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Mar 20 update --Logs phots 1978 - 2021

20 quality phots from 12 top "logs" contributors form the very last Leighton Logs update. Thank you and good night!

Feb 26 update --The Tyne Valley Express tour from March 87

OPhots,memories and Gen on this memorable tour taking 27s South of the border and more.

Feb 26 update ---Anglia Day Ranger, July 83

"MIBS" memorable Day Ranger bash with many nb's, phots and a loco failure nr Broxbourme!

Feb 26 update ---Meeting at Girvan, Spring 85

A bleary eyed Girvan bail, Detailed gen, memories and phots of a day in Scotland, Spring 85, thanks to "TC".

Feb 26 update ---Guy Kendrick's Cambrian day out in Sep 85

Detailed gen , memories and phots of 37 action on the Cambrian in Sep 85

Feb 26 update ---The "cans" last moves in 2021, 55 years of service comes to an end Sep 85

Detailed gen and 10 phots of local class 86'6 action in Jan/Feb 2021

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Jan 27 update ---Inverness - Aberdeen Part Two the early 80s

Gen on thise happy days when 26's and 27's worked "over the top" . Loads of gen and 7 phots.

Jan 27 update ---Scotland June 82 Rover

Type 2/3 haulage, cab rides , depot visits memories and phots from a young Trev Rolfe

Jan 27 update ---The Summer 94 Cobblers

Detailed gen, memories and phots of the Summer 94 "Cobblers".

Jan 27 update ---Tony Ewer's class 87 phots

12 phots, 12 different locations, 11 different "sevens" from the late tony Ewer

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March 31st 2021. After then no updates will be possible but the site will hopefully remain as a reference source. Watch this space!!!!

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Dec 24 update ---The Christmas Cracker from Dec 83

Moves and 12 phots for the day before, after and the epic Christmas Cracker tour itself!

Dec 24 update ---18th August 1984 moves and gen

Moves and phots from 7 different bashers, from Aberystwyth to Ayr, 25044 is popular!

Dec 24 update --- the 1638 Waterloo - Yeovil remembered

Part one featuring Crompton action on this top train, 87 different Cromptons, phot and consist gen too

Dec 24 update ---Inverness - Aberdeen line memories and gen

Part One featuring the 120 DMUs , Bubbles and loco hauled workings 1960-80.

Dec 24 update ---More 310 phots

4 more phots and a fast run log too!

Nov 28 update ---Scotland, 2 days in Aug 83

Moves and 4 phots from the late Tony Ewer, incl a 20 on the West Highland and many Forres leaps!

Nov 28 update ---Cromptons on the Marches 1981 onwards

Well an awful lot have worked the Marches, loads of phots too, ta to Dave Spencer for much of the gen.

Nov 28 update --- Luchtime at Sharnbrook

phots and gen from A January lunchtime at Sharnbrook with 7phots incl the Garston "fletliner".

Nov 28 update ---Class 310 phots 1970-2001

10 phots of our much missed 310 units 1970-2001.

Nov 28 update ---The Local archive - new feature

Gen on a daily basis of local workings from Feb 83, plenty phots too!

Oct 24 update ---Toton North and beyond, 231081

44 locos in 3 hours at Toton North, moves gen, memories and 7 phots from the day

Oct 24 update ---Rats on the Marches 1976-86

Memories of late 70's Marches moves, 134 different rats feature, 6 phots too.

Oct 24 update --- Loco hauled to Dorridge in Feb 87

Dave Spencers classic gen of 45066 on the 1745 Moor St - Dorridge in Feb 87 and more with phots too.

Oct 24 update ---New St Crompton list reaches 88!

Additional gen and phots on New St Cromptons from Logs readers.

Oct 24 update ---The prolific 0700-0800 phot session locally

Gen and phots of the 0700 - 0800 session locaaly which normally produces class 66, 86 (x4), 92 and 319s

Sep 26 update ---40145 returns to local areas

40145 storms through Leighton on Sp 25th 2020, 4 phots from different locations and photographers

Sep 26 update ---Climbing the Lickey 1972-2006

Memories of epic, average and awful climbs of th Lickey bank, 31 different logs.

Sep 26 update --- Far North 26s in Feb 85

Dave Spencers epic Far North type 2 leaps, memories, detailed gen and phots

Sep 26 update ---1M16 phots in Lockdown and beyond

11 1M16 phots from Mar-Sep 2020 from many local phot spots.

Sep 26 update ---More New St Cromptons

3 more New St Cromptons added thanks to "TC" and Jason Warner

Sep 26 update --- Latest local 319 diagrams

Detailed local 319 diagrams, 100% availability needed!!! .

Aug 28 update ---New St Crompton variety

Gen on 84 different Cromptons (class 33) working into New St with 6 phots too

Aug 28 update ---Leicester depot variety down the years

This depot has seen an enormous variety of power, running to 30 different classes. Detailed gen and 5 phots.

Aug 28 update --- May 23rd 1986, a superb day for "roarers"

Memories, detailed gen and phots from the day.

Aug 28 update ---More S81 memories from Jeff Hawken

Jeff Hawkins S81 memories, some excellent gen here.

Aug 28 update ---A footex with a difference!.

Up the Dons!

July 25 update ---Dec 85 all line moves

Power variety with 43 locos incl class 08, 26, 27, 33, 47, 85, 86, 73 and many phots and much Gen

July 25 update ---"JF's" Scottish and North West moves, July 80

Class 26, 27, 33,37, 40, 46, 47, 55,81, 86 and 87 variety, many big one's, detailed gen.

July 25 update --- class 47'3s into St Pancras, more gen

Tasty St Pancras 47'3 gen from MIB.

July 25 update ---46013 loco history

Dave Spencer's 46013 memories,much gen incl 103 mph at Abbotswood on last run.

July 25 update ---85014 on a flying run, Sep88.

Detailed timings from Dave Spencer, 79m 55s net Euston - Birmingham

July 25 update ---local LNW 319 diagrams.

Full 319 diagrams, early start needed to get em in!

June 20 update ---N.W Gala day, Apr 25

Power variety in class 20, 26, 37 and 60s plus a massive grid out of Stoke on Apr 26th!. Gen and phots

June 20 update ---"TC's" Anglia Summer 83 moves

Class 31, 37, 40 and 47 variety, many big one's, phots and detailed gen.

June 20 update --- class 47'3s into St Pancras down the years

Always rare into Pancras, but heres a list of 47 of them! plus phots too.

June 20 update ---Leighton class 86'6s in June 2020

Detailed TOPS gen, Passing times, phots a plenty incl an oldie.

June 20 update ---Up London, May 62.

Classic London temini gen from Sep 62 with 7 27's at Pancras perhapsthe highlight,a phot too

May 22 update ---On the Mid, late July 1983

TC's detailed gen, memories and phots of a week on the "Mid" with 40050 at Leicester too!.

May 22 update ---The final Mids, Aug 83

GK's epic tales chasing 20,25,31,33,37,40,45,46,47,50,86,87 and a few "Bog carts" across the Midlands.

May 22 update --- Chasing the "ARC", May 89

Thanks to SK for three local phots of 56051 on the much missed "ARC".

May 22 update ---37190 remembered

A Landore then Eastfield workhorse,then preserved by the CFA. Memories and gen.

May 22 update ---Potters Bar log, May 1961

Just the 68 different locos in 4 hours!

Apr 24 update ---On the Mid, late July 1983

Guy Kendrick detailed gen, memories and phots ofa week on the "Mid" with class 25, 31 and 40 amongst others featuring in an entertaining read.

Apr 24 update ---On the Coast Sep 81

My first trip along "the coast" Moves, detailed gen and phots from a classic Summer Saturday on the coast in 1981.

