Strathspey Diesel day, Saturday Nov 2nd 2019

Despite the rain and more rain this was one of my most enjoyable diesel days

for some year. Decent power, quality stock, sociable volunteers, real stations,

decent scenery what more could you want?

0211192774r.jpgNorth British shunter D2774 have a really loud engine quite a beast. She

has drawn kettle 46512 out with the load 6 rake of MkII/I's to preheat the stock


021119dmur.jpgFormer Bedford - Bletchley 117s 51367, 59511 and 51402 arrive at Boat of

Garten with the 1030 from Aviemore


02111927050r.jpgThe star performer the loud, claggy 27050 back at Aviemore with the 1030 from Broomhill


02111926002n025r.jpg26002 and 26025 were specially shunted out of Boat of garden shed for us to see these fine "teacups"


02111908r.jpg08490 produced with a sedate throb on the 1140 Aviemore - Broomhill. This 08 ended her days as a Thornton

Jn machine


02111908br.jpg08490 runs round at Boat of Garten to form the 1115 back to Aviemore


02111927050br.jpg27050 at Boat with the 1510 Broomhill - Aviemore


02111931r.jpg31327 arrives at Boat with the 1715 ex Aviemore


02111931br.jpgSporting an unusual headlight, 31327 back at Aviemore with the 1810 ex Broomhill


A big thank you to all the Strathspey volunteers that made this event such a success, hopefully in 2020 again!


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