W55019/TDB975042 remembered

Think of 55019 and "Deltic" Royal Highland Fusilier comes to mind. We had are our departmental "bubble" in 55019/TDB975042

which was part of the local rail scene for over 35 years.

Gloucester RCW built class 122 DMBS W55019 was largely Tyesley based from delivery in 1958 working local services throughout the

West Midlands including Wolverhampton Low Level - Birmingham Snow Hill, Stourbridge Jn - Stourridge Jn, Stratford on Avon

and turns across other long closed lines like Wellington - Much Wenlock and beyond. The single car unnit due decreasing passenger work

was an early conversion to departmental service with the unit renumbered TDB975042/DB975042 for use as a route learning vehicle.

From sample departmental turns listed below the all over blue unit ranged much of the unit from her Bletchley depot base.

Sample turns/sightings

November 24th 1971 - Guide Bridge - Wath/Tinsley via Woodhead route learner  

17th June 1973 - stabled Bletchley TMD

2nd February 1975 - stabled Bletchley TMD

June 29th 1984 - Preston route learning trip

April 21st 1987 - Hereford route learning trip

December 10th 1988 Branch passenger service!

After 54271/51909 had failed earlier in the  day a loco hauled

branch service had been provided by 31463 and the 2 coach "spare"

BSK/CK rake affectionally known as "Annie and Clarie". Unfortunately the

"spare set" had failing batteries so with no lighting Bletchley TMD

didnt hire a bus, like LM today,  but kicked out departmental TDB975042

as the tractor unit with demic 54271/51909 for passenger accommodation!.

The unlikely trio worked initially

1645 Bletchley - Bedford

1737 Bedford - Bletchley and the rest of the evening service.

Despite its blue livery, little lighting and few seats several "normal" passengers

tried to board the locked out departmental unit at Bedford Midland!

August 12th 1991 Bedford - Bletchley route learner

August 30th 1991 Bletchley - Bedford passenger turns again!

January 31st 1999 - stabled Bletchley TMD

November 18th 2005 Aylesbury - Marylebone Sandite turn

October 30th 2006 Aylesbury - Marylebone Sandite turn

February 9th 2007 stabled Aylesbury

The unit in NSE days even received NSE livery, then Railtrack brown, before finally the bright Network Rail yellow.

She saw her final years working out of Aylesbury until 2007 before being used as a source of spares for the large "bubble"

fleet there.  In September 2011 she was moved with maroon liveried W55024 providing traction back to her original Tyesley

home. Road transfer to Cynheidre, South Wales came with her purchased for preservation at the "Llanelli and Myndd Mawr Railway"

came in July 2012. It is hoped the former 55019/DB975042 will be returned to original green livery and seating layout.

TDB975042 phot spot

Bletchley station, 300891 Thanks to Mark Beal

300891975042r.jpg A rare view of NSE livered TDB975042 in the consist of an afternoon Bletchley - Bedford service

Bletchley TMD, 310199 Thanks to Mark Beal

310199975042r.jpg TDB975042 rests down the back of Bletchley TMD

Bletchley TMD, 130200 Thanks to Mark Beal

130200975042r.jpg In Railtrack brown TDB975042 is stabled at Bletchley depot, her home from 1973-2002

Aylesbury, 181105

181105bubsr.jpg TDB975042 and maroon W55024 prior to working a Sandite turn to Aylesbury via Wendover

Aylesbury, 090207

090207bubsr.jpg  A panoramic view of a snowy Aylesbury taken from County Hall. The yellow TDB975042 is centre stage

with a fine variety of departmental bubbles and the 117 "green goddess" alongside. With little departmental stock now stabled at Aylesbury

station just a solitary 168 os the normal fare today, not quite as rateable!


Aylesbury, 081107


08110755019r.jpg TDB 975042 again on the Aylesbury line possibly withdrawn by this time, taken November 2007


Must be more 55019/TDB975042 memories/photos to share?


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