A wintry West Midlands, Saturday January 9th 1982



The 8 o'clock radio news advised that the West Midlands had been hit by heavy snow yet Leighton only had a thin covering. A day pass was quickly negotiated and i was down the station for the 0848 Birmingham service which today was terminating at Rugby because of the snow.

Once past Long Buckby the snow was much deeper but back then you had no worries about the railways not operating due snow. My power car was shared by some Bletchley BR staff en route to Walsall for a staff dominos match and they knew the "game must go on!"

Our 310 (093) terminated in Rugby's South Bay up side platform which back then was common track especially on Sundays when all local services used to terminate there. A short wait at Rugby with snow covered platforms and the icy wind making the station signs creek, meant it was a relief to see a "seven" arriving. 87021 was soon screaming across the snow covered levels of Warwickshire the thick snow not bothering this driver. I bailed at Coventry where in platform 4 was an abandoned up service covered in snow, 47204 having rescued a failed 86329 in the blizzard that had struck late evening.

At Coventry the notice boards advised of a very limited cross country service but at least there was an hourly Euston - Wolves service to keep me moving. 87028 worked the next Euston - Wolves to a very wintry Birmingham Int'l where again i bailed. The snow covered the tracks here, 86311 was flagged off on a down Wolves - Euston then a dull 86253 on the down Clansman to New St.

A severely snowed up 47027 was abandoned in a through road complete with china clay freight train consist! 50027 then arrived on an Inter Regional from off the Bristol line with 37208 banking on the rear! A "can" worked 50027's train forward, 37208 quickly returned to Bromsgrove for Lickey duties. 86322 on a Birmingham - Liverpool took me onwards to Wolverhampton where just 08590 was stabled in the holding sidings. Steaming nicely 47041 arrived on an up additional to New St and Padd which i flagged off as not required.

86035 then followed on a Liverpool - Padd which i joined to cover the forwarding diesel from New St which was to be a disappointment in 47567. An announcement that all services on the Walsall line were now cancelled due to "deteriorating weather conditions".

What about the domino players i thought! Well as the temperature was now plummeting it was time to head home with 86230 and 86258 the power on Wolves - Eustons. 310093 again provided the AM10 power home, the train pretty quiet due the wintry weather.

OK no exotic power but a fascinating day in the West Midlands snowfields!


The Moves:


093 0802 Euston-Rugby LB-RU

87021 1J20 0740 Euston-Shrewsbury RU-CO



87028 1G22 0835 Euston-Wolverhampton CO-INT

86311 up Euston

86253 1S59 0935 Euston-Inverness INT-NS

50027 D IR into BNS

37208 (banking)

47247 cc

86322 1F25 1255 Birmingham-Liverpool NS-WO

08590 Wol

47041 up addit

86035 1V41 1120 Liverpool-Padd WO-NS

86230 1A50 1430 Wolverhampton-Euston NS-INT

86258 1A57 1530 Wolverhampton-Euston INT-RU

093 1640 Rugby-Euston RU-LB

The phots


090182870280835ew86329n47204webr.jpg87028 arrives at Coventry passing 47204 and a failed 86329 on an abandoned up service, 090182


090182863111030woeuwebr.jpgThick snow at Birmingham Int'l as 86311 arrives with a

Wolves - Euston service on 090182



09018247247webr.jpg47027 covered in snow with an abandoned china clay train at New St on 090182


09018250027N37208BANKERwebr.jpg50027 arrives at New St with an Inter Regional service, behind the spotter you can make out 37208 banking, 090182



09018247041UADDITwebr.jpgSteaming nicely 47041 arrives at Wolverhampton with an up additional 090182



09018247567LPLPADwebr.jpg47567 showing her SF based past at New St with a Liverpool - Padd service on 090182


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