Leighton Logs Christmas photo quiz

Guess the station each of these 18 phots were taken.

Click on the thumbnail image for a bigger one for clearer detail.

Some are current, some go back to the 80's

After complaints about "obscure Scottish locations" in previous years  they are all approx within a max of a 150 mile radius of Leighton Buzzard

No prizes (not even a free subscription to the Railway Magazine!!!) or local railway fame to the winner,  just enjoy the challenge!

Answers expected to go on the "Leighton Logs" around Jan 4th 2015

myst100r.jpg A Skip clagging nicely out of ??????

myst101r.jpg Some can arriving at ??????

myst102r.jpg An unusual 25/31 duo at ??????

myst103r.jpg An eh 47 approaches ??????

myst104r.jpg A 31 on vans at ????

myst105r.jpg Always rare in the 80's, an 86'0 at ??????

myst106r.jpg A "Bag" at ??????

myst107r.jpg Some "seven" at a late hour at ??????

myst108r.jpg A "roaring beast" arrives at ??????

myst109r.jpg Southern power at ????

myst110r.jpg A class 31 at the blocks at ?????

myst111r.jpg A white stripe 31 at ????????

myst112r.jpg The quality engine is behind the "ronnie" at ???????

myst113r.jpg A 47 coasts into ???????

myst114r.jpg A fine pair of "rats" at ???????

myst115r.jpg A steaming 47 at ???????

myst116r.jpg A smart looking 67 and stock at ?????

myst117r.jpg A "slim" 357 powers out of ?????

  "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year " from the "logs team

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