A return to Welshpool, June 2014

In the early 80’s Welshpool was a regular leaping point on Summer Saturdays as it allowed you to sample 2 pairs of

“rats” on Euston - Aberstwyth trains. The services actually crossed at Newtown but a Welshpool bail

allowed time for food/beer between “rats”. By 1985 37’s had taken over so our interest lessened, the “Snowdonian “

Tour in 1986 had a Welshpool class 25 photo stop for the last time.

In 1992 the station was effectively relocated some 100 yards or so from the original one, accessible via a high footbridge.

New road schemes swept away the old alignment whilst the listed station building became a shopping outlet.


120682welr.jpg Today’s L.Buzzard - Welshpool day return (without railcard discount) is a cool £52.40! 25027/083/154/200 were enjoyed that day.


04068325305n1941010etnabbr.jpg With the “Buzzard” up front for the Newton leap, 25305 and 25194 leave Welshpool with the 1010 Euston-Aberystwyth on 040683


04068325289n3161010abetnwer.jpg About 50 minutes later 25289 and 25316 arrive with the 1010 Aberystwyth - Euston on 040683


210985371471110abenr.jpg By 210985 the likes of 37147 were working the 1110 Aberystwyth - Euston, lots of lost railway heritage beyond the loco here


24088625201n037br.jpg A last “rat” farewell at Welshpool with the “Snowdonian” tour featuring 25201 and 25037 on 240886


08020337042n410r.jpg The new station features here, a bare island platform served by the footbridge left. 37042 and 37410 are on tour duty on 080203


300614welshar.jpg Progress as seen in June 2014


300614welshbr.jpg No “Rats” to wait for today…


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