Lost Infrastructure - Rugby North Bays

The real Rugby station once had busy bay platforms at the North end of the station numbered platform 3, 4, 5 and 6. These would have seen local services to Birmingham, Leicester, Leamington and the Trent Valley. Beeching's mid 60's line closures saw the loss of Leicester and Leamington services but as late as 1986 as shown below they had a good few local services using class 303, 304, 310, 321 and 323 units down the years. Parcels trains regularly stopped over in the North bays too.


A freight stock exhibition in July 86 saw withdrawn but still a classic exhibit in 40013 have company with 25901 in platform 6. The 2004 "improved" timetable saw Rugby loose the majority of its terminating services but the 2 surviving bay lines (platform 3 and 6) were used as stabling for West Coast "thunderbirds" and sometimes up to 6 Freightliner "sheds".


1996rugbywebr.jpgRugby station track plan, mid 90s





Rebuilding of Rugby station which finished in 2006 saw the bays track ripped up and the whole area between the main island platforms filled with tons of spent ballast..This is how the former bays remain today, obviously the huge ballast area now has buddleia and weeds growing, surely the spare land could be put to better use?


May - Sep 86 timetable Mon-Fri

0600 Rugby - Birmingham

0635 Rugby - Stafford (via TV)

0710 arr - 0621 ex Birmingham

0725 Rugby - Birmingham

0846 arr - 0742 ex Stafford (via TV)

0931 Rugby - Stafford (via TV)

1148 arr - 1041 ex Stafford (via TV)

1220 Rugby - Stafford (via TV)

1624 Rugby - Birmingham

1655 arr - 1533 ex Stafford (via TV)

1719 Rugby - Stoke (via TV)

1743 arr - 1651 ex Birmingham

1841 arr - 1751 ex Birmingham

1946 arr - 1840 ex Stafford (via TV)

North Bay phots

240782304028webr.jpg304028 with a Rugby - Brum afternoon service on 240782

290583310080n303050webr.jpg310080 and 303050 probably off Brum/Trent valley turns on 290583

12078625901webr.jpgA soggy Rugby North bay of 25901 with exhibition wagons on an adjacent bay on 120786

12078640013n25901webr.jpgAfter starring in a Railfreight exhibition 40013 shelters from the Rugby rains on 120786

0605953040321420rucrwebr.jpgWith the overall roof looking superb 304032 awaits departure time from platform 6 with the 1420 Rugby - Crewe on 060595

0605953040021720crrugwebr.jpgBy 1995 the middle platform had lost its tracks. 304002 rests in platform 3 of the North bay after working the 1720 Crewe - Rugby on 060595


24070487015n47840webr.jpg87015 on thunderbird duties in the North bay on 240704




47840 on thunderbird duties in platform 2 of the North Bay on 240704

The old overall roof has gone in this view of 66602 and Freightliner classmates at the North Bay on 240704

The former bay platform 3 has 64H's 66608 stabled on 240704

Rugby's North bays have seen a great variety of both unit and loco power, but for the last 12 years the site of where the busy bays once stood, they have become a field of empty ballast, progress....!


Any more Rugby North bay memories to share?

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