More 25í0 memories, thanks to MIB


My father brought me to Leeds on 1 December 1973 for the Leeds v QPR

fixture on a snowy day with 55006 producing on our train from Kings X

to Leeds. Before the game we went around Holbeck depot and D5166

(25016) and D5168 (25018) were both present. I remember the depot

visit more than the 25ís as I fell over on the ice and oil combination

on more than one occasion. The match was played out with an orange

ball on the snow covered pitch which ended 2-2 with Leeds going on to

win the First Division title but my abiding memory of the day was the

wrongly disallowed for offside goal by Gerry Francis which would have

made it 2-0 at half time to the visitors in only their second ever

season in the top flight.


A visit to Severn Tunnel Junction on 11 June 1974 produced the sight

of 25033 + 25023 on a freight from Bescot which would have been a nice

pair to have on the Walsall to Yarmouth instead.


The Bedford driver that worked the Fletliner rats as far as Wigston

was always provided with a taxi loco to Leicester depot before

returning to Bedford on the cushions. On 19 August 1974 the chosen

taxi for Mr Lewis was 25012.


A visit to Middlesbrough to witness QPR win 3-1 at Ayresome Park was

made on 23 November 1974 and 25018 was stabled at York that day. The

team didnít fare so well on 7 December 1974 losing 3-0 at Burnley

after a bright start to the day with a cab ride on 45142 from Bedford

to Leicester where 25014 sat on the depot. Also viewed in the

Manchester area that day was 25024.


25013 passed through Bedford on 19 January 1975 on a ballast to

Wellingborough whilst two visits to London produced the sights of

25011 at Bedford on 19 April and 25016 at Cricklewood on 16 August

1975. The following Saturday 23 August 1975 in Nottingham produced

25023 + 25134 on the Skegness to Leicester.


A trip to Sheffield alone on 14 August 1976 was my first ever venture

without my dad on 45106 but there were no 25/0ís on Tinsley. The only

one I did see all day was 25006 at Derby.


A two day Scottish depot visit with my dad followed on 25-26 October

1976 and proved to be quite an adventure as 87015 burst in the

Lockerbie area so the Beattock bankers 20118 + 20115 towed us forward

to Carstairs running an hour late where 83010 took over for the final

run into Glasgow Central. A visit to Polmadie produced 25004 followed

by a visit to Eastfield which housed 25003. I didnít make a note of

what 25006 was doing but it was viewed at Queen St before we did 26027

on the internal overnight to Perth which gave way to 40101 for the run

to Inverness. The gronk shunt with 08855 was raked in before a visit

to the depot had 25001 on location.


The 0815 Inverness to Edinburgh often produced a 40 but we were out of

luck on 26 October as 47274 was the chosen power. After 1980 any train

booked to start at 0815 became the ďEnola GayĒ to my mind after the

OMD single came out with its reference to that time of day. We changed

trains at Perth and were rewarded with 40065 on a service from

Aberdeen to Queen St. Another visit was made to Eastfield and this

time 25008 was in attendance. There was to be no exciting failures on

the way home on a Can but we did get 45033 out of St Pancras to

Bedford on the 2205 to Derby.


1977 was a barren year as I can find no record of witnessing any

25/0ís so a very depressing statistic.


A family holiday to Filey on 29 July 1978 enabled me to have 45148

Bedford to Sheffield and then revel in 37200 from Sheffield to

Scarborough for 37112 forward to Filey. No 25/0ís were viewed but

whilst I was on 37200, many miles away, 25008 had charge of the 1103

Perth to Edinburgh. Incidentally my return from Scarborough to

Sheffield on 5 August to get home produced 37129, followed by 45102 to

Nottingham and then 47484 + 47534 Nottingham to Bedford in case anyone

was wondering.


The Ghost Train produced on 14 August 1978 when 25023 did the 0100

Queen St to Oban.


Another jaunt up to Scotland took place from 10-12 September 1978 to

rake in the Kyle which produced 26037 + 26044 Mossend to Inverness on

the overnight 2050 from Euston where 08738 shunted us. Well my dad was

staff so no problems staying on. An out and back was made to Kyle with

26046 before doing the 2350 internal overnight to Glasgow. 40158 was

our steed but it clearly wasnít in the best of health and was declared

a total failure at Carr Bridge. I was hoping for a tasty pair of type

2ís or another 40 but our reward was 26044 + 26037 again. It was about

2am when we left Carr Bridge and we got to Queen St about 2 hours late

on the morning of 12 September.


After breakfast we paid a visit to Eastfield and on arrival 25007 +

25008 were heading north through Cowlairs on an oil train so it might

only have been going to Cadder


25007n25008Cowlairswebr.jpg25007 and 25008 pass Eastfield on oils, 120978


Amongst the noisy throng of the depot stood 25010 conveniently parked

outside the depot with nothing blocking it in . We then headed to

Motherwell depot for a look round and 25006 sat silently unemployed


25010Eastfieldwebr.jpg25010 at Eastfield, 120978


25006Motherwellwebr.jpg25006 at Motherwell, 120978



My first solo visit north of the border took place in late August 1979

when 25006 did the 2245 Carstairs to Edinburgh on 25 August and 25011

went the other way on the 27 August with the 2140 Edinburgh to

Carstairs. I went too far north a few days later as I did 26036 on the

1110 Inverness to Georgemas Jcn for 26038 into Thurso and back with it

to the Junction on the 1739 for 26046 down to Inverness. Whilst I was

exiled in the Far north 25023 did the 0844 Queen St to Dundee and

25006 presumably worked on the West Highland as it was seen arriving

at Queen St on the 1250 from Mallaig.


