Up Scotland, January 2015

A quick trip North on the Sleeper returning South on Easy Jet. After the stormy weather the previous week i was rewarded with blue skies,

much snow, penetrating wind  and severe cold...Fantastic!


London Euston, 180115


18011590021r.jpg The sleepers power (90029) was miles off the end of platform 1 but this blocks view of 90021 in Scotrail livery was ok.


Dalwhinnie, 190115


19011567028dr.jpg  A different world at a very dark Dalwhinnie. Icicles hang from the door lights and a fair bit of snow too


Inverness, 190115


19011567028r.jpg Due to a delayed Kings X bound HST on the normal platform 1 67028 looks good on the blocks with 1S25


Kyle of Lochalsh, 190115


190115158720r.jpg The Kyle line has a magic of its own in winter, few tourists, no coach parties, highly recommended!


Aviemore, 200115


20011543313r.jpg 43313 with 43239 out of sight leave a freezing Aviemore with the 0755 Inverness - Kings X "Highland Chieftain"


200115coiregasr.jpg From the same footbridge viewpoint was this impressive view of the Cairngorms with sun rising behind the plateau


Carrbridge, 200115


200115158702r.jpg 158702 and classmate head North for Inverness with a  service from Edinburgh


Aviemore, 210115


21011526025n27106r.jpg The older order at the Strathspey shed with 26025 and 27106 which was moving around earlier on 2001.


Carrbridge, 210115


21011537610n611r.jpg 37610 tailing 37611 on a Carlisle - Georgemas empty flask working


21011537611n610r.jpg After a 40 minute check for passing units 37611 leaves Carrbridge on the climb to Scholdt.


22011566427r.jpg Carrbridge is a freight hotspot it seems, as 20 minutes later, with a freindly toot, 66427 passes with the Inverness - Mossend "Tesco empties"


Archive Aviemore, 070499


070499477792130euivr.jpg 47779 at Aviemore with the 2130 Euston - Inverness sleeper in April 99. From April 2015 Serco replace Scotrail on the sleepers and a rumoured interim move may see 47's back on some sleeper duties. The privitised railway!


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