Apr 24 update --- "TC's" classic gen from Anglia , Spring 1983

"Bashing on the cheap!" Memories and detailed gen, much steam heat and a few phots too. Qualitymoves in Anglia.

Apr 24 update ---47328 remembered

From Pompey to Inverness,shes shared a shed with Claytons and was a special machine for "TC" too.

Apr 24 update --- The Wolverton - OOC ECS train remembered

Part Two, 63 different workings from 5 different loco classes inclHydraulics, nice phot fromMark Beall too

Apr 24 update --- Chasing roarers with a few rats too, May 86

Phots, detailed gen and memories of an enjoyable day out in the West Midlands, May 27th 1986

Mar 28 update ---Anglia Loco haulage swansong, 2020

Detailed gen and phots of the 90s last month of service in Anglia,thanks to "TC" for much of this top gen.

Mar 28 update ---Steaming on Table 22 and London Bridge 33's

Moves, detailed gen and phots in Anglia on Nov 18th 1982. Followed by an evening on the London Bridge commuters

Mar 28 update --- "TC's" classic gen from Anglia , Autumn 1982

"Bashing on the cheap!" Memories and detailed gen, much steam heat.

Mar 28 update --- "TC'" chasing Cromptons on Route 89. May 88

Detailed moves gen fromMay 88 with a few phots as loco haulage on route 89. Pompey - Bristol/Cardiff comes to an end

Mar 28 update --- 7 phots from Ledburn on March 25th 2020!

A glorious sunny early morning at Ledburn sees much class 66, 86, 92 and 319 action,includes a phot and gen on a unique 4L89 early run!

Mar 28 update --- 5 phots of the BLS Crompton tour on March 9th 2020!

Phots, gen and memories of an enjoyable storm through the Chilterns with 33029,plus rare track and more!

Feb 21 update --- Crompton moves Summer 1985

Guy Kendrick's detailed gen, memories and phots of Cromptons with a few roarers and peaks plus Lickey banker memories too in Aug and Sep 1985

Feb 21 update ---Highland line gen 1958-2020

My detailed gen of 125 Highland line loco logs, phots, memories,failures and much more over 62 years of doing this superb line.

Feb 21 update --- 1S81 the 2050 carlisle - Perth top train!

More gen from Steve Kemp on this classic train,includes a rather tasty 25011 on 1S81!

Feb 21 update --- The Old Oak - Wolverton ECS turn that included a brake van!

Memories, gen and a few phots of this classic 70/80's working over Bletchley flyover

Feb 21 update --- Chiltern day out, loco bashing in 2020!

Guy Kendrick's excellent write up and a few phots of a Chiltern 68 bash on February 3rd 2020

Jan 30 update --- Summer Saturday in Anglia, Sat July 2 1983

"TC's" Detailed gen, memories and phots of a classic Summer Saturday in Anglia with 31, 37, 40 and 47 action aplenty

Jan 30 update ---1M86 the FO 1110 Truro - Manchester 1979-83 remembered

Steve Kemp's detailed gen of this classic through deisel turn that ran Fridays and someThursdays tool.

Jan 30 update --- The DRS class 20 Farewell tour on 18 Jan 2020!

Phots and gen of this good old fashioned classic tour

Jan 30 update --- The Mendip Artificer tour from Jan 84 more phots!

Thanks to Nicholas T Smith for some additional phots of this classic tour from Jan 84

Jan 10 update --- Summer Saturday on the "mid" Sat July 2 1983

Detailed gen, memories and many phots of a classic Summer Sunday in the Midlands. 2 contributors so more moves!

Jan 10 update --- Last 2019 haulages and first 2020 too!

Phots and gen of class 37, 40 and 57 seeing out the old and seeing in the new year

Jan 10 update --- 2019 new station scratches incl a rural class 37 served shack

Vintage gen, Derby Works Open Days 1964 and 1972, loads of power

Dec 7 update --- Summer Sunday up Brum, July 3 1983

Detailed gen, memories and many phots of a classic Summer Sunday in the Midlands.

Dec 7 update ---The Severn Valley Autumn railtour, Nov 2019

Railtour report with big "skips" on the WCMLand 10 phots.

Dec 7 update --- The Chiltern bubble remembered

Detailed history of the 2 Chiltern bubbles plus their preservation

Dec 7 update --- Derby Works Open day 1964 and 1972

Vintage gen, Derby Works Open Days 1964 and 1972, loads of power

Nov 4 update --- My 08 haulages on BR 1977-2000

Detailed gen of my BR 08 haulages with 7 phots too.

Nov 4 update ---The Bushey crash, Jan 75!

Detailed gen of the fatal Bushey crash involving 83003 and 86209

Nov 4 update --- A week Scottish Feb 81

Epic moves gen from Scotland, Feb 81

Nov 4 update --- Strathspey diesel day Nov 2019

9 phots of BRCW, EE and North British traction in article at the epic Strathspey galaon Nov 2nd 2019

Oct 2 update --- West Midlands in heavy snow, Jan 82

Gen, memories of the interesting traffic that made it through the heavy snow plus many phots

Oct 2 update ---1978 Motor show reliefs!

Detailed gen of Birmingham Intl's 20 plus reliefs and service train gen too!

Oct 2 update --- Last 313 bash on the GN , Sep 2019

Loads of Phots and gen on a mid week GN 313

Oct 2 update --- Leighton Logs helps 40012!

Traction article helps 40012

Aug 30 update --- Paddington Reliefs, Xmas 82

Gen, memories of the 15 reliefs out of Padd that Dec day, 9 phots incl class 08, 31, 45, 47 and 50

Aug 30 update --- North East reliefs, June 63

Detailed gen of reliefs to Saltburn, Redcar and Scarborough, much power variety in 1963!

Aug 30 update --- Anglia moves and gen, Aug 2019

14 Phots and gen incl class 37 and 90 action galore

Aug 30 update --- Archive Log phots and gen from Aug 2014

16 phots from May 84-Aug 14, plus much gen old and new!

July 30 update --- Getting them in, the Deltics

Detailed spotting records chasing Deltics in 1972 with 3 phots too

July 30 update --- The Coalville Cobbler from June 89

33058 thrashing down the WCML and a major open day too with loads of phots

July 30 update --- The excellent Glos-Warks diesel gala July 27th 2019

Phots and gen from a cracking day!

July 30 update --- July 2019 locally various phots of varied classes

Classes 37, 50, 66, 67, 68, 86, 90 and 92 plus a classic "roarer" phot from July 91

June 29 update --- Southern moves Sep 76, ta to "JF"

All history now, moves incl class 33, 71, 73, 74 plus 10 Crompton phots fromthe 70's and 80's

June 29 update --- Jan 89 Scottish moves from Mister C with thanks

37's all across Scotland, plus nb's and beer report too!

June 29 update --- The memorable Inter City deisel day from May 89

Exotic power Leicester - Wellinboro - Bedford - St pancras, many phots. What a day!

June 29 update --- Phots and gen from Severn Valley action in June 2019

Phots of class 40, 42 and 52 thrashing down the Severn Valley.

May 26 update --- Up Scotland, Jan 89 ta to "MIB"

In their last month of Highlands loco haulage, 37's galore with a few nbs too. 7 phots and many memories from "MIB"

May 26 update --- The "Fair Maid of Perth tour, Aug 86"

27's across the Central Belt, 40122 over Ais Gill and Beattok, detailed report and many phots

May 26 update ---The Severn Valley deisel festival May 2019

112 phots from an excellent couple of days up and down the Severn Valley.

May 26 update ---Class 91 gen for 040519

Detailed gen for May 4th 2019, incl phots with an excellent Mark Beal archive phot when they were new.

