Midland Railway Centre Diesel Gala, 160618

350102 was my power North to Tamworth on the 0709 ex Leighton. A quick ticket purchase at Tamworth and a

minus connection was made onto the 0819 Birmingham - Nottingham with equally exciting 170525 forward.

My previous visits to the MRC well over 15 years ago have been by car (Mr Evans Morris Minor!) or by special

bus. Today it was a service bus and the Trent Barton 15 minute high quality service from Derby to Butterley.

On arrival 60100 was viewed down at Hammersmith coupling up to the 4TC unit and due the late start stopped

additionally at Butterley. Passing power galore at Swanwick Jn the 60 tottered on to Ridding.

From here it was 66065 powering, and to be fair this generated quite a bit of interest from the many "shed" fans aboard,

being a rare one apparently.

At Swanwick the big "shed" came off and 67005/67006 backed on. My jubilation on departure was short lived, 67006 was

my last "skip" but 67005 was doing all the work! No multi connection meant the lead engine 67005 was doing all the work.

Back at Swanwick Jn, after another run to Riddings, the pair were removed with 67006 still just idling, 67005 powering off

to the sidings.

Suitably unimpressed i left to view the extensive depots at Swanwick. A loud Simplex chugging over saw me join the

1230 Golden Valley narrow guage departure. On enquiring if a day rover was available we were told just a normal £2-50

day return plus a donation in the box for additional runs, thats a lot more soche than the LBNGR ticketing policy!

The 1315 Narrow guage got the rare 62hp Simplex "Campbell Brickworks" which thrashed along on the excellent Golden Valley

line in style. As we approached Swanwick on return, a solitary "skip" was viewed moving off the sidings. A quick leap to the

big railway saw 67006 solo raked in on the 1250 Riddings - Hammersmith!

60100 back to Riddings, 67006 back to Swanwick for 66065 back to Butterley. A few phots here where old Luton machine

M51591 was stabled, fresh from a repaint. The 108 DMU was raked in back to Swanwick. The smaller Simplex was joined

on the 1530 Golden Valley departure, this line having at least 4 different locos out on just 6 departures.  

The pair back to Butterley with a few more phots at Butterley before the bus back to Derby. On 350371 on the 1702 Crewe - Euston

my empty rear coach was invaded by hundreds of Euston bound passengers at Nuneaton. A suicide at Canley had messed up things

big time, obviously my forwarding connection from the Keynes was caped, the following 350 20 down. 

MRC Gala photspot

16061847401r.jpg A busy Swanwick scene, 47401 approaches with a Riddings service, 67005/006 are on a Southbound

service, 66065 awaits its next turn.


16061845041r.jpg 45041 creaking over the rails leaving the shed at Swanwick


16061860100r.jpg 60100 powers through Butterley with a Hammersmith - Riddings service


16061866065webr.jpg 66065 tails the Hammersmith - Riddings service through Butterley


160618dmur.jpg 50917 and 54490 arrive at Butterley


16061867006n005r.jpg 67005/67006 tail a Riddings bound service through Butterley


160618ellisonwebr.jpg Ellison (once at the LBNGR) at Newlands Inn


160618campbellbrickr.jpg Campbell Brickworks Simplex at Newlands Inn


16061840sdwebr.jpg Small Simplex 405D529 at Newlands Inn the terminus of the Golden Valley NGR line


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