More St Pancras 47’3s



Thanks to “MIB” –“I have looked through my records and I don't have many entries for 47/3's into St Pancras just the following”:


Sat 04/09/76: TO 47321 1T40 0735 St Pancras to? It got at least as far as Leicester.NEW!


Mon 06/11/78: T0 47365 1700 St Pancras to Bedford. NEW!


Wed 13/06/79: TO 47366 5J88 St Pancras to Cricklewood am ecs.


Fri 15/06/79: TO 47322 5J88 St Pancras to Cricklewood am ecs.


Mon 01/10/79: TO 47330 1754 St Pancras to Bedford.


Tue 24/06/80: TO 47359 2C12 0638 Bedford to St Pancras.


Sun 29/06/80: CD 47348 1M49 1822 St Pancras to Manchester Piccadilly.


Sun 31/08/80: TE 47361 1M49 1822 St Pancras to Manchester Piccadilly.


Fri 10/07/81: CD 47356 1P09 1004 St Pancras to Derby.


Sat 18/07/81: BS 47344 + 45139 1C08 0710 Derby to St Pancras.


Sun 16/08/81: BS 47377 1M51 0945 Manchester Piccadilly to St Pancras and 1M49 1822 St Pancras to Manchester Piccadilly.NEW!


Sat 19/06/82: CD 47357 1C59 1410 Derby to St Pancras.


Fri 13/01/84: IM 47314 5A08 St Pancras to Cricklewood ecs.


Mon 20/08/84: IM 47370 0820 St Pancras to Nottingham and 1C21 1050 Nottingham to St Pancras vice HST. 


I had just returned from Scotland and was heading home after an overnight. I raked in two winning peds getting to Leicester for a tram home when I fell on my third winner for the morning. I did 47370 Leicester to Nottingham and back to Bedford so assume it made it to the terminus. 


Sun 12/12/04: 47355 1Z59 1400 Nottingham to St Pancras which I did from Bedford.


It is possible that the 47's on ecs duties arrived on passenger and worked ecs after being shunt released.


Our St Pancras 47’3 list now stands at 50 different 47’3s on confirmed passenger workings, ,not bad for a rare sub class under that famous station roof


Thanks again to “MIB” for the gen


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