Apr 27 update --- Napier thrash on the breeze, Nov 81

A day out on Nov 27th 1981 with unit variety, 31, 37 and a mighty Deltic for haulage

Apr 27 update --- Chinnor deisel gala April 2019

2 daya at the superb Chiinor Gala, gen, memories and many phots

Apr 27 update ---Class 230 enters service

Class 230's join the variety of DMU classes that have worked the Bedford - Bletchley branch ,phots and gen.

Mar 30 update --- On the Mid, Aug 82

A few days on a "Mid" chasing type 2's across the Midlands, 12 phots incl class 20, 25 and 31

Mar 30 update --- Luton log , July 75

4 hours at Luton in July 75, detailed log with 25 locos viewed

Mar 30 update ---Rugby North bays remembered

Gen and 10 phots incl class 25,40,303,304 and 310 in the long lost North bay platforms.

Mar 30 update -The logs archive from March 2012

11 phots incl class 40,70,,86,87 and 90 plus detailed gen from March 2012 locally.

Mar 1 update --- Scottish loco hauled finale Jan 89

A week chasing 37s and 47s in their final weeks in Scotland plus a few 08's, 20's, 26 and 85! 10 phots too

Mar 1 update --- The Langley and Colnbrook tanks 1990-2018 finale

Thanks to "TC" for the gen and 7 phots of class 60s and 70s on the tanks

Mar 1 update ---Out East, Feb 2019

Chasing 37s and 90s across Anglia, Gen and 8 phots.

Mar 1 update - Lancaster log August 70

Detailed log of passing traffic, 40 locos in 4 hours.

Feb 3 update --- New Feature The Class 81 database

Featuring just the 96 class 81 phots!

Feb 3 update --- New Feature The Class 81 database

Featuring loads of class 81 articles, memories, speed logs and more!

Feb 3 update --- New Feature The Class 81 database

Over 5000 class 81 passenger workings from 60's to 1990..

Dec 23 update --- The Christmas "rat", Dec 69

A tale of 5213 to the rescue, Christmas Day 1969..

Dec 23 update --- The "Christmas Cracker" Tour, Dec 83

Memories and phots of 40028 and 40035 thrashing here and there, Jingles Bells at Worcester too!

Dec 23 update --- Class 37 bonanza, Dec 18

The week before Xmas brings 37038, 37602, 37606, 37716, 37884 plus 37050 archive phot too...

Dec 23 update --- Colchester Summer Saturday in 1960

Eye watering classic gen from Colchester in August 60, upteen class 24 and 31 and much more!

Dec 23 update --- Dortmund and beyond Dec 2018

A few days bashing in the Fatherland a V200 the highlight

Nov 27 update --- "TC's" all line rover, July 85

Memorables moves across the country, many nb happy memories from "TC"...

Nov 27 update --- Bletchley log July 64

Detailed logs of passing WCMLtraffic, many 24's and 40's plus umpteen kettles

Nov 27 update --- Out West, Nov 18

The down midnight, lonely shacks and South Devon rat thrash, many phots...

Nov 27 update --- The Total tanks remembered Part One

Detailed report of the IM/40B 47's on the Immingam oiler 1972-1992 with phots

Nov 27 update --- 40106 at the SVR, Nov 2018

Phots of 40106 steaming SVR deisel turn on November 24th 2018

Oct 29 update --- An ED to the rescue, Nov 83

Leaf fall issues out of Oxted, An ED to London Bridge, plus Crompton rush hour moves out of London Bridge...

Oct 29 update --- Hitchin log April 73

Detailed logs of passing ECMLtraffic, 47 locos in 5 hours!

Oct 29 update ---25185 loco history

Detailed history of 25185 with phots and memories both in BR and Pres service.

Oct 29 update --- More 1S81 memories from Adrian Bullock

Detailed S81 gen including an xos 26 on this top train, plus some S06 memories too

Oct 29 update --- The Mothball tour from May 93

56046 on the last loco hauled train from Oxford to Bletchley, gen and phots

Oct 29 update --- Bicester - Claydon events Sep/Oct 2018

Thanks to Trev Rolfe for the phots showing infrastructure changes on the Bicester-Claydon line with archive views too

Sep 28 update --- What no 40's?, Preston April 83

A day that had it all, drags, failures, kick outs, bowl outs despair and a few highs too. Detailed gen and 6 Phots from April 2nd 1983 in the North West...

Sep 28 update --- 46026 remembered

Detailed loco history of 163/46026 The Leicester and Derbyshire Yeomanry with 2 phots from "TC" too.

Sep 28 update --- Bletchley gen from July 17th 1965

Fantastic archive gen, A busy afternoon at Bletchley sees 33 different 40s!, plus class 08, 24,25,31,47 and steam. With thanks to "MB".

Sep 28 update --- 87002 reaches Paddington, Sep 20th 2018

Thanks to Matt Dodd for 4 phots of 87002 at Padd for the first time

Sep 28 update --- 25262 at the Spa Valley, 220918

An immaculate "rat" thrashing through the rains of the Spa Valley. Phots and gen

Aug 30 update --- Total block at Watford Jn, May 85

Detailed gen and Phots of diversions and interesting power after the Watford North liner derailment of 110585...

Aug 30 update --- The Independant Railtour remembered

Phots gen and a few memories of an Interesting tour that took in 2 preserved lines with 37044 and 37091 the BR power on 040787.

Aug 30 update --- MIB's class 25'0 memories

Detailed gen, cracking memories and phots of 25'0 haulages and spots with thanks to "MIB".

Aug 30 update --- The Glos-Warks Back to Broadway gala, July 2018

Detailed report and 10 phots of the enjoyable back to Broadway diesel gala!

Aug 30 update --- Local gen snippets, Aug 2018

The return of our popular local gen snippets with a cracking diversion working from 300885 too

July 27 update --- Bletchley Flyover loco variety, 1969-2016

Detailed gen and 8 Phots of the varied motive power that have worked over Bletchley flyover over the years, from class 08 to 70 and much more!...

July 27 update --- Ledburn dawn, 0515-0720 July 25th

Detailed gen on classes 37,66,86 and 92 plus 319's with many phots of a Ledburn dawn session on July 25th 2018.

July 27 update --- Yorkshire 40s , June 77

Detailed gen and phots of 62 different 40's viewed in a June 77 Yorkshire Ranger with a few class 40 haulages too.

July 27 update --- Last flail on the 302's, July 1998

Detailed report and a good few phots of the enjoyable 302 farewell plus a Deltic at Bromley South phot on a service train too!

July 27 update --- East Lancs diesel gala, July 2018

Detailed report and a good few phots of the enjoyable East Lancs desel gala with a pair of rats in pres again!

July 1 update --- On the "Mid", July 84

Phots, gen and report incl a class 25 drag off MK, 20's, 31;s 37's and much more!...

July 1 update --- "Marching all together" Leeds and beyond, July 82

"MIB's" epic report of table 26 and 39 moves with a good few 40's over Pennines plus 2 "rats" too.

July 1 update --- Up Scotland, June 2018

Detailed gen and 13 phots from Scotland in Summer incl a rare "Renfrew Rose" phot.

July 1 update --- The MRC Deisel Gala, June 2018

Detailed report and a good few phots of the enjoyable and unusual MRC gala in June 2018

May 27 update --- Kings X to Paddington via Deepcar and Stratford on Avon with class 20's, July 11th 1987

Phots, gen and report on 20022, 20030, 20064 and 20126 tour exploits on tour, July 87...

May 27 update --- 81011 brings the wires down, Jan 84

Detailed gen and phots of 81011 bringing the wires down, class 25 and 31 dragging locally, speed logs and more.

May 27 update --- The Chiltern bubbles remembered 2003-2018

Detailed gen, phots and memories of the Chiltern bubbles 1 year after their famous last day with Chiltern.

May 27 update --- The Class 25'0 remembered

Detailed gen on 25001-25025 passenger workings, sightings 1974-6 both local and up North

Apr 27 update --- Just the 5 40's out, ELR, April 2018

Phots, gen and report on probably the best Gala ever...

