Spa Valley Diesel gala, Sat August 1st 2015

Another excellent gala down Eridge way with an intensive timetable that held up,

loads of thrash, good weather, sociable crowd and volunteers, not forgetting a gutsy little "rat" stealing the show for me.



01081537254r.jpg 37254 leaves Groombridge with the 1015 ex Eridge, "tractors" look good in this Inter City sleeper livery.

0108151133r.jpg Visiting Lavender Line thumper 1133 (also 1121) in Groombridge loop

01081525262r.jpg The main event! 25262 arrives at a sunny Groombridge prior to the climb up to High Rocks and Wells.

0108159539r.jpg 9539 again in Groombridge loop

01081520098r.jpg 20098 once a Scottish machine in Tunbridge Wells shed. The buffer beam script reads Inverurie (Works) 7/2/67. This was 20098's first excursion from her GCR Loughboro base.

01081525262er.jpg 25262 in late afternoon sun at Eridge. "Rail UK forums" sponsored the event, so a big thanks to them too. This excellent forum is linked here

01081573140r.jpg Now back in the late 70's/early 80's if i'd have been told umpteen years later you would get a good crowd all enjoying a day of thumper thrash

i would have gone oh yer!!! Heres 1133/1317 making a quite a racket leaving Eridge with the ED (73140 now in NSE) dead in tow and quite a crowd enjoying it!!!...


20098 and 25262 are also expected to feature in the 23/24 October 2015 Spa Valley event

Spa Valley Link here


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