Scottish loco hauled farewell, Jan 89


30 years ago the end was in sight for regular loco hauled services on the West Highland, Kyle, Highland, Aberdeen and Far North lines. A good few of us made the pilgrimage North and despite the imminent gloom of the introduction of 156's it was an entertaining enough week.


Friday January 13th 1989


At Leighton a "proper unit" in 310063 was viewed on a Euston service, our trusty 310's having few diagrams left locally. A dull 317309 took me North to the Keynes where the

2nd up Cobbler was joined with an even duller 86206 with Steve Chapman advising "we're bailing at Bletchley". Passing 85003 on "Cobbler" stock in Bletchley yard meant the 0747 ex Bletchley was joined!

After a leap to Soton with 73's and 47s it was back at Euston to join the 1420 Glasgow. This booked FO roarer turn got 85010 but with only load 7, unreserved seats were at a premium and rear facing dentist chairs had to do! Passing Bletchley 31457 was waiting with "Annie and Clarie" the Mk I's on the 1445 to Bedford yet again! The Fort William overnight portion was joined at Dumbarton with 37412 with 37411 forward to Stirling from Queen St.


063 0627 Bletchley-Euston

317309 0545 Euston-Northampton LB-MK

86206 1N74 0658 Northampton-Euston MK-BY

85003 1N26 0747 Bletchley-Euston BY-EU

73119} 0945 Waterloo-Poole WA-SO


47500 1M14 1040 Poole-Liverpool SO-BA

47473 1O49 0940 Exeter-Waterloo BA-WA

85035 1G33 1410 Euston-Birmingham

85010 1S95 1420 Euston-Glasgow (cleared 1000) EU-GC

31457 1445 Bedford-Bletchley

303025 2107 Bellgrove-Balloch GC-DU

37412 1D15 1810 Fort William-Euston DU-QS

37411 1D15 1810 Fort William-Euston QS-ST


13018985014webr.jpgRoaring beast 85014 with morning Cobbler ECS on 130189


13018973114n1340945wapowebr.jpg73114 and 73134 leave Soton with the 0945 Waterloo- Poole on 130189


130189475001040polplwebr.jpgGW green 47500 at "Bas" with the 1040 Poole - Liverpool on 130189



Saturday January 14th 1989


Much doss on the Internal overnight but when 47464 paused at Aviemore there was wet snow falling, this was the only snow we saw on the entire trip! At Inverness a baker's move saw us cross the Ness bridge, the river was running wild and fast just below our feet.

37421 took us North as we slumbered on, a surprise saw the Thurso branch engine 37415 join us at Brora having worked a ballast job South. The wastes of Sutherland were wild and barren with a few strips of snow confined to the very tops. 15 ft drifts we enjoyed at Fosinard in Jan 85 were nowhere to be seen! After a few phots in the sun at Wick, 37415 remaining at Georgemas Jn after arriving with the Thurso portion.

A quick leap at Inverness onto 47643 on the 1625 Glasgow on which we built up our doss hours further. A "shove duff" from Queen St to Edinburgh where 47439 was the dull portion power on 1V33 overnight to Plymouth.


47549 1L71 2330 Glasgow-Inverness ST-PE

47464 1H01 2325 Edinburgh-Inverness PE-IN

37421 2H61 0635 Inverness-Wick/Thurso IN-BR

37417 2H81 0655 Inverness-Kyle

37418 2H60 0558 Wick/Thurso-Inverness

37415} 2H61 0635 Inverness-Wick/Thurso BR-GE


37421 2H61 0635 Inverness-Wick/Thurso GE-WI

37421 2H62 1212 Wick-Inverness WI-IN

37419 2H63 1135 Inverness-Wick

47549 1A58 1800 Inverness-Aberdeen

47643 1T46 1635 Inverness-Glasgow IN-QS

47709 1O58 2030 Glasgow-Edinburgh QS-WA

47439 1C77 2150 Edinburgh-Plymouth WA-CA

47563 1M23 2240 Edinburgh-Euston

86435 1V33 2205 Glasgow-Plymouth CA-CA


14018937421wickr.jpg37421 at Wick with the 1212 to Inverness on 140189


140189476431625inglwebr.jpg47643 at Inverness prior to working the 1625 to Glasgow on 140189



Sunday January 15th 1989


86435 soon whined into Carstairs for a fast run to Carlisle. Here the single seated coach and sleeper coaches had 08911 as power with a solid basher consist apart from one woman and her kid. 85006 off the Glasgow portion then roared forward to Preston where more bashers joined us! 47459 was now our power heading off to Lostock Jn where the quoted "bombs" 20117 and 20065 were attached for the drag back to Wigan. I stirred again at Crewe with a line of electrics in the up bay platform with 86419 up front for our power South, 87101 was next in line to work the Sleepers only South.