Apr 27 update --- Just the 6 40's out, Aug 82

Detailed moves and plenty phots of 2 days on the Coast in Aug 82 with 6 40's out on the Summer Saturday!.

Apr 27 update --- 33108 loco feature

Moves and phots on this now preserved Crompton that is well travelled down the years!.

Apr 27 update --- Cambridge line rush hour gen, Nov 86

Detailed gen on the 17 diffferent locos passing Tottenham Hale during the evening peak in Nov 86. Pre electrification means much deisel variety.

Apr 27 update --- Class 700 unit does Sundon up loop!

Gen and phot of the rare visit to Sundon up loop by one of Thameslinks finest units

Mar 28 update --- The class 26 farewell tour from Oct 93

Pre and post tour moves and phots, ironic cheers at Crewe at 2238!!!.

Mar 28 update --- South Wales weekend bash, Jan 77

Cardiff, Bristol overnight, Severn tunnel jn "wizzo", Barry Scrpayard and more.

Mar 28 update --- Up Scotland, Mar 2018

Moves and gen plus 10 phots mainly in snow!.

Mar 28 update --- Rare local track feature

Rare local track with phots, memories and detailed list.

Mar 28 update --- Wild weather out West, Thanks to MIB

Feb/Mar 22018 unit moves in west country blizzards!

Mar 28 update --- Vintage local gen 1963 and 1965

Classic spotting gen incl Midland 24's , Euston 20's and inagural 310 units.

Feb 24 update --- A riotous evening on the Cobblers, April 23rd 1985

Wires down, 85030 failing at Leighton, a chaotic evening Cobblers remembered.

Feb 24 update --- The "slim Jims" remembered

Dave Spencers fascinating memories of leaps on the "slim Jims" from the late 70's onwards, with phots too.

Feb 24 update --- Watford Jn stoppers 1950's - 2018

Detailed gen on the many different classes incl Warships and Westerns that have stopped at Watford with a passenger train. Many phots too.

Feb 24 update --- 87002 works a class 1 service again, Feb 2018

Detailed gen on 87002's rescue of 1S26 plus phots of her return on 1M11, Feb 10 and 14 2018.

Feb 24 update --- East Lancs Spring Deisel Gala, Feb 17th 2018

Another superb Diesel gala on the East Lancs, phots and gen from Saturday 17th February, 401016 steaming nicely.

Jan 28 update --- Virgin WCML gen for October 24th 2002

thanks to "TC" for this nostalgic pre Pendo WCML gen with 86,87 and 90's galore plus are a where are they now feature./P>

Jan 28 update --- Up Scotland in the snow, Jan 18

Moves, gen and phots of a snowy Highland blast with class 27,43,67 and 73 in the snow.

Jan 28 update --- Bashing the "bags", Oct 83

Moves, gen and phots of a Sunday chasing 33'1's out of Reading plus mainline GW action including a pair of 50s.

Jan 28 update --- 1E16 the 1710 Liverpool - Newcastle "Transpenine" remembered

Part One - the 70's. Detailed of workings gen that saw a big variety of power from class 37 to mighty 55's with a fair few 40,45,46 and 47 to boot. A top train.

Jan 28 update --- 08742 loco feature

Remembering the red gronk of Northampton, Rugby and Hinksey yard fame. Loco history and gen with phots of this well travelled "gronk".

Dec 23 update --- 92 gen for 2005 and 2017

Contrasting fortunes for the 92's between 2005 and 2017. Detailed Gen and phots of 92s down the years

Dec 23 update --- The Wembley crash, Oct 84

Gen, memories and phots of a the fatal Wembley crash involving 310067 in Oct 84 , the quick reinstatement of services and exotic drags and diversions gen. Wouldnt happen today.

Dec 23 update --- The Christmas Cracker tour from Dec 83 remembered

Gen, memories and phots of a real railtour with a thrashing 40, carol singing and more!.

Dec 23 update --- The longest drag, Dec 83

Gen, memories and phots of the biggest ever local drag back in Dec 83. Christmas came early!.

Dec 23 update --- A snowy Xmas eve

25256 to the rescue, Xmas eve 1983.

Nov 25 update --- The Addiscombe branch remembered

Gen, memories and phots of a fascinating South London branch that closed in 1997-2017.

Nov 25 update --- "Ped" bashing on an East Mids, Sep 85

Gen, memories and phots of an East Mids in Sep 85 with a good few "peds" raked in amongst other power.

Nov 25 update --- The "Dinting - York Express" Railtour from Apr 77

Exotic electrics over Woodhead, not!.

Nov 25 update --- Autumn deisel galas, 2017

10 phots from the epic Glos-Warks, LBNGR and South Devon Autumn deisel galas.

Nov 25 update --- Leighton - Cheddington speed logs

Speed logs Leighton - Chedd vv, goes back to a 40 in 1965, fastest is currently 350's at 3m 57s. First in a new series.

Oct 29 update --- Deltics at Leighton feature

Gen, memories and phots of Deltic visits through Leighton 1997-2017.

Oct 29 update --- The best Railtour ever, June 86

Phots incl ticket and itinary and famous Boxtel Yard line from the best tour ever.

Oct 29 update --- Anglia Day Ranger, Sep 79

Detailed gen from an interesting September day on the Cambridges.

Oct 29 update --- Sep 75 moves gen

Detailed September 75 moves gen mainly fromtheHuddersfield area with class 03,08,20,25,31,37,49,45,46,47 and 55 leaps aplenty.

Sep 29 update --- On the Mid, late May 83 remembered

Gen, memories and phots of 5 days on the "Mid" incl 2 overnights. Class 08, 20,25,31,40,45,47,5,81,85,86 and 87 haulage aplenty.

Sep 29 update --- Bristol T.Meads, April 14th 1974

Gen and memories including a major event from this Spring day.

Sep 29 update --- The "Rhins and Machars" tour from May 02

Gen, memories and phots of an epic tour to Stranraer with "Hankton's" and a big "grid". Pre and post tour moves too.

Sep 29 update --- Thameslink 319's last rights, Aug 2017, ta to "TC"

Detailed Gen and phots of the last week of Thameslink class 319 action.

Aug 30 update --- Leaping at Gowerton off 2C88 remembered

Gen, memories and phots of class 37's out of Swansea in 77/78.

Aug 30 update --- The Spinnin Haggis from July 99 remembered

Phots and gen on a multi traction epic tour to Dundee from Swindon.

Aug 30 update --- Out East, Aug 2017

12 phots, detailed gen on 2 days mainly on 37's and 68's,includes some shack leaps! .

Aug 30 update --- July 75 moves gen

Detailed gen of July 75 moves from Huddersfield. Includes much power variety, many big Eastern 40's and more.

July 31 update --- 87101 remembered

Gen, memories and phots of the unique 87101.

July 31 update --- January 3rd 1983 moves and gen

Phots and gen from January 3rd 1983 with table 135 reliefs plus roarer action locally.

July 31 update --- 2 galas and 2 running days, July 2017

A massive 13 phots featuring class 25,33,35,37,45,47,56 and 60 at the East Lancs and Glos-Warks in July 2017 .

July 31 update --- Class 319s on the WCML feature

Full gen on the class 319s moves down the years incl Connex, Wolverton ECS, LM turns and Long Marston storage moves. 10 phots 1998-2017.

June 25 update --- Mid moves from Aug 16th-18th 1985

Gen, memories and phots of an interesting weekend on the "Mid".

June 25 update --- The "Welsh Central liner" tour from June 17th 2017

Phots and gen on 55009's epic climb across the Central Wales line, ta to "PB".

June 25 update --- The Bridlington merrymaker from May 74

Detailed spotting gen includes visits to Botanic Gardens, Albert Dock and much more Merrymaker memories .

