Every loco tells a story, 25243

Delivered new to Toton in May 64, then a short spell allocated to Eastern depots, 7593/25243 was then reallocated to D01(London Division) in April 72, She remained a Cricklewood or Willesden based “rat” for the next 11 years. 25243 was a regular visitor to our local lines on freight, parcels and the occasional class 1 turn.

Sample Local workings 1972-1984

050572 – cement to Dunstable as 7593

030273 – 8L35 freight through Luton

190474- Parcels – St Pancras

270575 – stabled Stonebridge Pk LHS

150476 – morning cement Luton BS-Dunstable (with 31423) 

140777- freight – Watford Jn

200879 – 1000 Bedford-St Pancras passenger-

This was my first rat haulage on the Midland, this and the 0826 St Pancras-Bedford was booked loco hauled in 79 using the stock off the 0727 Luton-St Pancras(load 9 mk I’s). Power was normally a 45 but 25’s did produce on occasions


071280 – 1635 Rugby-Euston 310 drag to Northampton

030182 – 0235 Euston-Bletchley 2A23 

050382 – 8A27 0255 Toton - Acton coal with 31228

300483 – 0752 Euston-Aberystwyth LNER Soc Railtour (ex Wolves with 25237)

                1740 Aberystwyth-Euston rtn RT…

A classic LNER soc day out, the rats performed superbly and the sun shone in Aber!

090583 – Coventry Target 46 trip (incl Three Spires coal)


And then a few months came the final working, the loco fire even made the Leighton Buzzard Observer..25243 caught fire in the Stoke Hammond area in what we think was the up working of the Kings X-Tring cement empties on 170883. 243 was dumped on BY TMD until 1183 for the final cut at Swindon Works.



25243 phot spot…


30048325243n237r.jpg In the days where top tour organisers wore a suit, its 25243 and 25237 reversing the ECS of the LNER tour out of Aberystwyth, 300483.

12058325262n243r.jpg A few days later 25243 and 25262 were at Leighton on a ballast job, 120583. Within a few months 25243 in active service was no more.

25243 a true local rat, gone but not forgotten


Thanks to class 25 action website for some of the gen.


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