Every loco tells a story, 85007 CE "xo".

A recent exchange of emails has seen 85007 mentioned by several ex "roarer men" as one of "bigger" AL 5's.…

E3061 emerged from Doncaster Works in July 61 finally entering service 6 months later. She was renumbered the more familiar 85007 in January 73 and in this guide did much freight, parcels and a little passenger work across the WCML. Fire damage sustained at Berko in Nov 82 saw her out of service at Crewe works for over a year. A good indicator of a loco's alleged local rarity are our Evening Cobbler records from 1982-90. 85007 is definitely one of the rarer 85's with just 34 recorded turns, by comparison 85022 did 82! A factor in this was 007's 80 mph restricted speed first imposed in Oct 85 and carried through to renumbering in Mar 90 as a dedicated freight sector xi 85112. Her last recorded passenger turn as 007 was on a morning Cobbler in Feb 90 with a rare Wolves-Euston duty on 130690 being her last recorded passenger turn.

Withdrawal came in July 91 with cutting at Springburn in March 93.

Contrasting 85007 memories from 3 local bashers…tales recvd with thanks….

1/From "Geoff Robbo" …" First sampled this one in the Summer of 1964, my first AC electric, would have preffered a Black 5 myself!

E3062 1620 Euston - Manchester ex Nuneaton 200864

2/From 81007 …" First scratched this "biggie" in bus stop style from Leighton to Bletchley on a cobbler in Nov 82 just before that fire. Second move was in July 85

with a 5.36 mile Black Country bus stop move actually getting total mileage into double figures!. A particularly good day was on 230186 when to our suprise 007 stuck on a Brum diagram allowing……

85007 1118 Birmingham-Euston MK-EU

85007 1405 Euston-Birmingham EU-NS (via Nor)

85007 1618 Birmingham-Euston NS-EU

which positioned us nicely for,,,

81007! 1815 Euston-Northampton EU-NO!!

My last move on 007 was on the 1650 Euston-Northampton Cobbler on 130489, one of the more "canny" turns. Festering around Leighton photting one Winter's morning in 1990 a 85 headed North on a "Speedlink". It was 85007 the driver tooted, much flailing, more tooting, a fitting farewell……."

3/ From "TC"….

"Retirement rover" or "if that’s 8500…. RUN!!!!"

During the late 1980’s the railways went through a period of great change, everything was being carved up into different sectors, ready for privatisation. Of course this now made our bashing hobby very predictable with the same locos being turned out for the same trains. Freight locos became impossible to get, the railway was being run by accountants and it all became a question of "money". If you wanted to use another sectors engine, you had to pay for it, and more often than not, it became easier to cancel the train if a loco failed.

It was around this time, along with my future wife, Liz, we bought a house. The financial commitments meant that I could not spend as much time on my hobby, so in September 1989 I decided to do one last rover. My wife also worked on the railway, and expressed an interest to come along (she is quite "genned" up and knows her deltics from her 37’s you know!). After some planning we settled on some moves which would allow her to see some scenery, and allow me to get some locos in! I didn’t really expect to score anything; it was just a last rover.

So, on Monday 03.09.89, we got to Euston for the 21.45 boat train to Holyhead, which we took to Crewe. The train was deserted, with a tatty rake of mk2’s, 86431 flew along, and every so often the lights kept going out, resulting in the guard walking backwards and forwards to keep fixing them, I think he was glad when we got to Crewe! Still, Liz found it rather amusing! We got off at Crewe for the fort William sleeper and a trip on the steam between fort William and Mallaig.

We returned south the next night, planning to leap at Birmingham, which became Crewe because of late running. A 304 unit was laid on for us non-stop to Birmingham. The initial plan of heading to Cardiff for a trip over the Marches was put on hold when 85011 appeared on the 08.05 Manchester. Now, I was down to one 85, 85007, but fancied a trip on 85011, so we decided to head to Manchester instead. We left on time, settled in the front coach, and I set about with the timetable planning the rest of the day. As we pulled into Stoke I noticed an 85 coming in on the opposite platform. I said to Liz only jokingly, "if that’s 8500", I didn’t get as far as the 7, everything was hastily thrown in the bag, the door was thrown open and I hit the platform running as though my life depended on it. Liz was behind me, quite aware that if I made 85007 and she didn’t she would be left behind. I got to the underpass and threw myself down the stairs, about half way under I heard a whistle, was it for 85011 or 85007? I didn’t know. I got up the stairs and headed for the platform, the last door was just being closed, so I made a run for it. Then I remembered Liz! and kept the door open for her. She was not impressed, and when she got her breath back, she let me know exactly how she felt! We did 85007 to Wolverhampton for maroon 47973 to Shrewsbury on the 07.40 Euston – Shrewsbury for a 37/4 on the Liverpool – Cardiff to Cardiff.

Apart from early withdrawn 85027/033, I had cleared my 85’s and was well happy.

What were the other locos I scored?

Well, the next day we were back in Scotland, doing some shove 47/7’s and having a trip over the bridges between Dundee and Edinburgh. The 12.10 Aberdeen – Edinburgh had failed soon after leaving Aberdeen. The gen at Dundee was that it was well late, so we did 47617 on the 12.36 Edinburgh – Aberdeen up to Montrose for it. I was hoping it might be a 26, but it rolled in with 47114 dragging a dead 47707. 47114 was required, it was my last one out of the original 48’s. Later that day, after a trip round Motherwell depot, we got back into Glasgow to see 81009, another winner, on the 22.00 Glasgow – Plymouth, which was an ideal way to head south. Home was via Taunton, back to Bristol, for 37427 on the Weymouth, and 47622 out of Poole as far as Basingstoke, for a unit back to London."

Phot spot


85007 at Euston with the 1118 ex Birmingham. look at the mail bags and proper tail lamps to date the image nicely on 230186



85007 gone but not forgotten………………………………………………………….