June 25 update --- Leighton area dawn chorus, June 14th 2017

Full gen on the 11 freight and 2 sleepers with 5 loco classes and 7 phots from a dawn session locally.

May 23 update --- The "Chiltern Bubbles" last day, May 19th 2017

Last day Gen, memories and phots of the very end of the "Chiltern bubbles" .

May 23 update --- "Nb's" and "bowl outs" Aug 97

Gen, memories and 6 phots of an August 97 daytripper with "nb's" and a bowl out on a day when the "twanks" were grounded..

May 23 update --- The "Tubular Belle" Railtour remembered, April 88

40122's epic final storm along the coast and the slog up to Blaneau, a cracking farewell to the "queen of green"..

May 23 update --- Pennine Forty farewell tour from March 1988

40122 lets us down on what was hoped to be her last Pennine storm..

May 23 update --- 1M59 and 1E86 remembered

Gen,memories and phots of these classic 40 hauled trains along the coast, not forgetting 1M71 as well. Raw class 40 memories!..

Apr 15 update --- On the coast, Aug 82

Gen,memories and phots of 2 days chasing 25's, 40's and 47's on the North Wales Coast..

Apr 15 update --- The "Bedford Bricker" tour from Oct 83

Gen,memories and phots of pairs of "rats" and "Syphons" touring across the local area..

Apr 15 update --- 2017 loco hauled variety

7 phots of the varied loco hauled power you can sample in 2017, incl a link to all booked loco hauled service in 2017..

Apr 15 update --- 66714 brings the wires down at Tunnel Hill, Apr 2017

Phots and gen on 66714's bringing the wires down locally on April 10th 2017..

Mar 24 update --- 86314/414/614 remembered

Gen,memories and phots of 86614 and her earlier guises of E3145, 86014, 86314 and 86614..

Mar 24 update --- Highland line moves 1971-2017

Detailed gen incl phots, failures and railtour memories of my 119 different locos over the Highland line during 1971-2017..

Mar 24 update --- The East Lancs gala Feb 2017

phots and gen of the superb East Lancs Gala in Feb 2017..

Mar 24 update --- class 319's North of Luton, March 2017

Detailed gen of 319 moves North of Luton from the fast fading class 319 units. Thanks to "TC" for this superb gen..

Mar 24 update --- Chiltern bubbles to cease soon

Gen, phots and diagrams for the threatened Chiltern bubbles..

Feb 17 update --- Steamin out the street, Apr 83

31,37,47 action with gen, phots, speed logs and more of Liverpool St-Cambridge line action..

Feb 17 update --- The Hemel 310 derailment, Nov 1984

phots and gen of an unusual derailment at Hemel after 310 hits "BRUTE" at speed..

Feb 17 update --- The Paignton Puddin tour, June 2008

phots and gen of the Paignton Pudden tour featuring 25 and 37 power out West..

Feb 17 update --- Out East, Feb 2017

moves , phots and gen from 2 days 37/68 bashing in Anglia..

Feb 17 update --- 377708 goes pop, Jan 2017

377708 collapses at Leighton, exclusive rescue phots!..

Jan 23 update --- Up Scotland, Dec 2016 and Jan 2017

2 trips North of the border featuring 66, 73 and 87 power with a few 158s too.Gen and many phots..

Jan 23 update --- NSE day, Nov 86 remembered

Detailed moves , memories and a few phots chasing "Cromptons" out of Waterloo and Pompey day and night in Nov 86..

Jan 23 update --- The Valleybasher II tour from Feb 87 remembered

Nantguru and Cwm Bargoed with Cromptons and a slug. Phots, gen and a few memories..

Jan 23 update --- DB on the China Clays no more

Phots and gen on the local china clay that in 2017 has gone over to GBRf operation meaning pairs of DB 90's or 92's no more..

DEC 24 update --- 1B09 remembered 1982-1990

Phots , detailed gen and memories of 1B09 the 1814 Euston Northampton that got class 25,31 and many 81-6's too..

DEC 24 update --- "day trip " to Kirkcaldy, Sep 86

Chasing 26's and 27's plus any "roarer" mileage on offer too!..

DEC 24 update --- The Waverley Railtour, Oct 84

Serious 40 mileage plus class 20, 37 and 81 mileage and an Eastfield depot visit.Pre tour moves offer variety too.

DEC 24 update --- The Christmas Cracker railtour from Dec 83

Memories, phots and gen from this classic Christmas tour

DEC 24 update --- Stalled in Tring Cutting

a classic Christmas tale for you all to enjoy..

NOV 30 update --- Out East, Nov 2016

enjoying class 37 and 68 haulage across Anglia, detailed gen and phots from 2 days in Nov 2016..

NOV 30 update --- Aylesbury 47's

workings, memories and phots of 47s through Aylesbury..

NOV 30 update --- A day in the life of Kings Langley goods loop

Kings Langley loop workings, memories and phots..

NOV 30 update --- Out East, Nov 2016

enjoying class 37 and 68 haulage across Anglia, detailed gen and phots from 2 days in Nov 2016..

NOV 30 update --- Aylesbury 47's

workings, memories and phots of 47s through Aylesbury..

NOV 30 update --- A day in the life of Kings Langley goods loop

Kings Langley loop workings, memories and phots..

OCT 26 update --- 86209 remembered, loco feature

Spent 3 months in a field nr Watford Jn! and much more detail in this loco history with a few phots too..

OCT 26 update --- Chasing "roarers" in May and June 86

New timetable worries, bowl outs, roaring through the night and much more!..

OCT 26 update --- Tay Forth Centurion Railtour from Apr 90 remembered

A day trip to Dundee, xos 26's star role. 2 loc failures, phots and gen..

OCT 26 update --- Midland freight 1970 - 2016

1972 freight log, phots from 1977-2016 featuring class 25,37,45,47,60 and 66 on Midland freight down the years..

OCT 26 update --- 87002's superb availability, Feb 2005

Detailed gen of 87002's epic 34 days on the trot on Virgin WCML workings..

SEP 29 update --- East Mids/Anglia moves and phots, Aug 83

Memories and phots of epic moves on 3rd and 4th Aug 83, chasing "nb" 20's, 31's, 37's and 47's with some sucess!..

SEP 29 update --- Fife Circle variety 1979-2016

Archive gen, memories and phots of some of the classic power from class 20-55 plus 67/68 that have worked the fife Circle..

SEP 29 update --- The "GB 15 tour", Sep 2016

Phots and gen on the final day of the tour, plus some Edinburgh images from Day 3 of this epic round Britain tour too.

SEP 29 update --- GCR deisel gala, Sep 16

Contributors phots and gen of the recent GCR deisel gala..

SEP 29 update --- Logs archive from Sep 2015

Archive gen and much more incl phot of 47222 on class 1,

AUG 29 update --- Scottish moves and phots, Aug 83

Memories and phots of Scottish moves on 1st and 2nd Aug 83, many type 2 moves!..

AUG 29 update --- The South Yorkshireman railtour, July 84

Memories and phots of an eventful tour of Yorkshire incl 47901, 58014, a 56 and 2 big 37's..

AUG 29 update --- The Herd of Wildabeest railtour, July 2016

Gen and phots of an "ED" extravanganza, thanks to Jake Taylor..

AUG 29 update --- Summer 2016 gala and running days

15 phots from recent galas/running days incl class 10,14,20,25,26,31,33,37,45 and 52..

AUG 29 update --- The Leighton logs archives, Aug 2010

Phots and gen incl rare archive 86006 local turn from Aug 84.

JULY 29 update --- The Coastway Crusader railtour, July 86

Memories and phots of an eventful tour on the Southern, class 25/33 feature in parts..

JULY 29 update --- Yorkshire and beyond, July 83

Moves and phots from July 30/31 with a good few class 20, 25, 31 and 37 featuring..

