Wolverton works  under threat...Oct 2015

Phillip Webb has organised this petition to get the demolition stopped of the historical buildings and the heritage on the works site. These buildings need to be saved for future rail use. The plans for the site by property developer St Modwen  say that none of the buildings on site have any historical value and are not worth saving.  

St Modwen don't understand the history of the site as a result of this the sites history has not been taken into account with any of the planning designs.. The Wolverton Bloomer engines by McConnell where built on site. But St Modwen have not looked into this or looked at using the Bloomer engine we have as part of the plans.  St Modwen plan is also designed to strip Wolverton of the historic buildings we have all grown to love.

They say all the buildings are unsafe which is not true. Surely if the building are unsafe they would not use them everyday. If they demolish all the buildings and replace them with modern warehouses, then the works will never be able to grow because there will not be the room.

Wolverton will never be the same..Wolverton works is the oldest running railway works in the world and was the most famous in it's hay day.. The Royal train is also housed At the work but no where in the plans does it say  they intend on having the Royal Train stay on site.  This is the time to stand up for our Railway heritage and say no to the demolition..


Link  to Phillip’s petition, please help save our heritage.


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