The normal woman became curious at all the basher coming and goings and she seemed quite impressed by it all. She too was Leighton bound and on bailing off at the 317 i helped her and pushchair off here to a warm "thank you". A less warm normal day at home with the Mrs followed before joining the 2000 cart to Watford. Steve was already aboard 1S07 and bellowing out, he was in the Aberdeen rather than expected Inverness portion! The Inverness was a vile wedge the Aberdeen had plenty room.

47585 1M11 2250 Glasgow-Euston

08911 1M11 0115 Carlisle-Euston CA SHT

85006 1M11 2250 Glasgow-Euston CA-PR

47459 1M11 2250 Glasgow-Euston PR-CR

20117} 1M11 2250 Glasgow-Euston LO-WI


86419 1M11 2250 Glasgow-Euston (via BS/NO) CR-EU

317309 0815 Euston-Rugby EU-LB

317310 1836 Birmingham-Euston LB-WJ

86102 1S07 2100 Euston-Aberdeen/F.William (via Bir) WJ-ME


Monday January 16th 1989

After a solid night's doss it was 47439 again forward from Mossend to Aberdeen. Here we wandered over to the bus station for the rateable cafe. It was 13 degrees apparently, "nb" weather. 47641 was decent Scottish power on the 0740 Aberdeen - Inverness, for 37419 onwards to Kyle. The weather worsened as we headed West with a serious gale at Kyle causing problems for the Skye ferry docking on the ramp.

We took refuge in an otherwise deserted Kyle hotel bar and the meal gave grandstand views of the West Coast as it's worse with the wind blowing a heavy wheelie bin up the road and much rain. The waitress in typical West Coast laid back style saying the weather was "aye, just a "bit rough!".

So with darkness falling at 1500 we camped out in the stock of our return train like hundreds of bashers before us down the years! We departed at 1642 crossing 37414 at Garve. An evening move saw us joining an otherwise empty "non advertised" coach on the rear of 1M16 Inverness - Euston. At Aviemore we chatted to a skier who had resorted to doing the trains as the warm weather had "blowtorched" the Cairngorm snow. Later IS regular and personal favourite 47546 returned us South on a quiet "Internal overnight" to Queen St.



81009 1M23 2340 Edinburgh-Euston

47439 1S07 2100 Euston-Aberdeen ME-AB

47641 1H25 0740 Aberdeen-Inverness AB-IN

47537 2A78 0738 Inverurie-Aberdeen

47467 0600 Inverness-Aberdeen??

47541 1A44 0605 Inverness-Aberdeen

37419 2H83 1010 Inverness-Kyle IN-KY

47597 1M42 1035 Inverness-Euston

37420 2H60 0558 Wick/Thurso-Inverness

37414 2H82 1128 Kyle-Inverness

37419 2H84 1642 Kyle-Inverness KY-IN

47570 1M16 1935 Inverness-Euston IN-AV

47622 1H15 1803 Glasgow-Inverness AV-IN

47546 1T04 2340 Inverness-Edin/Glas IN-QS



16018937419kyl2h841642kyimnwebr.jpg37419 at a stormy Kyle with the 1642 to Inverness on 160189



Tuesday January 17th 1989


A cross platform walk, still half asleep at Queen St saw us aboard on the 0550 Fort William. The thrash in Cowlairs tunnel soon had us wide awake and we were soon exchanging gen with a good crowd of English bashers up for the final week of loco haulage in Scotland. Rumours of some of the Reading wreckers were up vandalising the stock were hopefully dud.

Near Fort William vast amounts of flood water were crashing through the Monessie Gorge, a walkers bridge had been smashed by the high waters.

37405 took us forward from Fort William to Mallaig where all was still after the storms of the previous days. A walk round the harbour, packed with the storm bound trawler fleet saw a young seal pup looking out for scraps! The return run was dark and boring with the same power. 26038 was on emcars turns at Queen St, but the planned Carstairs move was abandoned with gen the last portion was eh.


37404 1Y01 0550 Glasgow-Fort William QS-FW

37401 1T18 0840 Fort William-Glasgow

37405 2Y51 1005 Fort William-Mallaig FW-MA

37405 2Y54 1230 Mallaig-Fort William MA-FW

37412 1O16 1015 Glasgow-Fort William

37404 1T34 1445 Fort William-Glasgow FW-QS

47714 1A71 1925 Glasgow-Inverness QS-PE

47563 1B36 1815 Inverness-Edinburgh PE-ST

47711 1T48 1850 Dyce-Glasgow ST-QS

37402 1D15 1810 Fort William-Euston QS-ST



17018937405r.jpg37405 at Mallaig with the 1005 ex Fort William on 170189


17018926038ecsr.jpg26038 looking good at Queen St on emcars turns 170189


Wednesday January 18th 1989


The dreaded Blair Athol overnight followed where 50 odd bashers bailed! My colleague Steve was a lot more interested than sleepy me in that 47461 had been added at Pitlochry to assist an ailing 47467 on our overnight. Most of the bailers were Edinburgh bound for a quoted 37037 on a portion. We then did a repeat of Tuesday's move but leapt at lonely Tyndrum Upper. Compared with past winter Tyndrum treks this was a summers stroll down the trail to Tyndrum Lower perhaps for the last ever time.

