The month that was, July 2019

Todays WCML is a boring procession of Pendo's, 350's and sheds. There are still some more interesting workings as shown here but they are sadly gradually declining

Northampton, 060791

06079185109nowebr.jpgYes its 28 years since the last "roarers" worked locally. Heres the last ever, 85109 on a Glasgow - Willesden liner

approaches Northampton on a grey Jul 6th 1991. Her blowers were roaring nicely, we were overjoyed on seeing the former 85035 in service for the last time.


06071992018webr.jpgThe Mk 5's still seem to have issues. 1M11 is right time at Ledburn on July 6th 2019 with 92018 up front


060719608n627webr.jpgOn Saturdays only and passing Leighton around 6am 4L89 "Up Scotch" liners still gets "cans" with 86608 and 86627 seen at Ledburn on Jul 6th 2019


06071968009webr.jpgThe Saturday Chiltern 68 swap show sees a thrash machine work North from Wembley (Chiltern) to Crewe Gresty Road each Saturday, 68009 obliging here at Leighton on July 6th 2019


12071937611n345160webr.jpg37611 growls through Leighton dragging 345160 from Old Dalby to Old Oak on July 12th 2019


12071950008webr.jpg50008 continues to visit the Leighton area regulary, she seen here on a Leicester - Wembley move on July 12th 2019


13071986259webr.jpg86259 storms North through the Ledburn levels with a Euston - Carlisle kettlex on July 13th 2019


13071966107n100webr.jpg66107 tails some Farrow tour past Linslade allotments 66100 was up front


15071935018webr.jpgFroth attractor! 35018 chuffs North with a Southall - Carnforth move at Old Linslade on July 15th 2019


15071966002webr.jpgThe froth had all left after the kettle move, and so missed veteran 66002 on the lengthiest and heaviest local regular freight composed of 42 Cargowaggons conveying mineral water from France to Daventry at Old Linslade on Jul 15th 2019


19071990019webr.jpg0A06 Crewe - Wembley runs much less regulary than previous years. On a wet July 19th 90019 drags 67021 South through Leighton


250719rg37800n319423webr.jpg "RG" braved the hottest day ever locally to superbly capture 37800 dragging crew trainer 319423 from Reading to Wolverton on a very sticky July 25th 2019


29071937611webr.jpgAnother day another "ROG" tractor move with 37611 returning to Leicester to Wembleey through Leighton on July 30th 2019


Thats all folks!


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