Peak power, 45125

45125-Brief history

45125 first emerged from Crewe Works as D123 in late 1961 to become a mixed traffic  workhorse based in the Midland division primarily being a Toton machine virtually all her 26 year career. She pounded the Midland day in, day out plus regular sortees both North and West on Inter regional turns.
She was eth fitted and renumbered 45125 during a March/April 74 Derby overhaul and this obviously saw her working top link passenger duties like the newly introduced Mk IId stock used on 1M04 Sheffield-St Pancras “Master Cutler”.
By the mid 80’s changes on the Midland saw her also on MGR, wagon load, cement, oil and parcels/newspaper turns that made up the still real railway of the time. Nov 86 saw 45125 transferred, along with the surviving members of the sub class to Tinsley where she continued to produce on some Midland Turns plus regular Trans – Pennine turns.
Withdrawl came on May 7th 1987 and long periods of storage followed at Eggington Jn and Hull Botanic Gardens before preservation on the Great Central Railway at Loughborough in 1998
A quality rebuild and repaint into green livery followed, 46026’s “Leicestershire and Derbyshire Yeomanry” nameplates were also added to this fine machine.

Sample 45125 turns and memories over the years

123        1510 St Pancras- Bradford FS               271161

123        1728 Birmingham Snow Hill - Knowle and Dorridge!           260463
123        Passenger turn down the Lickey           070965

123        Toton – maintenance                             120671
123        1P10        1030 SP-Derby                       201172
123        1M15 0855 Leeds – St Pancras              291172
123 was replaced by 5541 at Derby with 5541 then being replaced at
Leicester by 5034 for a rare local class 24 passenger working

123        1C51 1251 Nottingham – St Pancras             091272
123 failed at Barrow-on-Soar, 8 assists to Leicester, 107 forward, a
rare class 44 rescue

45125       Gateshead – refuelling                                120574
45125        0853 Leeds – Penzance                               121276
45125        1E46 1800 St Pancras – Sheffield                120879
45125 1E56 1720 St Pancras – Sheffield “Master Cutler”    130581
45125        0705 Liverpool – York                                180881
45138} 1C10        0710 Derby- SP                                200282
at this time I was down to needing 1 eh peak for haulage but having moved to Leighton, I thought I’d never get it. A trip to Heathrow  with a “normal” but slightly retarded work colleague saw my last one in 45125 produce at Luton on our train. On ritualistically jumping in the air and shouting “my lords” I boarded my last eh peak for the 30 miles to London. A good month or so later my work colleague asked, perfectly seriously “do you jump in the air and shout every time your train arrives”,……priceless!  

45125        1605 Liverpool –Newcastle                                270483
45125        6C36        Ripple Lane – Dunstable oils              071283
45125        1735 St Pancras – Nottingham                        210684
45125        2355 (02/08) Glasgow – Bristol TM (ex NS)                030884
45125        6Z52        Northfleet – Welbeck Colliery MGR etys    300485
45125        Luton-Dunstable branch cement portions                141185
45125        1E79        1820 Cardiff-Hull                                 230286
45125 failed on the Lickey,37224 assisted to Saltley for 45128 fwd
45125        1C14        0800 Nottingham – St Pancras                200387
one of her last local runs
45125        1M73        1124 Newcastle – Liverpool (ex York)        070487
45125        1E08        0815 Holyhead – Newcastle                        250487

1999/2000 onwards regular runs on the Great Central Loughboro-Leicester, long may it continue!

Phot spot

20028245125n138r.jpg Apologies for the instamatic quality but a memorable moment with 45125 and 45138 leaving Luton on 200282 as described in the text above.

The pair are approaching the “new” chord connecting the Dunstable branch with the main line just South of Luton station.


10041045125r.jpg Peak power, 45125 looking good in retirement approaching Quorn with a Leicester - Loughboro GCR service, 100410

Any more 45125 memories/phots to share?

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