Out East,  Nov 2016


14/11/16 Mo

A late running 12 car 350 meant plenty room down the back of the 0952 ex Leighton.

After walking to Liverpool St via the City there was a flap at Liverpool St when the ticket

barrier swallowed my perfectly valid outward piece!

We departed Liverpool St right time just as 66723/66728 arrived with the RHTT. Presumably due rail conditions and several checks/slacks we were 15 down leaving Ipswich. A furthur check nr Haughley Jn for an up liners meant the Lowerstoft hauled connection was out of the window.

 A Diss move had me back at Norwich for a busy load 3 68002 hauled 1640 to Norwich. Stock was load 3 blue/grey Mk IIe's. In the dark, with frequent stops and much thrash it almost seemed as if i was bashing 071's back in Ireland again! At Yarmouth a quick hotel check in allowed me to return half an hour later for 37419 on the 2nd hauled set. This was even louder with both locos powering on load 3.

On leaving Norwich Lowerstoft bound 37422 made an abrupt stop at the end of the platform.

After the driver tinkered with rear power 37419 we were off 15 down to much thrash.

 A Brundell loco hauled station scratch bail then a rancid 170 back to Norwich.

A long fester but then the highlight of the day with 68002 powering me back to Yarmouth with the booked "Supermoon" pearing through the thin cloud cover to illuminate parts of the broads, not bad!




350122}  0925 Northampton -Euston                                    LB-EU


90002  1300 Liverpool St - Norwch                                       LS-NO

66723}  RHTT - Liv St


90002  1530Norwich - Liverpool St                                        NO-DI

90010  1430 Liverpool St - Norwich                                      DI-NO

68002(top)}  2P28 1640 Norwich - Yarmouth                       NO-YA

68005 (tail)}

37419 (top)} 2P83 1817 Yarmouth - Norwich                       YA-NO


37422(top)} 2J88 1902 Norwich - Lowerstoft                       NO-BR


170206            1848 Lowerstoft - Norwich                            BR-NO

68002(top)}  2P40 2040 Norwich - Yarmouth                       NO-YA

68005 (tail)} stock -5961/6024/9504


15/11/16 Tu

A very relaxed start with ASDA's raided for breakfast before joining 68005 atop 68002 on the 0846 Norwich. Late running due to a fire alert at Norwich meant the dead connection onto the 37's could be made at little Acle. The 37's then followed on a return trip to Lowerstoft, by far the more scenic of the 2 runs. Later in the afternoon with a driver keen to keep time there was a noisy atmospheric run to Lowerstoft and back. The light was fading and the mist was hugging the wetlands as we thrashed across the Broads! A final 68 run to Yarmouth with a good few bashers doing the same move (68005 being a big one,apparently ) then 90013 was joined to Stowmarket.

The booked 12 car 321s were raken in to Diss off a dead connection at Stowmarket then 90010 back to Liverpool St. At Euston a 350'2 was on the 2149 110 mph turn so obviously we lost a few minutes between Euston and Leighton.     


68005(top)}  2P11 0846 Yarmouth - Norwich                       YA-AC

68002 (tail)} stock - 9525/5937/5919

37422(top)} 2P12 0836 Norwich - Yarmouth                        AC-NO


37419 (top)} 2P13 0917 Yarmouth - Norwich                       YA-NO


68002(top)}  2J70 1005 Norwich - Lowerstoft                      NO-LO

68005 (tail)}

68005(top)}  2J73 1057 Lowerstoft - Norwich                      LO-NO

68002 (tail)}

37422(top)} 2P20 1236 Norwich - Yarmouth                        NO-YA


37419 (top)} 2P21 1317 Yarmouth - Norwich                       YA-NO


37422(top)} 2J80  1455 Norwich - Lowerstoft                      NO-LO


37419 (top)} 2J83 1548 Lowerstoft - Norwich                      LO-NO


68002(top)}  2P28 1640 Norwich - Yarmouth                       NO-YA

68005 (tail)}

68005(top)}  2P29 1717 Yarmouth - Norwich                       YA-NO

68002 (tail)}

90013  1800 Norwich - Liverpool St                                      NO-ST


321315}  1730 Liverpool St - Norwich                                  ST-DI


90010  1900 Norwich - Liverpool St                                      DI-LS

350256            2149 Euston - Birmingham                             EU-LB

90048  1S26 2340 Euston - Glas/Edin




Out East phot spot


14111668002yarr.jpg 68002 at Yarmouth after working the 1640 ex Norwich on 141116


14111637422yar.jpg Literally to the blocks, 37422 at Yarmouth with the 1736 ex Norwich on 141116



14111637419yar.jpg 37419 at Yarmouth prior to deaprture with the 1817 to Norwich on 141116


14111668005nor.jpg 68005 with blue/grey mk IIe's at Norwich late on 141116


15111668002yar.jpg 68002 approaches Yarmouth semaphores with the 0755 ex Norwich on 151116


15111637422acr.jpg Acle loco hauled train pass with 68005 Norwich bound and 37422 Yarmouth bound on 151116


15111668005lowr.jpg 68005 at a very wet Lowerstoft with the 1057 to Norwich on 151116


15111637422norr.jpg 37422 at Norwich prior to working the 1455 to Lowerstoft on 151116


15111637419lowr.jpg 37419 prior to an atmospheric run back to Norwich with the 1548 departure from Lowerstoft on 151116


15111690001r.jpg 90001 rests at Diss with the 1730 Liverpool St - Norwich on 151116



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