SVR Diesel Gala May 2016

The initial huge disappointment that the star exhibit 40013 plus 26007 were not to work at the Gala was soon thrashed away

with the likes of 1015, 31452, 33035 and the 2 pair of 20's in full cry over the 2 days i was there. Good to see many old faces

too and everybody seemed to enjoy themselves. Yes the 4TC was a bit of a wedge but i've seen far worse on LM short formed

peak service....Many thanks to all at the SVR for a superb event. The new diesel shed at Kidder looks excellent too.

As far as i know, the following 21 locos all worked ...

1015, 3022, 4100, 20059/20188, 20142/20205, 31162, 31452,  33035, 37716, 46045, 50008, 50035, 50049, 55002, 55019, 66763, 68025, 73951, 73952

Highley, 190516

19051620059n188r.jpg Despite the new build South of the station, Highley station retains much charecter. 20059 and 20188

are arriving with the 1123 Kidderminster - Bridgnorth and made a fine racket on departure too!


Bewdley, 190516


19051668025r.jpg Crowd puller. Shiny new 68025 about to back onto the 4TC forming the 1556 Bewdley - Kidder, much tunnel noise en route!


Kidderminster, 200516


20051655019r.jpg Classic clag as 55019 leaves Kidderminster with the 0910 to Bridgnorth


Bewdley, 200516


20051655002r.jpg Viewed from 33035's service, 55002 approaches Bewdley with the 1211 Kidderminster - Bridgnorth. Trains generally crossed using the island platform

here making between connections/leaps a lot easier. Ironic as station staff in the past here have taken great pleasure in flagging off the Southbound service seconds after the Northbound

one has arrived with customers just leaping across the footbridge hoping too make it. .."old bashers never forget...!!!!"


Arley, 200516


20051673952r.jpg 73952 piloting 33025 arrives at Arley with the 1435 Kidderminster - Bridgnorth. Will 73'9 mania soon grip the nation..........!


A big thanks to all involved at the SVR , a fantastic few days...


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