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Talk to railwayman across the country, bashers and other enthusiasts and they will soon come up with specific loco gen that interests many of us. Features below include phots, loco history, sample workings and more which may help in bringing back them memories perhaps!.

Contributions welcome as we regulary update this loco archive, 35 plus locos so far....

Loco Archive - Just click on the image for this loco's history, gen and a phots.

81020270386r.jpg NEW 010219 The class 81 database

12088425185webr.jpg NEW 291018 25185 both as a BR and pres loco remembered

12128146026n001webr.jpg NEW 280918 46026, D163 "The Leicestershire and Derbyshire Yeomanry remembered

14018425276n870301015manetnweb.jpg NEW 270518 25276 timing log on load 12 Bley-Hemel drag, 270184

21041833108kidd2ndweb.jpg NEW 270418 33108 feature, a true workhorse

2904118568hjr 8568 the "Hemel" Clayton

11058608011r 08011 the local celebrity "gronk"

04040408742.jpg 08742 the red gronk remembered

04128825057r 25057 the "Quainton rat"

12088425185webr.jpg 25185 both as a BR and pres loco remembered

30048325243n237r 25243 a local "rat" to the bitter end

14018425276n870301015manetnweb.jpg 25276 timing log on load 12 Bley-Hemel drag, 270184

08058325279n211r.jpg 25279 another true local "rat"

21078426002r.jpg 26002 the biggest "xos?"

29018527014r.jpg 27014 "Excellent preservation prospect", Not!

28040127059r.jpg 27059 The biggest "tippie" of them all?

19048931430r.jpg 31430 "Sister Dora" remembered

22039931601ar.jpg - Armed guard, immaculate loco, foodex and more at Bletchley, Mar 99, phots and detailed gen from 31601's big day

21041833108kidd2ndweb.jpg 33108 feature, a true workhorse

16068433207webrr.jpg - 33207 remembered. A true mixed traffic "slim Jim" with local visits starting in the early 70's. Phots and much gen

28051133207r.jpg More 33207 gen feature, ta to "TC"

04031637884ncansweb.jpg 37183/884 remembered

16078340129nr.jpg - Close encounters with 40129, phots, gen and evocative memories from July 83, ta to "TC"

10041045125r.jpg - 45125 my last one...

12128146026n001webr.jpg NEW 280918 46026, D163 "The Leicestershire and Derbyshire Yeomanry remembered

128247135r.jpg - 47135/47784 Stratford's finest.....

05058447707r.jpg -1949/47506/47707 - Luton Town footex machine!...

13059447210didr.jpg -47210 - been there, done that!...

02068247522r.jpg 47522 - From Forteviot wreck to GD's finest again

81020270386r.jpg The class 81 database

13058881012lastB10r.jpg 81012 - the most famous "fish" perhaps?

23018685007r.jpg 85007 - the rarest 85?

03088585035r.jpg 85035 - "top" Roaring beast!

24089085037r.jpg 85037 - the number of the beast!

20058985038r.jpg 85038 and the "Old Linslde" landslip

06099686209web.jpg 86209 escapes from a Watford field in the 70's!

17058631116n31317r.jpg 86257 fails again, May 86

02081386259r.jpg 86259 "Peter Pan to Les Ross" workings over 50 years

240285863141510webr.jpg 86314/414/614 loco feature

27060286424n90015r.jpg 86324/424 an "ambush" machine or many!

07031186501n90045r.jpg 86501 no more, Phots and gen on this unique 86'5.

10091087002gr.jpg 87002, quality availability, 34 days on the trot - Feb 05!

22120687002Intr.jpg 87002 and the last G21/B05, the end of an era, Dec 2006

06048487015r.jpg 87015 "Howard of Efingham" includes a rare "Cobbler" turn in this "seven's" last days of service

26070687022r.jpg 87022 been there, done that and then catches fire

25091287026n033Razdelnar.jpg 87026 The legendary "Redgauntlet"

1706041707EWr.jpg 87027 The "mighty wolf"

23048587101webr.jpg The unique 87101 loco feature

210401900401230etwoweb.jpg 90040, returns from 9 years in store in Dec 2015. Phots and loco's service history

13041390047r.jpg 90047 the "big one", rare on class 1 all her career

08071692014webr.jpg 92014 The modal and now robust Caledonian sleeper loco, phots and gen

300891975042.jpg TDB975042 departmental bubble feature


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