JULY 29 update --- 92014 feature

92014's quiet return to robust sleeper action plus gen and phots from her early days..

JULY 29 update --- 0A06 feature

0A06 Crewe - Wembley light engine move variety. phots and detailed gen..

JUlY 29 update --- Rare local track feature

Selected local rare track with phots featuring mainly the service trains that used them..

JUNE 25 update --- 86501 no more feature

The unique 86501 is no more, detailed gen and phots of this fine machine..

JUNE 25 update --- Scottish East coast moves from July 29th 1983

Featuring class 27,37,47 and more with 6 phots too..

JUNE 25 update --- The "Snowdonian Tour from Aug 86 feature

Last rats on the Cambrian coast, Gen and phots of an excellent tour

JUNE 25 update --- 2010 local archives feature

The WCML in 2010 was much better! 12 phots and much gen incl archive phots..

JUNE 25 update --- Soton and Eastleigh, Aug 1975 feature

Detailed logs from 1975, 35 locos incl Western Hussar and more..

May 2016 "SVR Gala" feature 270516 update

Gen and phots of an excellent 3 day thrash fest!..

Chiltern freight, 270516 update

Current freight timetable, phots and archive Chiltern freight gen and phots..

"Any roarers out?", 270516 update

Saturday 5th April 1986 would anything "roar"?..

Late May Bank Holiday reliefs, 1985, 270516 update

Detailed gen, phots and memories from a time when relief trains ran on Bank Holiday weekends..

More 33207 memories, 270516 update

33207 and the man with the gloves, more 33207 Phots and gen , thanks to "TC"..

"Slim Jim" 33207 remembered, 300416 update

33207 loco feature, Dunstable cements, local tours, London Bridge commuters, thrashing over Ribblehead. Phots and gen..

The Bletchley stone Part 2 remembered, 300416 update

Featuring the Bletchley stone in the 90's and beyond, 37/60/66 feature with detailed class 60 gen on this long surviving local working..

The "Newcastle Adex" remembered and more from 1984 remembered, 300416 update

Guy Kendricks cracking memories of an "xi" Peak across the Pennines and more.

The "Leeds Merrymaker" from April 72 remembered, 300416 update

Peaks, Deltics, 44's , rats, Holbeck visit, York and more from 44 years ago now!..

WCML 319's locally in Apr 2016, 300416 update

Gen, diagrams and phots of the multi liveried 319 fleet that now work a few peak turns locally..

The "Lancashire Linx" tour" remembered, 020416 update

Peak across the Pennines, 20's to Southport, Storming rats and a Steamport 24 move. Memories, phots and gen..

The magic of "Midland Railtourer" moves remembered, 020416 update

Detailed gen and memories from Guy Kendrick of the varied power and moves from June and July 83. Happy days!..

Chiltern class 8 very slow train, March 2016, 020416 update

"Scaz" is moved, 36 miles in 4 hours. 60/70's local shunter moves also featured. Phots and gen..

321414, The final curtain, 020416 update

Gen and phots of 321414's last day in LOROL service, the "magnificent seven" no more......

The "Stanlow tanks" remembered, 020416 update

Memories of 2 x 25 in full cry on 2,000 tonne oil train locally. Detailed gen and phot. Phots and gen..

1F90 from 1984 remembered, 190316 update

The Sunday morning Euston - Liverpool relief that got at least class 25,37, 40,45,47,85 and 86 as varied power. Phots and gen..

Loco convoys 1991-2016, 190316 update

8 phots of local convoys incl class 20,37,47,57,66,73,85,87,90 and 92 in various combinations...

Class 321 no more, 190316 update

Latest update on the former WCML 321s which left us in Feb 2016. Phots and detailed gen of these much missed quality units...

Electric Loco variety, 1980-2016, 200216 update

36 years of power variety, class 81,83,85,86,87,90,91,92 phots featured...

Local Loco haulage, 1978-89, 200216 update

Midland moves incl Luton - St Albans. Class 25,33,37,45,47,56,58 off Luton on passenger.

Class 40 mileage moves, phots and gen, 200216 update

The "under 10 club", 5 phots much class 40 nostalgia.

Local Loco failures, 1960-2016, 260116 update

28 different class of loco failures and their rescue detailed incl 5 unique failure phots.

A weeks NSE rover from Jan 92, 260116 update

30 loco haulages, 2 nb in January, "Chiltern loco hauled finale", vintage units, 7 phots and more NSE memories.

A departmental "bubble" feature, 260116 update

TDB975042 remembered. 6 phots much gen incl rare passenger workings by a then departmental unit.

90040 returns after 9 years in store, 260116 additional update

More photos of 90040 thanks to Mark Beal.

Bletchley Flyover variety, 271215 update

Part One - railtour variety over Bletchley flyover.

The "Anglo Scottish Freighter Railtour from May 84 remembered, 271215 update

Detailed Gen and phots of this classic DAA weekend tour with rare track and power.

90040 returns after 9 years in store, 271215 update

Gen and phots of 90040's return and career history.

87002 back on 1M16, 021215 update

Gen and phots of 87002's return to sleeper acton locally.

Up Scotch, Down Scotch,Nov 2003, 020215 update

Detailed notes, gen and phots of a North West Rover in Nov 2003.

All line rover, Apr 84 remembered, 021215 update

Dertailed notes, gen and phots from an All line rover in April 84.

86259 returns, 141115 update

Updated gen and phots of our 86259 feature.

86259 loco history, 1966-2015 and beyond?, 141115 update

Detailed workings gen, phots and more from E3137, 86045 and 86259.

WCML 321 feature, 1989-2015, 071115 update

Detailed gen, 8 phots and memories on "dusty bin" units 321401 - 321439 that lasted locally from NSE to London Midland operation.

Wolverton works under threat , 171015 update

Wolverton works buildings under demolition threat, details, links to epetition and more.

Logs phots and gen, 1985-2015, 101015 update

Final Logs phot and gen section on this site, Go to our Leighton Logs Flickr pages for future current coverage.

Euston drags on 8th April 1984 remembered, 091015 update

Phots and moves from the Euston drags and more from April 8th 1984.

86259 loco feature, 031015 update

86259 to railtour action shortly? Phots and gen on this fine machine.

Old Linslade late lunchtime, 300915 update

2 classic classes within a few minutes on 300915, 3 phots .

Logs phots and gen, 260915 update

13 phots 1984 - 2015, and detailed gen plus a rare loco failure type by a class 81, a historical classic, Sep 2015.

The "Knotty Northern circular tour from 1984 rememnered, 260915 update

Phots and gen on a tour and associated moves. 25042/25224 and 40122 the stars!

Class 321 local finale, 190915 update

Phots and gen on the last expected week of main line local services, Sep 2015.

More "Sister Dora" remembered phots and gen, 190915 update

More 31430 and 37116 phots plus detailed gen on these fine machines.

Logs phots and gen 1985-2015, 120915 update

16 phots including class 03, 04, 24, 26, 27, 33, 37, 47, 56, 57,67, 86, 87, 90 and a "Duchess" and more, plus much gen old and new!.

"Glorious Devon" Railtour from Sep 5th 2015 - 070915 update

Phots and gen on this local tour to Paignton .

31430 "Sister Dora" remembered - 050915 update

Loco history, phots and detailed gen incl 31430's star local turn .

Logs phots and gen 1982-2015, 290815 update

12 phots including class 31,37,68,83,87,90, 92 and more, plus much gen old and new!.

April 6 1984 moves, 220815 update

08,33.37,45,47,50 and 87 haulage, plus gen and phots from memorable leaps down Brum and Bristol way.

Logs phots and gen 1984-2015, 150815 update

14 phots including class 20,47,52,56,66,67,68,73,86,87,90 plus much gen old and new!.

