Spa Valley Gala action, Friday 1st August

The Friday of diesel galas offers the advantages of a lack of wedge and more chance of having a front coach seat to enjoy Sulzer sounds a plenty. The locos were worked hard, the sun shone and everybody enjoyed themselves.

Tunbridge Wells

01081437254r.jpg  37254 looking very smart in “Inter City” livery once carried by her Sleeper engine classmates


01081433202gr.jpg 33202 probably the loudest loco of the day in Groombridge loop with a Tunbridge Wells service. The guards van had a generator to power the buffet

01081433202gror.jpg 33202 again with an Eridge bound service approaching the loop at Groombridge.


01081426038er.jpg Afternoon sun on the 6LDA’s immaculate 26038 in Eridge bay prior to a thrash to Tunbridge Wells

01081431206r.jpg Rushden’s 31206 at Eridge after a run from Tunbridge Wells. Unfortunately this loco failed later that evening


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