700 unit visits Sundon loop, April 2018

This new freight loop commissioned on August 9th 2015 with just 1-2 freights normally using it daily. 66111 and 66110

(top and tail) with the "Missing Link" railtour on 170318 was the first loco hauled passenger train to visit

the loop. The first EMU to visit the loop followed on 050418 as detailed below. 


700041 got to Flitwick with 1W41 1440 Bedford - Brighton on 050418 with the driver reporting he only had 10%

battery power left. Advised to continue, only to totally expire on arrival at Harlington and passengers were detrained here.

The failed unit was eventually pushed out the way into Sundon Up Loop by fellow unit 700054 that ran 1Z99 ECS from Bedford.

The up slow was blocked for 3 hours as a result. Although not normally available for electric traction an 8 car length of Sundon

loop is wired for such contingency. Recovery back to Bedford Caudwell by 700054 dragging 700041 at 5mph max speed (16 cars!) for the

13 mile trip with pans down on 700041 was completed overnight on 070418 .


Thanks to "TC" and "RM" for the gen.

Rare track phot, ta to "RM"


700054 with failed 700041 behind stand at the North end of Sundon up loop, 050418.