Chiltern loco hauled action from Aug 11 2015, 150815 update

11 locos at Risboro in 4 hours, detailed gen and phots.

More Caledonian Sleeper variety, July/Aug 2015, 080815 update

Class 66,67,86,90 and 92 feature in the phots!.

Spa Valley diesel gala, 010815, 040815 update

Phots and gen from an excellent day.

Logs phots and gen 1984-2015, 020815 update

14 phots, much gen including a "zooex" from Aug 73!.

LBNGR anything goes, July 26th 2015, 280715 update

8 phots and gen from an excellent day.

More North West "drag" leaps from mid June 83, 250715 update

Thanks to "MIB" who was also out June 18th 1983, Mike's memories, gen and phots.

Loco hauled travel - 2015, 250715 update

From June 2015 there are more loco hauled trains to enjoy than for many years. They are listed here, including headcodes and diagrams.

Logs phots and gen, 180715 update

11 phots from 1977-2015 incl 3 grids, 3 20's also 31,57,68,92,321 and Simplex beastie plus much gen.

The Great Central North diesel Gala, July 11th 2015 - 150715 update

6 phots with much power variety of an enjoyable GC North gala.

The "York Express" charter from May 82 remembered - 110715 update

3 phots, memories and gen from an interesting charter from local haunts, thanks to "TR" .

The "Glasgow Double" railtour from April 82 remembered - 110715 update

Many phots, memories and gen from an interesting tour from local haunts behind 83010.

Logs phots and gen featuring 1982-2015 - 040715 update

12 phots incl class 25, 47, 60, 92, Clan Line and more, WCML deltic gen and more.

North West Drags, June 83 feature - 040715 update

Detailed gen, memories and 6 phots of the NW drags of June 83 incl 25268 on load 13!.

Caledonian Sleeper variety, June 2015 - 270615 update

Much sleeper power variety of late, 6 phots incl 47847,87002,90039 and 92018 on sleeper action.

Market Harborough - Northampton branch feature - 270615 update

History, sample workings, todays route relics phots, plus preservation phots.

Logs phots and gen 1983-2015 - 200615 update

13 phots old and new, incl a 40/25 pairing, plus class 47,60,67,73,90,92 and 87002 on recent sleeper turns.

Logs phots 1983 - 2015 - 060615 update

12 phots incl class 08,20,37,47,52,68,90,92 plus detailed gen new and old. Crescent Road yard track bash gen too.

Aug 83 remembered, thanks to "TC" - 060615 update

A fortnights moves across the east and West Midlands and beyond. Much "NB", much nostalgia!.

Logs phots 1983 - 2015 - 230515 update

11 phots incl 2 archive views plus detailed gen new and old. Class 25,37,47,56,57,67,68,86,87,90 and 321 feature.

1G06 remembered, 1983-5 - 230515 update

1G06 remembered with Trev Rolfe's phots of 40001,40104,40126,40129,40135, 40150 and 40192.

Up Leeds, May 2015 - 200515 update

5 phots, including a class 25 archive view from a recent trip to West Yorkshire.

Sun August 14th 1983 - What a day locally - 160515 update

A "DAA" tour, much dragging, 40 on G06, Flitwick loco hauled and Chiltern diversions. Memories phots and gen of a classic Summer Sunday.

Logs phots 1984 - 2015 - 090515 update

14 phots incl 2 archive Wellington views plus detailed gen new and old. Class 08,25,31,37,56,67,68,87,90 feature.

Annual Leave, July 92 - 090515 update

Chiltern loco hauled - 060515 update

47364 to Wendover, 25248 to Risboro and much more. Detailed loco hauled Chiltern passenger workings info with loco haulage to the likes of Denham Golf Club shack included. 4 phots and current diagram link

Logs phots 1987 - 2015 - 290415 update

15 phots incl 3 archive views plus detailed gen new and old. Class 37,44,45,60,66,67,70,82,86,90,92,321 and the mighty "Feanor"!

87002 returns to passenger work locally - 180415 update

5 phots with gen of 87002's recent sleeper service workings with much gen too.

The class 85 experience remembered - 180415 update

"BR's most unloved class"""..."my arse!" Gen galore

Logs phots 1982 - 2015 - 110415 update

15 phots incl 3 archive views plus detailed gen new and old. Class 25,27,37,66,67,86,87,92 feature

The Capital City Transfer Railtour from April 84 remembered - 040415 update

Class 25's over Bletchley flyover, Amersham storm, North Woolwich loco hauled and more. Phots, itinery, and memories

Logs phots 1984 - 2015 - 280315 update

12 phots incl 2 archive views plus detailed gen new and old. Class 25,56,60,66,67,86,90 feature

South Wales leaps, 1978 and 2015 - 210315 update

Detailed gen from 1978 and March 2015 moves by comparison. 7 phots incl class 37,43,47,56,60,67 with several archive views incl green 47256

Logs phots 1981 - 2015 - 140315 update

14 phots incl several archive views plus detailed gen new and old. Class 08,25,47,60,67,68,91,92 feature

Up Scotland, March 2015 - 070315 update

10 phots incl 2 archive views of a recent Scottish trip, class 08,26,27,37,43,67 feature

Logs Phots and gen 1979 - 2015 - 280215 update

12 phots, detailed local gen, plus March 85 Dunstable gen, Harpenden 40 and more!

The Central Wales Liner Railtour from March 84 remembered - 210215 update

6 phots, detailed text and more of a memorable tour featuring 40035 and more!.

Logs phots and gen 1983 - 2015 - 140215 update

12 phots incl class 20,25,27,37,47,46,47,56,66,76,86,87 plus much local gen.

Scottish class 24 swansong, Summer 75 - Jan 76 - 140215 update

Chasing the class 24's in Scotland, Aug 75 and Jan 76, includes a classic 24125 view.

Chiltern snowscenes, Feb 3rd 2015 - 070215 update

6 snow Chiltern snowscenes including their newest and oldest power.

January 91 All line - 070215 update

Chasing the last loco hauled Barrows, Pennine and more. Gen and phots with class 33/37/47 and 58at St Pancras, detailed gen.

Logs phots and gen 1985 - 2015 - 310115 update

13 phots incl class 25,31,47,57,40,45,47,68,85,87,92, much local gen new and old incl 25060's rescue at Bedford in 1981.

Class 46 on the Midland, 1960's-1985 - 310115 update

Class 46 through Luton, Dunstable and to the blocks at St Pancras, detailed gen.

Up Scotland, Jan 2015 - 240115 update

10 phots from the Highlands featuring class 26,27,37,47,66,67,90 and HST in deep snow.

Logs phots and gen 1983 - 2015 - 170115 update

12 phots incl class 08,31,37,40,47,66,67,68,70,86,92, much local gen new and old incl loco hauled off Hemel and Leighton in May 2015.

The "Shropshire Union" Railtour, 10 Jan 2015 - 150115 update

Tour summary with 7 phots of this enjoyable tour to Ironbridge and beyond via the WCML.

In the dead of night, Nov 77 - 100115 update

Classic trains, a loco failure, "raw power" unleashed on the Lickey and much more.

Logs phots and gen 1969 - 2015 - 030115 update

13 phots incl class 20,25,26,31,45,60,67,68,87 and a Pannier Tank, much local gen new and old incl 1989's new years day Euston drags.

The Leighton Logs Christmas Answers - 010115 update

The 18 mystery stations identified, we puzzled a few of ye i think!!.

The Leighton Logs Christmas Quiz - 201214 update

18 stations to identify old and new images, all within 120 miles of Leighton Buzzard.

Logs phots and gen 1982-2014 - 201214 update

14 phots incl class 47,52,56,66,67,68,87 and OBB power, local gen aplenty plus new local diagrams.

