Up Scotland, Jan 2018

Sunday Jan 14th 2018

1S25 beckoned with 92033 up front of a shortened 14 coach rake. The consist was made up of

10548, 10613, 10688, 10507, 10648, 6705, 9801, 10722, 10529, 10690, 10561, 10650, 6700 and 9804.

For me it was 9804 as my bed for the night, the seated coach was half full but a pretty quiet consist

aboard. As usual the temperature ranged from extreme heat to cold to extreme heat making decent

doss difficult.

14011892033webr.jpg 92033 at Euston's platform with 1S25 the 2057 to Inverness, FW and Aberdeen


Monday Jan 15th 2018

At Edinburgh where we arrived 10 early, DB red 67018 was soon attached and much better doss followed

with sensible heat coming from the skip and melodous thrash across the lowlands. I stirred at Dalwhinnie and

was disappointed to see no snow on the platforms or ground visible in the dark. A few commuters joined

at Kingussie and by Schlodt in daylight there was a reasonable cover of old snow around. A few phots at

Inverness, then i festered for the 1045 Inverness - Edinburgh which until recently was booked a pair of 158's.

170455! was then joined to Aviemore where 27050 was photted, looking good at the Strathspey depot.

The Kingussie afternoon leap coincided with the quoted snow dropping down to railway levels and on 170455

back it was snowing hard even at Inverness.

15011867018webr.jpg 67018 at Inverness after a good run from Edinburgh on 150118

15011827050webr.jpg 27050 at Strathspey Aviemore 150118

150118170451webr.jpg The guard questions my sanity! phooting 170451 at Kingussie on 150118

Tuesday Jan 16th 2018

I was relieved to see all trains running although most had a good covering of snow on arrival at Inverness. S25

arrived right time at Inverness which was commendable considering the ongoing heavy snow. A surprise in 73967

and 73971 as power rather than the booked "skip". 158701 which was lightly loaded past Dingwall on the 0855 Kyle

with heavy snow most of the way. 158717 was the return power. The Kyle line in winter is a must, the Highland

scenery at its best with no coach parties of wittering Watford pensioners to kill the atmosphere on board either.

An evening foray to view the 73's on 1M16 followed.

16011873967n971webr.jpg 73967 and 73971 are a surprise arriving on 1S25 at Inverness on 160118

160118158701webr.jpg 158701 at a snowy Kyle with the 0855 ex Inverness on 160118

160118158717webr.jpg With plenty snow up front 158717 arrives at Kyle on 160118

Wednesday Jan 17th 2018

43208 and 43320 were joined on the 0755 Inverness - Kings X. We crossed a slightly late S25 Sleeper at Carrbridge

with 67018 covered in snow up front! At Aviemore the snow was falling hard adding to the "mental" cover of over a

foot. After a few bus moves and trail walks i awaited at Aviemore the 1036 Edinburgh - Inverness which again, until recently

was booked 2 x 158. 170454! then arrived for more struggling through the snow to Inverness. An Invergordon coastal move

raked in 158704 and 158720 for the year.

17011843320webr.jpg 43320 with 43208 lost in the snow leaves Aviemore with the 0755 Inverness - Kings X on 170118

170118tractorwebr.jpg These "tractors" get everywhere! An Aviemore specimen on 170118

Thursday Jan 18th 2018

S25 was photted arriving with S25 on what was a sunny but frosty Inverness morning. The airport bus, then Easy Jet's

G-EZDI was my power back to lovely Luton. Unfortunately i didn't have my camera to hand but on taking off we looked

down on the mighty Culloden viaduct standing proud in the snow.

Buses home to Leighton, including a totter along the "waste of money" busway saw me back in Leighton just after 4, another

Scottish adventure over...    

18011867018webr.jpg  67018 arrives at Inverness with S25 on 180118

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