Up Scotland Dec/Jan 2017

2 trips North of the border, the first one not even seeing Scotland in daylight!

Dec 2016 leap

News that 87002 had worked S26 North on December 23rd meant that she should return from Glasgow late on December 27th. After protracted negotiations for a pass out and buying expensive advances we were booked.

Around 1320 at Leighton we started the journey North behind 350129/113 which was the start of the rubbish power Northwards. A wedged 390008 took us to Bir Int'l and as the Trent Valley was shut on one of the busiest days of the year we awaited the 1420 Euston - Glasgow Northwards here.  390016 soon arrived and was thankfully pretty quiet to Crewe as we took the Aston/BS/Bushbury Jn route at low speed.

Once North of Carlisle the train was quiet again and we stared at the darkness which was the Southern Uplands passing. With thanks to "Red Cow's" gen there was time at Glasgow Central for a quick leap of better quality than the last 350 miles!

320412}  2052 Glasgow - Lanark                  Glasgow Central - Motherwell


320305     2121 Lanark - Glasgow C              Motherwell - Glasgow Central


Was good to have the old Silverlink 321's North of the border! Returning on the up service 1M11 Glasgow portion was already in with, to much joy, 87002 up front. A few pints in the atmospheric station bar, then aboard the sleeper seats which are directly behind the "seven".


271216321412n7webr.jpg Former local 321's now 3 car 320412/417 at Glasgow Central with the 2052 to Lanark, 271216


27121687002ar.jpg Thats whats it all about 87002 on 1M11 at Central late on 271216


27121687002br.jpg 87002 about to scream South on 1M11, 271216


We left right time and after hearing 002 screaming out of Motherwell i dossed out. I woke a few times to hear her screaming and later in the night arcing on frosty wires. We again were diverted via Brum so we passed Leighton just after six for a right time arrival in Euston. An excellent last loco for the year.


28121687002r.jpg 87002 on arrival at Euston's blocks early on 281216.




Jan 2017 leap


On Sunday January 8th i joined 1S25 for its 2057 departure from Euston. This time 87002 was on the blocks with the emcars, 90046 powering. A fairly quiet seated sleeper

section meant a reasonable doss. Single line working in the Beattock area meant a 50 minute delay which was never fully recovered by the forwarding duo 66733 and an etheling 73971. These "ED's" sound weird in ETH ethel mode.


The Moves:


090117 Mo


90046  2057(8/1) Euston - Inverness            Euston - Waverly (via Northampton)

66733}  2057 (8/1) Euston - Inverness          Waverly - Inverness

73971} (eh only)

158731}  1045 Inverness - Edinburgh         Inverness - Aviemore


158708}  1036 Edinburgh - Inverness         Aviemore - Inverness



09011773971n66733r.jpg 73971 and 66733 at Inverness after the gronk had released the stock of 1S25 on 090117.


09011726025r.jpg  26025 and 27050 stabled outside the shed at Aviemore Strathspey on 090117


100117 Tu


158711  0855 Inverness - Kyle                      Inverness - Kyle

158706  1346 Kyle - Inverness                      Kyle - Inverness


100117158706r.jpg The magic of Kyle, 158706 arrives with the 1100 ex Inverness, 100117


110117 We


43300} 0755 Inverness - Kings X                 Inverness - Aviemore


158704}  1036 Edinburgh - Inverness         Aviemore - Inverness           



110117nedr.jpg Fresh snow blowin about in the Cairngorms!

110117170454r.jpg 170454 leaves a wintry Kingussie with the 1447 Inverness-Glasgow on 110117


120117 Th


66740} 1S25


12011766740r.jpg 66740 with 73966 etheling arrives at Inverness with 1S25 on 120117.


G-EZAI                                  Inverness Airport - Luton Airport


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