The Old Oak - Wolverton ECS Trains

Whilst spotting at Bletchley in the mid 70s it was the flyover traffic that created the greatest interest,

The main lines non stop procession of electrically hauled freight and passenger was boring by comparison

to exotic pairs of 37s on the "ARC" stone trains, Wizzos (westerns) on stone and on occasions a long train

of empty coaching stock sometimes with a Western region named class 47 up front and often a guards brake

van on the rear of what was sometimes a load of over 16 coaches en route to or from Wolverton Works.

This train was 7M44/7V06 that ran normally twice a week and memories of long rakes of stock snaking

over the flyover remain strong today

The Timetable

Summer 79 timetable ran as 7M44 MTHO 0535 Old Oak - Wolverton via Reading (0700), Oxford (0745), Bicester London Rd 0819,

Claydon 0830, Flettons Sidings 0849, Bletchley Summit of Flyover 0853, Wolverton Wks reception arr 0902

The return 7V06 dep Wolverton Works reception 1115, Denbigh Hall 1126, Bletchley Summit of Flyover 1131, Flettons Sidings 1133

Claydon 1152, Bicester London Rd 1203, Oxford 1233, Reading 1315, Old Oak 1412

The Power

Initial checks from a few sources plus my spotting records see a good variety of Western Region power. By the

Mid 80s as HST stock replaced some of the Westerns vast coaching stock the train became less regular.

Even after closure, sorry "mothballing" of the Oxford - Bletchley route in May 93 the occasional Old Oak

Wolverton stock move saw 31, 47s or 66s operating via the NLL/WCML.

Even today Wolverton Works sees 165/166 units recvd for works visits,running from Reading on Saturdays

perhaps keeping the 7M44/7V06 memories alive.......

7M44/7V06 Power variety

7061 the first recorded local working on May 2nd 1968, 7093


1002, 1037, 1044

1553 later 47437, 47066, 47078, 47081, 47102, 47377

31105, 31110, 5530 later 31112, 5535 later 31117, 31118, 5539 later 31121, 31257, 31259, 31413, 31414, 31415, 31422

So this initial stab has unearthed a Warship, 3 Westerns, 2 Hymeks, 6 47s and 12 31s which we think.

were the most common power at the time. Any more workings out there?

7M44/7V06 phot spot

Photos of this working are very rare, however Dunstables Kevin Lane has 2 linked here

31414 at Verney Jn with the Wolverton - Old Oak ECS move on 080977

47078 approaching Old Oak with a lengthy Wolverton - OOC ECS in April 84

Brian McCullochs 1982 Reading view of 31422 with the Old Oak bound ECS complete with guards brake van on rear

Thanks to "Mr C" for finding this Grahame Wareham view of 5530 on 5M44 at Oxford in May 72

And our own Ivan Stewarts 1998 view of an adhoc Old Oak - Wolverton ECS with 47769

Any more Old Oak - Wolverton ECS moves memories to share?

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