Severn Valley Diesel Festival, May 16th -18th 2019

Well, we were all there and i think everybody enjoyed themselves. Whether it was 25185 thrashing up Eardington bank on load 8

or 46010 sounding like she was climbing Rattery. Add 33108, 40106, 55019, 821 and 1062 you had some more classic sounds.

47749 on the luxurious 5 coach Mk 3 rake did the business too, what a wonderful way to spend a couple of days.

A big thanks to all the sociable SVR volunteers without whom this event wouldnt have been possible....

16051946010webr.jpg46010 looking good prior to a decent thrash on the 1040 Kidderminster - Bridgnorth 160519

160519posterwebr.jpgHampton Loade had Regional Railways branding! and this superb Stafford scene mid 60's poster

16051931163webr.jpg31163 approaches Hampton Loade with the 1123 ex Kidder 160519

160519821webr.jpg821 at Arley with the 1211 ex Kidderminster 160519

16051955019webr.jpg55019 drones into Hampton Loade with the 1435 ex Kidderminster on 160519

16051925185bnwebr.jpg25185 running round at Bridgnorh 160519

16051946010hlwebr.jpg46010 approaches Hampton Loade with the 1523 ex Kidderminster 160519

16051925185webr.jpg25185 after a throaty thrash from Bridgnorth on the 1654 ex Bridgnorth 160519

17051925n46webr.jpg25185 and 46010 looking good at Kidderminster 170519

17051947749webr.jpg47749 approaching Hampton Loade with the 0935 Bridgnorth - Kidderminster 170519

1705191062webr.jpg1062 arrives at Highley with the 1518 Bridgnorth - Kidderminster 170519

17051940106webr.jpg40106 at Kidderminster with a late afternoon shuttle for Bewdley, 170519

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