Tony Ewer's class 87 phots 1984 - 2004

Tony sadly died in September 2020. I inherited from him 2 car loads of photo albums and

thousands of slides amongst other bits. Scanning these images will take me months if not

years but recently i completed his 87 prints and slides. A selection below.

Tony eased up on bashing by the late 80s as it became duller with sectorisaton but he then

spent many hours photting local power at a huge variety of local locations,

until the early 2000s. Then he became a keen station scratcher doing an awful lot of shacks

right up to February 2020 when ill health saw him forced to stop his travels.......

30068487006wowebr.jpg87006 looks good in large logo at Wolverhampton on June 30th 1984

090685870271557woeuwebr.jpg87027 the superbly named "Wolf of Badenoch" at Coventry with the

1557 Wolves - Euston on June 9th 1985


22058887035pitstoneupwebr.jpgStill in blue livery 87035 howls South at Pitstone on May 22nd 1985,

probably taken with a zoom lens from the canal towpath.


25059287029n478130047splplmiltonearnestwebr.jpgWhat no wires! 87029 is dragged North by 47813 on a booked diversion forming the 0947 St Pancras

to Liverpool, the 87 having worked to Bedford and again forward from Nuneaton on May 25th 1992.

Photted at Milton Earnest , North of Bedford


060193870191710lpeuwebr.jpg87019 from an elevated position, possibly the station car park at the Keynes with the

1710 Liverpool - Euston on January 6th 1993


010593870010940eulpwebr.jpgTony had various spots just South of Tring station, here he stops 87001 "Royal Scot"

superbly with the 0940 Euston - Wolves on May 1st 1993


20119387101dudwebr.jpgTony also liked Dudswell (North of Berko) and was lucky enough to catch 87101 on the up

China clay empties on November 20th 1993


060694870181705eulpsotringwebr.jpgTaken from the field where the model planes now fly is 87018 storming North with the

1705 Euston - Liverpool on June 6th 1994


280894870211405eulpstaffwebr.jpgThe driver checks for the off on 87021 at Stafford with the 1405 Euston - Liverpool

on August 28th 1994


14059587035pitwebr.jpg87035 crosses the arched canal bridge at Pitstone on May 14th 1995. Quite unusual to

see a light 87 locally then


030989870121352woeuwolvertonwebr.jpg"Near Wolverton" 87012 heads South dragging a broken DVT atop its train on September 3rd 1999


14070487033webr.jpgInto 2004 and the WCML is changing, a "shanty town" has been developed behind the train here for

upgrading work, the original Ledburn Jn is just plain track now as Virgin liveried 87033 howls North on July 14th 2004


More of Tony's excellent images to follow with time...


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