Up Scotland, March 2015

 A far too quick trip North of the border to sample the sleeper under Scotrail operation for the last time.

Coincided with a good dump of fresh snow from Gleneagles to Achnashellach ....Sample the sleeper before

it perhaps becomes even more of a  "yuppie express" on April 1st.

03031567015avr.jpg The snow still covers the Aviemore semaphores as 67015 awaits departure time. March 3rd 2015

03031526025r.jpg 26025 at Aviemore Strathspey awaits the thaw! March 3rd 2015

03031567015br.jpg Was pleased to get old WSMR/Chiltern legend 67015 "Dave" back to the "ness" again. "Spring" weather aplenty on March 3rd 2015!

03031508788r.jpg In time honoured style the Inverness pilot 08788 backs on to release the sleeper stock March 3rd 2015. From April 1st sleeper

stock heavy maintenance will no longer be carried out at Inverness, as far as i know. Progress.....


27018527055invr.jpg 27055 at a seriously wintry Inverness on January 27th 1985 with the 0805 Lairg papers


030315garver.jpg The weather looking a bit rough at Garve! March 3rd 2015



210686374170655ikr.jpg Better Garve weather on June 21st 1986 with 37417 on the 0655 Inverness - Kyle


030315158709r.jpg The classic Kyle scene except for the power. The snow was down to sea level on Skye. The power is 158709

having just arrived with the 0855 ex Inverness on March 3rd 2015. Early March still sees light loads with no rancid coach parties filling the train. After Easter

the vile wedges on the Kyle begin for 6 months...


04031543314r.jpg 43314 with 43208 round the corner leaves Aviemore with the 0755 Inverness - Euston on March 4th 2015, the service is now part of "Virgin East Coast", more progress!.


040315cairnr.jpg The mighty Cairn Lochan from the path to Chalamain, a frozen Cairngorm world! March 4th 2015.


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