I was not overly happy with 47206 on the 2350 out of Inverness but I

cheered up at Stirling when 25009 produced for the 0555 portion to

Edinburgh on 31 August. The fog was swirling around as I invaded the

front sleeper coach of the 5 carriage load to the annoyance of the

steward but I was intent on window hanging as not every day I get a

25/0 to ride behind. We werenít long into the journey when a wheel

flat on the sleeper coach started through Polmaise. Speed dropped on

the 1 in 118 through Bannockburn so that by the time we stopped at

Larbert we had dropped 3 minutes. It was a very brief stop as 25009

thrashed out of the station and to my trained ear sounded more like a

24. Another stop at Falkirk Grahamston with the rhythmic beat of the

rat reverberating from the station buildings. With a toot of the horn,

25009 took on the 1 in 100 climb up to Polmont Junction, the best part

of 3 miles. At one point there was wheel slip on the climb and a

further 2 minutes was dropped to Polmont.


Another brief stop and then full thrash out of the station but 2 more

minutes were lost reaching Linlithgow so this rat was not the

healthiest of specimens. Once again it was opened up wide on departure

and the sleeper wheel flat took over as speed rose so that it was very

irritating for the rest of the run to Haymarket. I think we were given

57 minutes to get to Waverley but in reality it took 64 minutes and

25009 was the only 25/0 I ever got a sound recording of. I regret not

taking a photo of it before I walked away to head back out of

Edinburgh to intercept 40062 on the 0705 from Perth as I was never to

set eyes on 25009 ever again.


1980 was to be the last year of the 25/0ís with the final five 25002,

25006, 25007, 25010 and 25011 being pulled in December 1980 signalling

the end. One of the most notable workings came on 23 May 1980 when the

0945 Edinburgh to Inverness got into trouble at Kingussie when 20119

became a failure leaving 20110 to do all the work to Aviemore. 25021

was dispatched from Inverness to assist 20110 on the climb to Slochd

Summit but why were bombs on the train in the first place?


My last visit to Scotland before the 25/0ís became history was made in

August 1980 in my last year as a teenager and minus any traffic

notices or gen not that I was that bothered about details in those

days. On the 16 August I did 85003 Carlisle to Mossend on the 2035

overnight from Euston, 26040 + 26025 Mossend to Inverness on load 16

just the 105 minutes late, for 40117 on the 0945 from  Inverness to

Blair Atholl, Haymarket pair 26012 + 26010 Blair Atholl to Inverness

on the 0945 from Edinburgh (no 20ís, although 20152 and 20156 were at

Blair), 26029 + 26045 on the 1448 motorail out of Inverness to

Aviemore for 47207 back to Inverness on the 1310 from Queen St. A

visit to Inverness depot that early morning found 25007 in situ


16088025007Invernesswebr.jpg25007 at Inverness, 160880


An interesting overnight move that involved 47439 Inverness to Mossend

and 85029 to Carlisle for 85033 back up to Carstairs where three 40ís

were stabled before 37048 arrived dragging 81001 but I wasnít aware of

any planned OHLE as I had arrived on 85033 from the south with no

issues. The 2130 overnight service from Bristol was next up and

produced the variety pack of 26038 + 25298 dragging 83015 and we

arrived at Glasgow Central at 0845 on the morning of 17 August about

90 minutes later than when a through electric is the norm so I assume

this was emergency unplanned dragging. After breakfast a visit to Ayr

depot and then Eastfield was made and being a Sunday the latter was

packed out and amongst the throng was 25005 and 25006.


40063 was at the head of the 0105 Perth to Aberdeen as 18 August

commenced which was convenient for 40070 on the 0720 to Edinburgh and

40159 on the 0740 to Glasgow so I did both to get to Dundee noting

25002 sat on Aberdeen depot.


After doing 27034 and 27106 from Mallaig and Fort William on the

morning of the 19 August I headed across to Haymarket for a depot

visit and both 25019 and 25021 were present. I scarpered to Inverness

on the 1525 from Waverley with 40007 and made the minus 3 onto the

1930 which was 40061 but bailed at Aviemore for 26045 + 26029 back to

Inverness. 08568 shunted me from platform 4 to platform 2 so that

26029 + 26045 could drop back down for the 2350 overnight.


The pair of 26ís got me down to Stirling again to do the 0555

Edinburgh portion that happened to be 25066 but I didnít see any

25/0ís on 20 August as I exiled myself on the West Highland. The

internal overnight was done again back to Inverness involving 40023

and 47268 so I could go to Kyle and back on 26033. This day, unknown

to me at the time, was a historic day, as the presence of 25001 on

Inverness depot on 21 August 1980 was the last time I ever viewed a

25/0. Curiously I only ever saw 25001 twice, both times static on

Inverness depot, almost as if sympathising with its class 24/1

counterparts that had roamed the highlands before it.


One of the very last workings I know of is when 25011 worked the

Coxhoe (south of Durham) to Brechin lime train on 3 November 1980. I

assume there had been a loco change at Millerhill but anyway a month

later 25011  was switched off for good.


Thanks again to "MIB" for the cracking memories


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