637/610 4M54 Tilbury - Crewe

86613/612 4L92 Ditton - Felixstowe

70001 4M56 London Gateway - Crewe


Friday 17 April

86613/612 4L92 Ditton - Felixstowe

37419 0Z55 Norwich - Wolverton/5Z55 Wolverton - Norwich

66507 7X33 Derby - Bletchley with 387129

70001 4M54 Tilbury - Crewe

70004 4M56 London Gateway - Crewe

70016 4M93 Felixstowe - Lawley St 


Saturday 18 April

87002 1M16 Inverness - Euston

319430 5M81 Wolverton - Bedford

70008 4L90 Lawley St - Felixstowe

60019 tnt 66102 6R05 Bescot - Berkhamsted


Sunday 19 April

87002 1S25 Euston- Inverness

66102 tnt 60019 6R05 Tring - Bescot

57301 tnt 57306 1Z57 Liverpool S Parkway - Wembley Central Footex/1Z58 return


On this day in history, 290483

40035 headed North through Leighton light engine after reportedly working South on a speedlink. Local 40 visits at this time about 3-4 a month only.

Local gen snippets

GBRF sleeper power – We believe 92014/18/22/28/33/38/44 may feature in sleeper operation when available. In the meantime 87002 and 2 DB 90’s are working 3 of the main line diagrams with 2 x 47’8 and 86101 on ECS turns in Glasgow and Willesden areas. 87002 has worked either and or S25/M16 thru Leighton on at least 14,16,18,19,21,23, 25, 26, 28 April to date (280415) well over 2,000 miles worked!


May day bank holiday weekend – No blockades at Watford but disruption due Norton Bridge flyover work...


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