37403 returned us South to Arrochar where we intercepted Railfreight grey 37423 on the morning Oban. The dreaded replacement super sprinter class 156 unit was parked up at Oban, whilst we opted to phot 37423.

Back in Glasgow a 26 was quoted for the last portion off Carstairs. Our moves to make this train involved various electrics to Oxenholme and back! At Oxenholme may mate got a withering for using the staff phone without permission but more importantly the call confirmed the 26 was still allocated. At Carlisle we had to sit near some very drunk Welsh rugby fans who were also Edinburgh bound. Their "keep your head down, Di" bellow as 90009 stopped at Lockerbie won sick comment of the month award, they nearly got a battering too! (the Pan Am 747 had come down at Lockerbie just 4 weeks earlier with heavy loss of life)

At Carstairs 26021 was attached for a noisy run to Edinburgh and a few open windows drowned out any more Welsh witterings. An overnight from Edinburgh saw 47470 storming through the night back to Inverness.


47604 1L71 2330 Glasgow-Inverness ST-PE

47563 1H01 2325 Edinburgh-Inverness PE-BA

47467 1T04 2340 Inverness-Edinburgh/Glasgow BA-QS

47641 1T04 2340 Inverness-Edinburgh/Glasgow PI-QS

37404 1Y01 0550 Glasgow-Fort William QS-TY U

37403 1T12 0810 Oban-Glasgow TY L-AR

37423 1Y11 0834 Glasgow-ObanAR-OB

37424} 1T18 0840 Fort William-Glasgow


37423 1T28 1250 Oban-Glasgow OB-QS

37406 1Y13 1204 Glasgow-Oban

86209 1M52 1710 Glasgow-Euston GC-OX

86407 1S84 1820 Manchester-Glasgow OX-CA

90009 1S87 1315 Brighton-Glas/Edin CA-CA

26021 1S87 1315 Brighton-Edinburgh CA-WA

47470 1H01 2325 Edinburgh-Inverness WA-IN


180189374231250obglwebr.jpgRailfreight grey 37423 at Oban with the 1250 to Glasgow QS on 180189


18018947549webr.jpg47549 at Carstairs stabled against the ole train on 180189



Thursday January 19th 1989


At Inverness we stocked up with provisions before 47644 returned us South. We finally hit

daylight around 0900 at a grey Drumochter. Glasgow and Carlisle followed where 47444

was in with the 1242 Leeds.

With the "S and C" then up for imminent closure the journey was depressingly slow. This was due to many PW checks on a track bed that was not now going to be repaired. A Trans Pennine storm from Leeds behind 47443 improved the mood, as did a rattling, shacking DMU on the Stockport-Stalybridge service. 90012 on a Manchester - Euston was the final power home.

47636 1A41 0110 Perth-Aberdeen

47644 1T36 0655 Inverness-Glasgow IN-QS

37414 2H61 0635 Inverness-Wick

37412 1Y21 1015 Glasgow-Fort William

86418 1O20 1050 Glasgow-Brighton CE-CA

47444 1E11 1242 Carlisle-Leeds CA-LE

47508 1M43 1045 Leeds-Carlisle

47443 1M76 1420 Newcastle-Liverpool LE-SB

54261} 1706 Stalybridge-Stockport SB-ST


90012 1A70 1730 Manchester-Euston ST-MK

317303 1910 Northampton-Euston MK-LB


19018947642webr.jpgScotrail branded 47642 at Carstairs on 190189


190189474441242calewebr.jpg47444 at Carlisle with the 1242 Leeds. S n C services were down to 2 a day at this time, 190189.


Total Loco haulages (46)


08911, 20065/20117, 26021, 37402, 37404, 37405, 37411, 37412, 37415, 37419, 37421, 37423, 47439,

47443, 47444, 47459, 47464, 47470, 47473, 47500, 47546, 47549, 47563, 47570, 47604, 47622, 47641,

47643, 47644, 47709, 47714, 73119, 73134, 85003, 85006, 85010, 86102, 86206, 86209, 86407, 86418,

86419, 86435, 90009, 90012


Total Mileage 5057.95


"TC" was also in Scotland for part of January and although we came close on 1S07 with 86102 and on the up internal behind 47467/641 our paths never crossed! Read his excellent write up here.



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