The Chiltern bubble's final day, May 19th 2017


W55020 also known as the "Deltic with doors!" was introduced by Chiltern in April 2003 for use on peak-hour

Aylesbury - Princes Risborough shuttle services freeing up a 2 car 165 unit for much needed peak capacity elsewhere.

W55034 also joined Chiltern in May 2011 to supplement W55020 on occasions. The use of the blue bubble (W55020)

or the green bubble (W55034) continued on peak hour Aylesbury - Risborough branch turns on an unbroken run until

May 2017. 


070403550201657PRwebr.jpg Aylesbury station sees W55020 on her inagural day in service with Chiltern back on April 7th 2003

25051155034r.jpg Thanks to Trev Rolfe for this Marsh Crossing view of 55034 Aylesbury bound on her first day in Chiltern

service back on May 25th 2011.



The final day, Friday May 19th 2017


farewellposterr.jpg Chiltern's farewell poster on display at Risborough, May 19th 2017


190517bubsar.jpg Staff such as the familiar TTI will miss the bubbles too


190517bubsbr.jpg Princes Risborough, awaiting the off with the 1450 to Aylesbury


190517bubscr.jpg Crowds are hovering at Aylesbury, some time before the pair worked the 1639 to Risboro


190517bubsdr.jpg The duo lean into the Risborough Branch curve after leaving with the 1828 to Risborough


The final day, Friday May 19th 2017 actual "Bubble" workings



55034              5P11    0708 Aylesbury - Princes Risborough

55034              2A06   0719 Princes Risborough - Aylesbury

55034              2P16   0746 Aylesbury - Princes Risborough

55034              2A12  0823 Princes Risborough - Aylesbury

55034              2P23   0849 Aylesbury - Princes Risborough

55034              2A15  0916 Princes Risborough  - Aylesbury


55020/55034   2Z91 1140 Aylesbury - Princes Risborough Additional

55020/55034   2Z92 1250 Princes Risborough - Aylesbury Additional

55020/55034   2Z93 1319/2Z94 1350 cancelled due fault with 55034

55020/55034   2Z95 1419 Aylesbury - Princes Risborough Additional

55020/55034   2Z96 1450 Princes Risborough - Aylesbury Additional


55020/55034   2Z97 1639 Aylesbury - Princes Risborough Additional

55020/55034   2A46 1700 Princes Risborough - Aylesbury

55020/55034   2P65 1726 Aylesbury - Princes Risborough

55020/55034   2A50 1806 Princes Risborough - Aylesbury

55020/55034   2P70 1828 Aylesbury - Princes Risborough

55020/55034   2A55 1930 Princes Risborough - Aylesbury

55020/55034   2P76 2008 Aylesbury - Princes Risborough Additional

55020/55034   2A59 2033 Princes Risborough - Aylesbury Additional....the very end


W55020 hadn't worked for some months so it was an unexpected suprise to see the blue and original Chiltern

Bubble emerge from the depot for the final workings . This was the first and last time, as far as we know, that

the bubbles had worked in multiple for Chiltern. With the crowds of enthusiasts that turned up for the final day

the pairing was very much needed...


A huge thank you to all at Chiltern for making the last day so special for all...



Preservation is expected for W55020 and W55034 but for regulars at Aylesbury, Little Kimble and Risborough

the scenic branch will be a barren place without those warbling "bubble cars".


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