Rare local track 1979-2014 - 131214 update

Gen and a few phots of 7 service trains diversions via "rare track" incl Hendon Flyover, the "Rat hole", Bletchley flyover and more.

Logs phots and gen 1982-2014 - 061214 update

12 phots incl class 25,37,40,60,67,81,90,92 and a Network yellow "Caravan".

"Angus" loco hauled 1990 - 061214 update

Detailed gen of a turn that got 26/47 and many 37's, 3 phots also.

47237 on the "DC", 261114 - 271114 update

3 phots of a rare 47 visit to the Watford Jn DC blocks.

Logs phots and gen 1981-2014 - 221114 update

14 phots incl class 20,31,45,47,66,73,86,92, units and "Bittern".

Class 20'9's through Leighton, Nov 2014 and May 91 views - 151114 update

2 phots of this uncommon sub class locally, 20 odd years apart.

Tyndrum Tales 1968-2014 - 151114 update

Phots, gen and nostalgia from the Tyndrum Upper - Lower hike a good few of us made.

South Devon gala, Nov 2014 - 121114 update

9 phots from this superb event with images of 25185/25262/33002/37275/50002and an archive Nuneaton 25185 view.

Logs phots, 1972-2014, - 091114 update

12 phots incl 1972 vintage 5343 view, 87012 S96 view and more plus much gen new and old.

26043 running day - 011114 update

Phots and gen of 26043's excellent thrash through the Cotswolds.

Ledburn dawn - 291014 update

6 early morning phots from a sunny Ledburn, 281014.

Logs phots, 1977-2014, - 251014 update

13 phots incl 3 Scottish archive views plus much gen old and new.

Up Scotland, October 2014, - 221014 update

12 phots from a recent Scottish trip, includes an archive 37111 view too.

Dragging out of Bletchley, - 151014 update

20's out of Bletchley an much more dragging! Phots and gen.

25173's last run at Epping-Ongar - 111014 update

25173 has a last thrash before her year long overhaul. 7 phots incl class 25/37/45/47/73 at a sunny Epping-Ongar .

90037 is back! - 111014 update

After 8 years in storage "The Spirit of Dagenham" returned, phots and gen, new and old .

Logs phots 1972-2014 - 041014 update

15 Phots incl class 20,25,35,56,90,92,122, Kettles plus much gen new and old and what started on the MML 31 years ago? .

Midland Peaks Summer 73 - 041014 update

Detailed gen on the 90 plus "Peaks" viewed thru Luton in the Summer of 73. Much local nostalgia.

Epping - Ongar Diesel Gala, 20 Sep 2014 - 270914 update

Phots from the excellent Epping - Ongar diesel gala.

Balfour Beatty 20's Sep 14 - 230914 update

Balfour Beatty's 20142 and 20189 in recent action locally, 4 phots. Also Aylesbury archive Balfour Beatty 20s phot.

NSE day, Sep 86 - 200914 update

The whole of NSE for �4, an 81 on a Hove bound relief, Cromptons and more. Moves and gen from September 13th 1986.

"Can I cab it, mister?, Sep 86 - 200914 update

Loco cabbing memories from the early 70's.

Logs phots 1982-2014 - 130914 update

14 Phots incl class 25,45,47,52,56,57,66,67,73,85,92 plus much gen new and old incl a green 40 at Pancras in 1984.

The Lairg Papers remembered - 040914 update

Part One - A winter move on the papers, with gen and phots.

Logs phots 1984-2014 - 300814 update

16 Phots incl class 08,26,31,47,52,56,67,68,85,86,90 plus much gen new and old.

Caersws and beyond, July 85 - 300814 update

Moves and phots on the "Mid" and beyond in July 85.

Logs phots 1987-2014 - 230814 update

13 Phots incl class 08,25,31,47,57,59,67,87,90 and rare Dunstable nostalgia plus much gen new and old.

47501 and 47810 go North, August 22nd 2014 - 230814 update

6 phots and gen of the epic Compass tour to Dundee.

25185 out West, August 16th 2014 - 180814 update

7 phots and gen of a good day on the Paignton and Dartmouth gala.

A weeks Scottish, then a "Mid" Aug 85 - 150814 update

Detailed moves gen and a few memorable phots courtesy of the "Axeman".

An Anglia Ranger Easter 1979 - 150814 update

A weeks moves with much steam heat, a few "NB" and no "EH"!.

AM at Ledburn, 120814 - 120814 update

5 morning views from Ledburn incl a short sleeper.

Logs phots 1985-2014 - 090814 update

15 Phots from 10 contributors plus much gen new and old.

Spa Valley action, 0108 action - 060814 update

Phots from an enjoyable Friday of the Spa Valley gala with 26/31/33/37 featured.

Type 5 to the rescue, Feb 2001 - 020814 update

Phots plus gen of an eventfull day on a Travelcard in London with a big un to the rescue!.

Glos-Warks diesel running - 290714 update

7 phots plus gen of an eventfull running day on 290714, incl class 24,26,35,45 and 73.

Logs phots 1982-2014 - 260714 update

15 phots incl class 08,20,25,35,37,59,67,81,90 and more!.

90's on the Cobblers - 260714 update

Detailed 90' on Cobblers at Leighton gen and phots.

Thrashing rat through East Leake, July 2014 - 190714 update

5 phots of the class 25/47 action at Ruddington plus a depot line up scene with a difference.

Two local lasts in one night, May 90 - 190714 update

A memorable last local bash raking in the last "roarer" to stop at leighton plus a rare "dinosaur" visit too.

Logs phots 1983-2014 - 130714 update

11 phots incl class 08,37,45,47, 60,67,86 and more, plus much gen new and old

A return to Welshpool 1983, 85 and 86 views make a stark comparison with June 2014 -130714 update

The "Aylesbury Vale Venturer" tour remembered -050714 update

Phots and gen of this superb "mini tour" from Marylebone to Quainton and beyond from September 2009...

More 47784 memories - thanks to Mark Beal -050714 update

4 phots featuring 47784 as herself, 47644 and 47819 ...

Logs phots 1985-2014 - 280614 bumper update

16 phots from 10 different contributors incl class 37,40,44,47,57,58,60,67, 85,87,90 and more! plus much gen new and old including "Bowiex" gen from 1983

Bashing Reports archive - expanded and improved coverage 1973-2004 -280614 update

N.Wales Sep 81, 87's Dec 2004 added to a new improved Bashing Reports archive, enjoy the memories! ...

The epic "Silver Hammer " tour from August 85 remembered -210614 update

Memories and 6 phots of an epic tour to South West Scotland with 20,25 and 85 power and an unexpected bonus on the return run

Logs phots 1983-2014 - 140614 update

17 phots incl class 08,11,20,25,37,47,56,67,73,86,90 and 218, plus plus gen new and old

Long shift at Leighton, 110614 -120614 update

Detailed gen and 7 phots of the 37 different locos and hauled trains passing the Leighton area 0600-2100 on 110614

47135/47784 remembered -070614 update

Detailed gen and a few phots of this fine well travelled "big Sulzer" who seemed to like our local area down the years!

Logs phots 1984-2014 -310514 update

15 phots incl 25201, 37706, 40028, 47626, 60059, 85034, 87017 and much more!, plus plus "bumper" gen new and old

Bletchley Loco stabling sidings remembered - 310514 update

many nostalgic phots and gen , part One of several!

"ED's" to Cricklewood and the Midland - 240514 update

"TC's" rare derailed "ED" at Cricklewood view and more plus detailed ED Midland action including JA's on the Dunstable cement!

"King Arthur" out East -240514 update

"Red Cow's" cracking 87010 and 87029 in Bulgaria phot, link to many more May 2014 87 views

Vintage WCML - March 77 -240514 update

Detailed gen on an afternoon at Pitstone at the North end of Tring Cutting, 25/81-5/86/87 feature


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