Loco Hauled Travel 2017

08061567012ar.jpg “The Arriva “WAG” at Holyhead, June 2015


From June 2015 loco hauled travel reached an all time recent high despite the 2 car “unit head” mentality of the accountants who continue to "run" our privitised railway.

An archive of past year’s loco hauled diagrams is under construction and for those that remember the 70’s and 80’s railway, it will be a useful reference source.

Click on the appropriate link for the gen and enjoy the real train!

Anglia Class 37 diagrams

Anglia Class 90 diagrams

Anglia Class 68 diagrams

Arriva Wales Class 67 diagrams

Caledonian Sleeper Class 67/92 diagrams

Chiltern Railways loco diagrams, now includes Oxford

Great Western class 57 diagrams

Northern class 37 diagrams

Scotrail Class 68 diagrams

ECML class 91 Mon - Fri diagrams, thanks to "JT"

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