Local  Loco convoys. 1991-2016

With the decline of freight and now a number of freight operators competing for what little traffic left the privitised railway has created one bonus.

Loco convoys were rare in BR days as locos needing to travel to other depots would be put on a freight or service train to get home. Today with fewer freights and depots loco convoys are quite a regular sight.

A selection over more recent below, preserved loco convoys will follow.

Old Linslade, 160591

16059187015n85114n87024r.jpg The rare trio of 87015, 85114 and 87024 head South to Willesden for freight and sleeper duties.

Ledburn, 150203

15020347150and90046and90049r.jpg A frosty Ledburn greets a Freightliner convoy with 47150, 90046 and 90049 heading for Crewe.

Leighton Station, 120705 thanks to “Red Cow”

12070587022n006n028n029n030r.jpg Some loco convoys have a depressing air about them as you know these fine machines are unlikely to work again. 87022 drags 87006, 87028, 87029 and 87030 from Willesden to Oxley for storage.


Old Linslade, 151209

15120937229n66420n426n57003n012r.jpg A few minutes before this spectacular convoy passed, a down Pendo hooted at me several times as if to wake me up! Thanks to him as the convoy the Pendo had just overtaken then rounded the corner! Presumably off Sandite duties 37229/66420/66426/57003and 57012 head for Crewe from Stowmarket DRS.

Tring Cutting, 111011

11101192003n42n12n22r.jpg 92003, 92042, 92012 and 92022 head North f0r their Crewe ED Base, 111011

Old Linslade, 100815

10081590021n19n37n36r.jpg 90021, 90019, 90037 and 90036 are in convoy on 0A06 Crewe – Wembley

Leighton Station, 230216

23021620189n142n205r.jpg 20205, 20142 and 20189 on a Tonbridge – Derby working

Leighton Station, 150316

15031666706n73961n66722r.jpg Another Derby bound convoy with 66706, 73961 and 66722 heading North


Any more convoy phots to share?

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